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5 Famous Newspapers

Updated on July 19, 2011

News of the World

The news of the world was the best selling newspaper in the world. It was published in the UK, and was printed for a Sunday readership in the UK.. The news of the world featured, and promoted some well known campaigns that contributed towards the improvement of society. They also held celebrities to account by exposing lots of corrupt people, and deals that took place outside of public knowledge, and yet were intertwined with greed, and power.

The reason that the news of the world is now famous is that after the exposure by other Uk news papers of a phone hacking scandel among celebrity's,and politicians, it was the hacking of a young murdered school girls voice mail that brought home the reality of the values that this newspaper behind the scenes held itself too. Although it was owned by Rupert Murdoch, and made a huge amount of money, he felt that due to the public outcry about the unacceptable practice of the hacking of phones of everyday victims was too much. You could easily point also to the pressure that all the actual regular advertisers in the newspaper put on the news of the world by pulling their advertisements from the newspaper. In effect rendering the value of the newspaper as worthless.

Daily Planet

The daily planet could be called the main financier of superman's lifestyle. Although they wouldn't know this. It is the newspaper that Clark Kent worked for in the DC comic series. Typical of its real life counterparts, the paper has changed names a few times, and had many a scandal. Its also been owned, and controlled by one of the most corrupt people in the comic book world Lex Luther. Although the paper was later sold to everyone's favorite billionaire, Bruce Wayne.

The Daily

The Daily owned by the Murdoch empire was the first newspaper that instead of going after the printed market, was built for the digital distribution platforms. Its available for the ipad, is available in the US. This was considered a pioneering move, with a free 2 week trial available, and then subscription based service after that. Although the Daily does have a small amount of sponsorship is has done well, mostly due to the curiosity, and interest of people as they buy new electronic devices, and shift their reading habits to digital media.

The London Times

The London Times was the first newspaper to report the now infamous Jack the ripper murders. Published in August 10, 1888 in the Uk. Although people had been murdered before, it was the report of the first murder that police began to link to one serial killer called jack the ripper. Although the newspaper carried the story, it did not have any pictures, but made up for in graphic details. When you read the newspaper article today, it doesn't seem very graphic, but at that time it was.

China Daily

Although this newspaper is aimed at Chinese, and you might wonder why its famous, it isn't really what its famous for as what it is famous for not. The paper itself is very biased and covers no news stories which may contain scandals, or corruptions, or especially disrepute of Chinese companies. If you view the website for the newspaper, especially the europe version, you will think that your not even reading an up to date newspaper. There is never any of the big american, UK, or any other world scandals that are reported.

The newspaper is obviously heavily regulated by the Chinese government, and maybe one day when the country changes significantly, the paper will be less famous for its one sided view, and more normal.


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