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$48 in my account balance

Updated on October 10, 2016

"48 dollars in my account balance"

I got 48 dollars in my account balance.

Its been building up slowly for years.

I got 48 dollars in my account balance.

Cashout is getting pretty near.

Cashout, oh Cashout how dear to me, how dear to me you are.

I thought I'd never see you, you were 46 last March.

But now its October of 2016, and I'm broke as dead branches on Halloween.

Please can it be,

That this little poem might receive the views I need.

To earn me 2 dollars by November 1st.

So by sometime in December I can quench my thirst.

My thirst, the worst, the HubPages curse.

For why they decided, I don't know.

Though I must respect it I wished it would be low.

To get $50 in your earnings account.

You got to be, it seems, super human.

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