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40 Hour Week

Updated on September 1, 2014

Another year has come and gone, and here we are again at the pivotal moment on the calendar; Labor Day, typically the last day of summer. The day where every American can enjoy their time off and go to the lake and swim or have a backyard BBQ. A day where you can tell all the other days of the week to go take a flying leap off a tall cliff. What a day!

A simple and short thank you for all the working class people that keep this country moving. From plumbers to carpenters, to truck drivers to the local delivery man, they are the cogs in the big wheel that keep this nation moving at a steady pace. The singing group Alabama got it right with one of the most iconic songs ever written; 40 hour week.

40 Hour Week

Its the first day in September where we celebrate the achievements of the American worker. The first one, held in New York, was in 1882, and it consisted of workers walking off the job and simply refusing to work. The labor riots of the 1800′s. Laborers were paid poorly and held to high standards and they worked 12 hr. days, sometimes seven days a week. It was horrible and outlandish. They wanted their achievements to be known and appreciated, and because of the overwhelming turnout, the city was almost forced to capitulate. Since that time it has become a national holiday in which workers from all across the country celebrate not only their independence as a work force, which keeps our great country moving, but as a force to be reckoned with. Its a time in which all people, of all walks of life come together for a bash that makes the 4th of July look like a kindergarten party. (I know, hyperbole, but it fits, doesn’t it?) Be thankful for the working conditions you have today, and at one time during your festivities, raise a glass to those who paved the way for your time off.

In the words of Alabama: Thank you America!


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