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44-Love Letters from Vietnam: The Day Before Everything Changes

Updated on December 12, 2016

Dear Reader

I'm publishing this letter all by itself because it's the day before everything changes for Tim and Kate. I wanted you to get a feeling for Tim's mindset. This was written on a Saturday in 1969. On Sunday, he'll call me.

For those of you who have been following the Tim and Kate letters from the beginning, you know the dilemma that's facing these two young people who are backed up against the wall of the war and the wall of their religious upbringing.

Still unknown at this point are several factors:

1. Will Tim be chosen for Officers Candidate School?

2. If chosen for OCS does that increase or decrease his chances of going to Vietnam?

3. If Tim is not chosen, does that increase or decrease his chances of going to Vietnam?

4. And, of course, can Kate go through with their mutual plan to "marry themselves" by making love for the first time when Tim comes home at Christmas?

Ah, we were so young and so serious!  So to lessen the 60's seriousness, you might want to catch a glimpse of the trailer for "License to Wed".  Remember, Kate had gone to the priest for help with her questions, so the comic version of the whole marriage seriousness seems appropriate.  Enjoy! 

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13 December, 1969

Dearest Kate,

Hello my Love. So very soon I'll be able to say that while looking into your eyes. These last few days, Kate, are going so slow, so painfully slow. I'm so full of love and anticipation, I'm having trouble eating and sleeping. Who needs 'em? I have your love to sustain me. I hope the waiting is less strenous for you, my Love.

How have things been going at home and at school? When I get hom, Kate, I want you to sit me down and tell me everything that's happened to you since I've been gone. Tell me about the happy times and the sad times. Le me hear, at least in a small way, the part of your life I've missed. See how selfish I am? I want to live every second of your life with you. Every moment I'm away from you is a lonely, empty moment.

For the past three days, Kate, I've been in the infantry. I've been amabushed, shelled, boobie-trapped, and tear-gassed. But it's easy to take, Kate. I'll be home soon, and home is in your arms. Well, my Love, my appointment has finally come before the OCS board. I'm to be before them on the 17th of December, the day before we're together again. I think the Lord is on our side, Kate. I've been spending every spare moment preparing for the questions they might ask, studying everything from current events to tactics. I'm nervous and apprehensive, but confident. Wish me luck, Kate.

Take care my love, be happy. I love you.




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