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Great Authors That Should Be On Your List, Too

Updated on July 11, 2013

First read bestseller

Books have always been a good friend to me. Even then, they often called me a bookworm since they would see me with a book in my hands all the time. Of course playing with friends was a special treat but I would always set a time for my reading. Frustration had me running to my books, they didn’t let me down. Happy and my eyes would just fly across the words. When I needed consoling, I would read and imagine the places I read about, and it did take me to a lot of places. Even right now, the book am currently reading is right next to my glasses and mobile phone and yes, it’ll be in my hands as soon as am finished with this.

Aside from the nursery rhymes, Mother Goose stories and short stories, the Bobbsey Twins series was the start of my reading addiction (if you can call it that), then the Nancy Drew and Hardy Boys adventures. I was in 6th grade when I first read The Godfather by Mario Puzo and believe me when I say that there were words I didn’t even know. Good thing I could ask my aunt anything and she would patiently explain to me the meanings of these words. My teacher was amazed that I had the patience to read that thick book but even then I would sneak way past my bedtime to read.

I Recommend These New Books by David Baldacci

Since then I have read fiction and non-fiction, classic and bestsellers and I have developed my list of favorites. You may not agree with me in my choices but then we all have our own tastes in reading materials. And no, I cannot possibly rank them as I would willingly trade my best shirt for any of these books, especially signed ones.

David Baldacci

He wrote shorts stories and screenplays without much success. His first novel Absolute Power was an international bestseller and was even made into a movie with big stars Clint Eastwood and Gene Hackman. The Sean King/Michelle Maxwell series is one of my favorite but I also love the Camel Club series with the 4 misfits getting in high-octane adventures. It’s easy to read any Baldacci book.

David Baldacci website
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Vince Flynn

He popularized the fictional character Mitch Rapp with its own series in his political thriller novels. Some may not agree with the tough and aggressive stance that Mitch Rapp takes but then again there are also people who would rather see a real Mitch Rapp in this world today. My dad has the complete set of his books, especially the Mitch Rapp series, except for The Last Man, which will be out in November 2012. Hopefully, this does not get postponed like the Kill Shot, which was supposed to be out in 2011 but was rescheduled in early 2012 because of Vince Flynn's illness.

Vince Flynn website
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Last month, on June 19, Vince Flynn passed away after a three-year battle against prostate cancer. He gave us a new and wonderful world with his Mitch Rapp stories. I am glad that just before he dies, my Dad and I received a copy of The Last Man so I can honestly say that we now have a complete list of his books. He died so young at 47 and if you have not yet read any of his books, do try now and see for yourself that he is a loss to the literary world.

Daniel Silva

He is considered to be one of the best writers of international intrigue. The Gabriel Allon series is one of the most compelling book series, with characters so real and happenings so true, you would think you are reading his news report on CNN. Compelling, passionate, haunting, brilliant are just few of the words that have been used to describe his books. He also has other novels with a different protagonist, in the case of The Marching Season and the Mark of the Assassin which featured CIA officer Michael Osbourne and international hit man Jean-Paul Delaroche.

Daniel Silva website
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Mario Puzo

His Godfather was the first big book I read and it was all about the Mafia. Read it again when I was a bit older and my impression the first time didn’t change because he made the Mafia human to me.

Robert Ludlum

His novels were often inspired by conspiracy theories and his idea of terrorism was that it was just used as pawn of governments or private organization in order that they can create authoritarian rule, which is quite different from what we know of terrorism. Have read all his books but sad to say that it felt different when it was no longer Robert Ludlum who was writing the Bourne series. Nothing against the current writers, which includes veteran thriller writer Eric Van Lustbader, as I know they are also good writers but still it does feel different. Once you become a fan of an author it becomes kinda intimate that you know how he writes, it becomes a little bit personal and you know when it is not his writing style.

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Vince Flynn (RIP)David BaldacciDaniel SilvaMario PuzaRobert Ludlum
Vince Flynn (RIP)
Vince Flynn (RIP)
David Baldacci
David Baldacci
Daniel Silva
Daniel Silva
Mario Puza
Mario Puza
Robert Ludlum
Robert Ludlum

Jim Butcher

One of my all-time favorite fictional character is Harry Dresden from Jim Butcher's Dresden Files. Harry Blackstone Copperfield Dresden is Chicago's first (and only) wizard and he is listed in the Yellow Pages, too, under WIZARD.

I was often scolded for reading in my bed, my mom used to say that it would hurt my eyesight, but it was the best position to read and still is. Nowadays, I finish my task before I start reading because more often than not finishing the pages would be my focus. I could never let it go especially when it’s fast-paced and I’m almost finished. It’s like why wait for the next day? I certainly forget to sleep if it’s a good book so I make sure I am wearing night shirt lest I forget to get up and change. It’s as comfortable as being cocooned in a blanket doing one of your favorite things, and that’s reading. Oh, don’t forget to put something you can nibble just near you so you don’t have to stand up and get food if you do get to feel the hunger pangs.

Since it is the Banned Books Week, I encourage friends to celebrate our freedom to read. The books are there to be read and not to be hidden or simply displayed. As much as I love e-books, I would have to say that reading the paperback seems so much sweeter. Let us all enjoy them.

Let me know what you think

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    • Marie-Renee profile imageAUTHOR


      6 years ago

      Thanks Graven29 for the kind comment. Its good to share our love for reading, don't you think. I just wished more kids learn to love reading rather than just all computer esp when they have someone who reads for them just like u did. I don't know about you but I would rather hold a book and read rather than an e-book. What u think?

    • Graven29 profile image


      6 years ago

      I like what you did here. I felt the same way about "The Godfather" but I was a little older when I read it. I actually read it to a group of young kids over the course of a summer, because I too believe it to be a story about Family.


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