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Imagination and Creating a New World.

Updated on December 6, 2016


Imagination, Creation and Collective Ascension

What is imagination? It is that beautiful and eternal space where everything is possible. No matter the circumstances, no matter what you have been told, no matter what you believe can happen or not, when you imagine something you already have it there. Imagination is creation, it is the fountain from which realities emanate, it is the place of no restrictions, the place where desire is accomplished and consciousness is eternally expressing itself through creation and adding more into the infinite abundance that is Existence. The link between 'that world' and 'our world'

"The true sign of intelligence is not knowledge but imagination." Albert Einstein

You are always creating. You are right now. Every though, belief and emotion, is creating your network of reality.

The three day process of creation by Bentinho Massaro:

  1. Day 1: This is when you find yourself connected to a new desire or goal, you are feeling the joy of your new imagination-process, you are feeling excited about it and you decide to go forward.
  2. Day 2: This is like training soccer in the field. The universe prepares you so that you can know if you are ready to experience and live the manifestation without unbalancing yourself too much, this happens to see if you are able to be focused and connected to your desire even when circumstances say otherwise. Stay focused and know that when day 2 comes, it is a confirmation that your desire is actually in the process of manifestation and that you are being tested in order to see if you can live with the manifestation despite the circumstances, or not.
  3. Day 3: Day of celebration. This is when you have got an A+ in the Universal test. You have seen beyond your circumstances and challenges and manifested what you have been creating in your mind. Congratulations, keep creating.

Another powerful advice by Bentinho Massaro is his famous, See it, Feel it, Be it. You imagine what comes from the light of the desire, and you see it. You see what it's like to live that life, what it implies, what it means, how things would be. Dive deep into it, and start feeling it. Start to really feel like it's there, start feeling how you would feel if the manifestation had already occurred, feel EveryThing that desire implies. Everything. Once you start to dive deeper and connecting to your imagination, you are Being it. You are transferring the vibrational patterns of imagination to your Reality.

                        Don't stop Creating.

The most exciting thing about Imagination is that you can literally 
manifest whatever you imagine into 'this world'. 
Have you ever wondered what's going on when you are in the bubble of imagination? 
Or have you stopped imagining because you grew old and had to mature?

When you are in the process of imagining something you are excited about, let's say, a beautiful relationship, a car, a meeting with a friend, whatever you are excited and feeling passionate about, you are adjusting your vibration or your energy into one of pure ecstatic joy. Your heart's desire is expressing freely throughout your mind, and you are feeling incredible, until you wake up or say it's not possible or your old wicked beliefs start screaming at you. That's the moment when you cut the beautiful thread of light! Dive deeper into that creative thought, connect to it, talk to it, breathe it, live it, feel what's it's like to be actually living it, feel everything. Feel the love and passion that you are, the radiance and massive light-energy that you are sharing with this world of vibration we are living in, go forward and be a kid again. Mecanically speaking, you are connecting that imaginative space to your own reality, we could say you are building the bridge so you can walk through it and experience what you have imagined and dived deep into. Don't believe everything is possible, know it! Clear out your limiting beliefs that are stopping you from living the life you want, and really start living what you desire. All the signs and confirmations will come, it's just a matter of time before events start happening and you can experience what you've lived so deeply within imagination, the art of creation. Trust the universal process.∞

I'll leave you to a recommended talk about this subject:

We encounter ourselves on a specific density, expressing through a vehicle or should i say, a human life machine, within a specific range of habilites and capacities, both physically as energetically and other levels of perception still unseen to the human senses.

As we ascend as a collective consciousness throughout the layers of existence, we experience deeper and deeper self realizations and awaken to the undeniable fact that we are the Creator of our reality, our world, our home, however you wanna call it. We will gain more perspective and awareness on ourselves (For lack of a better word, the Creator, or the One, God, Consciousness, or whatever term you feel more connected to) crossing through all layers of separation, limitation and illusions, returning even more to the Source, to the space of no contrast, no suffering and no doubts. We will being to step on the shoes of the Creator, and observe reality with pure sight, from a space of deep and enlightened observation rather than a judgmental and pain-maker point of view.

“The earth is reflective of the collective consciousness, it reacts to the frequencies and energies we submit. We already are determining the planets health but just a small percentage of the population are aware of it, but if we all heighten our consciousness we can make it a healthier planet.”
Jason Micheal Ratliff

For a society/world to change, the individual consciousness has to change, we are all aware of that. There is not "fixing" in actually letting circumstances dictate your energy. It is tough, there is hunger, food, poverty, but these are nothing more than reflections of our Creation. And there is nothing wrong with that and there's nothing to fix, nothing is and has ever been broken. Deny it if you want, and keep complaining about how fucked up this world is. If you understand the mechanics of creation, you can start creating what you want. If we understand the mechanics of creation, we can start creating a new world. There's no creating a new and peaceful world in complaining about it, and feeling sorry about poverty and letting these factors mess up our vibration. We can be influenced by them, but just to be aware of the type of vibration we have to use in order to actually bring another type of reality into our creation. Vibration is everything, you are not helping when feeling sorry about kids in Africa. You are really not helping when you are feeling you are controlled by a corrupt government. You are not helping when complaining about insecurity. Every circumstance is a mirror. If you really want to be part of a world change, start changing your vibration and start acting through it. Go help those you feel sorry for with a new energy, don't stay sit thinking and sending out a vibration according to that "mess".

“You’ve got to stop thinking of consciousness as your own. You’re only thinking for yourself when you are by yourself. As soon as you are in the presence of others, your consciousness is linked at some level to those others.”

James Rozoff, The Association

What we see in our world is the reflection of our thoughts, vibration and beliefs. Continuing with beliefs that hold that there's something wrong with the world, that things should not be there, that there is a lack of something, actually empowers that. Things have been done in order to 'solve' these issues, and even more have raised across the world, because we have acted through that vibration and brought out that creation, because this is our playfield, our painting, and sadly we all create something and then we point the finger at the circumstances or to the figure of God, saying "If there is a god, there shouldn't be this". Hopefully, we will learn to live as a collective consciousness and create what we desire as a specie.


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    • Titan Espiritu profile image

      Gonzalo 13 months ago from Buenos Aires

      @James Rozoff thank you mate!! Big hugs from Argentina

    • profile image

      James Rozoff 13 months ago

      Thank you so much for quoting from my book. I'm in the process of exploring human understanding and I'm becoming more and more convinced that individual consciousness matters little compared to what we can achieve as a whole.