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5 Heroes That Should Have Their own Comic Series

Updated on March 16, 2015

What is this?

Many heroes have a tale or 3 and we have heard of lots of them from Spider-man, Superman and Wonder Woman. However it seems like there are always others who seem like they would be just as interesting, and sticking them all together in a team like the X-men, Teen Titans or the Avengers just doesn't cut it. Maybe you would like to see Psylocke run on her own or read about the adventures of Wonder Girl? The solo act is not for everyone like (Cyclops for example) but there are a few I would love to see get the chance, who knows, maybe one of them will turn into the next Wolverine.


And maybe give her, her hood back.
And maybe give her, her hood back.

Raven has been in many comics, two cartoons, a few video games and had a few figures made of her, I think she needs her series. But wait does she have anything to write off of? Well between her father (Trigon) and the Teen Titans and whatever other mystic or demonic thing she is caught up in, i strongly believe there is plenty to write from. In the new 52, Trigon gave her a whole world to rule. Maybe something could be done with that, like a revolution or maybe her mother had some unfinished deals with the mafia or she is part of some kind of mystic order. A good writer could come up with things to do with her. I don't know about everyone but I read Teen Titans purely because of Raven, so naturally if she had a series of her own that would make me very happy.


There should be all kids of things to do with Storm
There should be all kids of things to do with Storm

She is one of the most popular X-men of all time, she has had a few mini series, lets stop kidding our self's. Storm needs her own ongoing series. between her early life stealing wallets in Cairo or her time with her tribe in Kenya or her troubles with her ex Black Panther of Wankanda, or maybe doing something with her magic potential that her grandmother told her about. Storm has so much to write about it is almost painful that they still haven't done anything with her yet, and mybe this is just my thought but she needs to stop doing the Mohawk haircut it doesn't look good on her. Storm is in so many different things she what's one more thing? Storm almost needs her own ongoing series just to explain all of the different things that make her own life.


Psylocke needs series just to explain some things.
Psylocke needs series just to explain some things.

Former British agent of S.T.R.I.K.E. died and put into the body of a Japanese ninja Kwan, it seems like Psylocke would have many things to write about, and I am not even counting some of the things that happened recently with Fantomex or the brief period she was Captain Britain. Psylocke also stands has on of Marvels most popular X-men and is one of the most powerful telepaths. A good writer to be able to write something for her based around any of the things I mentioned above, they could have her get dragged into something started by Kwan the first user of her body. I don't know but what I do know is that Psylocke has had only a mini series so fare and I feel she is do for something bigger.


How does thing stay on?
How does thing stay on?

I will be honest, I am not a big fan of Starfire. However I feel she could do well with her own series, being an alien could have many stories maybe some bounty hunters like Lobo chase after her or maybe she does something that seemed right in her peoples views and has to pay the price or maybe she made a crazy promise to a friend, or better yet Blackfire could come and see her sister. Remember Blackfire? that could be very good. I don't know but DC Comics has a thing about writing about super powerful aliens and here is one only getting half the attention she deserves.


Magik could be good.
Magik could be good.

Magik is the sorcerer supreme and ruler of the world called Limbo, that alone should say something about writing materiel. with her stepping desk she can teleport anywhere on the planet in a instance, also she can travel through time with this so there would never be a reason to be late for anything. Someone from limbo could challenge her for the throne or seek to destroy limbo itself or maybe there could be something with all the magic and wonder. I believe she had a mini series of her own but that is not good enough especially when we see that she is working on something of her own behind everyone's back.

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Final Words

This is just a few of the heroes I think should get there own ongoing series. Of course some characters have had there own ongoing series only to have it end.or cancelled but that was not the focus of this hub. This was focused on those who ether never had the chance all together or only teased us with a mini series. You have probably noticed that all of the ones I have mentioned have been girls and mainly from Marvel, that is because still to this day female heroes are some of the most unexplored heroes we have, and Marvel has far fewer series following girls than DC has at this time. DC has Wonder Woman, Supergirl, Huntress and Powergirl, Catwoman and Batgril just to name 5 right of the bat, Marvel has Fearless Defenders and the current run of X-men, that is it. These girls need a chance to show us just what they can do alone or together. Of course these are just my thoughts leave me a comment and tell me who you think should get there own ongoing series.


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