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400 years

Updated on July 25, 2016

Look enough is enough,

After 400 years,

We still confined but to a month,

I mean we get acknowledged right,

That's important,

Not really naw man,

When that month is so short,

You are a pawn,

If you thinking they with,

Speak against them to much,

They be coming to get you,

Black man rise to power,

Gaining all they desires,

Then they telling us lies,

To destroy his empire,

Everybody know about the politics in rap,

You tryna speak the truth,

But you don't get paid for that,

I'm a real black man!

You really want me mad,

Well i relly am!

bout to spaz in this booth,

Knucks brassed in this booth,

Gamma rays in me boy,

Hulk smash in this booth

Ima pass you the truth,

Advance to the new,

Lay hands,

Then I crash land with a nuke,

See tv,

And you see police,

Killing in the street,

Who it be,

A plot was set,

To see the death,

Of Afria,

And those who left,

They took our breath,

They took our wealth,

No wonder we don't like ourself,

No wonder we just gun ourself,

Something if we hung ourself,


It's til bliss till we start finna spill,

Information pertaining to,

Learning about mother land,

They really hate us,

They showed us fake gold,

Stock up on Knowledge,

To disprove what we were told.


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