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Some Books I am Promoting

Updated on May 13, 2011

Here are some books I found on the Internet that I've decided to promote; they go from marketing via child rearing to zombies. I'm not reviewing them because I haven't read them and probably never will; they just seemed really interesting and, as a community service, I thought I'd bring them to your attention.

Sales Lies and Naked Truths

As with all these books the title got me in: it sounds like a scandalous tell-all about...well, marketing, apparently. I rushed to the website: Personal Growth with Corinne Edwards (Media, Life and Sales Coaching). Just consider that combination for a moment folks: media, life, sales - encompasses it all really. I was confronted with a picture of a handsome woman who writes wonderful things like:

This is geared toward you – the salesperson in the action – whether you are brand new, a multi-millionaire or a candidate for the lead in the Death of a Salesman.

Any mention of fine play! She also, it appears, has written a book called A Woman Without a Man. Hmm, seems a bit lefty femo to me but it is clear we are dealing with an independent thinker here. Nonetheless she does seem invariably positive and I personally can't wait to join her on a 'journey to wholeness' - which I think might have something to do with attracting a husband but I can't be sure. At any rate, highly recommended!

Ashley Spencer Guarantees the Sex of Your Child

Well, what can one say when confronted with a title like this? My mind raced with possibilities. I didn't know I was having a child for a start (i'm one of those selfish people who doesn't want children, in fact, but more on that later) and hadn't even considered what sex it might be, let alone whether that would matter. How grateful I was that Ashley was prepared to provide this guarantee, should I ever be confronted with such a heart-rending dilemma.

I fell over myself getting to her site, called, oddly enough: There was Ashley on the cover of her book, looking Madonna like (in the religious sense, not the i'm bored let's adopt another African child sense), holding a child (natch) whose sex (a girl), presumably she had selected successfully. I read of a secret formula; there is a picture of a doctor assuring us, no doubt, that it's all quite safe and legal and not against God's will, etc. And folks, i gotta tell appears to work! 11,953 people can't be wrong after all. Gosh, think of all those babies...

But seriously folks, I'm sure this is an issue for some people and I do empathise with their plight so if this is you, I highly recommended this book. I'll let Ashley have the last word:

I encourage you to take the necessary action to conceive the baby of the gender of your choice right now. Don't let procrastination be the decider of your baby's gender...let my system be the decider!

Yeah, go girl, tell it like it is!

My Out-Of-Control Teen

Once again, a title so engaging (I thought it was a Seattle grunge band at first - but no matter) that it had me upgrading my ADSL link so I could get there fast enough! Here are the consequences of all that child-rearing, I thought; let's see the other side of this ceaseless desire to procreate, I smugly muttered, and read:

  • How much longer will you tolerate dishonesty and disrespect?
  • How many more temper tantrums and arguments will you endure?
  • Have you wasted a lot of time and energy trying to make your child change?

No, I replied thoughtfully, but these are good questions. I began to feel I should take strong decisive action, be firm but fair, teach my child about consequences and implement punishments unflinchingly...if only I had children, I thought sadly.

Again, on a serious note, this site is filled with useful information even if you don't buy the book. Mark Hutten (Counselling Psychologist) seems to have a great deal of good advice. But Dude! it's so harsh - he talks about taking away your shiny technology toys and everything. The cover of this book is particularly evocative (although the child in question seems not too out-of-control) and I also found this testimonial particularly touching:

“I found your book very helpful, even
though our child was already in placement
at a juvenile facility. Wish we had taken this
course years ago.” - T.P.

This is Google's #1 Website for Parenting Out of Control Children and Teens. Should I ever have children, Mark, and if, indeed, they are Out-Of-Control, I'll turn to you first.

From A to Zombie

Once again, a title you simply just can't pass by! I had to have a look. At first I thought it was a viral marketing website but reading the text made me realise it was too outlandish even for them:

The conceit here is that an Israeli MOSSAD agent has compiled a dossier on zombies - a zombictionary, if you will. The website represents Chapter 1 of the book, it is so long. Engaginly written and referencing X-Files, conspiracy theories, and sundry other pop-culture zeitgeists I don't comprehend, it will probably be of interest to the same types of teenagers (whether Out-Of-Control or not) and undergraduates I suspect wrote this. If this is you, then I highly recommend this book.


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