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5 Jokes About the Environment

Updated on March 13, 2008

Discussing the environment can get heated, overwhelming, and downright depressing. Maybe it is time to take a break from the serious stuff about the environment.

Let’s try to get some laughs out of the planet. Here are five jokes about the environment.

Please share your own by leaving a comment at the bottom of the page.

Joke #1

What lies between a good recycler and a bad recycler?


So, it works whether you are in California or Washington—you can totally burn both states depending on where you are. I’m from Cali, but live in Seattle now…so I get the pleasure of both worlds. Yup, this joke is 100% me.

Joke #2

What are the differences between a good recycler and a bad recycler?

Good Recycler: You carefully separate your recyclables, cans, paper, and glass, before filling your recycle bins.

Bad Recycler: You give the recycle bins to the kids to use as toboggans.

Joke #3

Not That Kind of Recycling!

A woman returned home after a shopping trip, and was horrified to find her husband in bed with another, younger woman. Just as she was about to rip her husband a new one, he quickly explained the situation:

“You have to hear about how this happened. While driving home, I saw this young girl looking poor and tired, so I offered her a ride. Since she was hungry, I brought her home and fed her some of the leftovers in the refrigerator that you had forgotten about. Her shoes were worn out, so I gave her a pair of your shoes that you don’t wear because they went out of style. She got cold, so I gave her that sweater I got you for your birthday that you never wear because you don’t like the color. Her jeans were worn and full of holes, so I gave her a pair of yours that you don't fit into anymore. Then, as she was about to leave the house, she asked, ‘Is there anything else that your wife doesn't use anymore?’"

The man still can’t sit comfortably.

Joke #4

At a press conference, President George W. Bush announced that he is surprised at how quickly global warming is happening. Then one of his aides pulled him aside and explained that it was just springtime.

Joke #5

A woman called her husband during the day and asked him to pick up some organic vegetables for that night’s dinner on his way home.

The husband arrived at the store and began to search all over for organic vegetables before finally asking the produce guy where they were. The produce guy didn’t know what he was talking about, so the husband said: “These vegetables are for my wife. Have they been sprayed with poisonous chemicals?”

To which the produce guy replied, “No, sir, you will have to do that yourself.”


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    • profile image

      RITA 7 months ago


    • profile image

      Shubha 19 months ago

      O god they are so funny

    • profile image

      Deepali Paspule 3 years ago


    • profile image

      bhavya 4 years ago

      wrst jokes I hv evr seen

    • Ruby H Rose profile image

      Maree Michael Martin 4 years ago from Northwest Washington on an Island

      what a great idea, lighten up about the environment, pretty funny stuff!

    • profile image

      maysa 5 years ago

      its so OAK WARD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • profile image

      guhika bhandari 5 years ago

      niceeeeeee thing to laugh

    • profile image

      lolo 5 years ago

      stupid jokes, not very funny

    • profile image

      LOL 5 years ago

      after reading these jokes I couldn't stop laughing

    • profile image

      bobo 5 years ago

      these are so funny!:)

    • profile image

      GreyBEARD 5 years ago

      I have returned to laugh at these hillarious mind pondering recycling jokes. You pretty much recycled my laughter :)

      TEAM GB Copyright

    • profile image

      srishti 6 years ago

      They are real funny! I told these in my assembly and everyone was laughing sooooo lound

    • profile image

      Victoria Salter 6 years ago

      I have an enviromental joke for anyone. You may laugh at it on one condition: DO NOT tell anyone who works for/in Devon County Council. Here it is:

      The Council building up new, economical buildings on the flood plains in Devon, England. They want to call this town "Cranbrook" and they are building it up now. Shame they can't "build up" their own common sense.

    • profile image

      Laughing Maniac 6 years ago


      I'm also a Yamenite Jew, searching for my female gazzelle. Abosouletly funny.

    • profile image

      Zeeshaan 6 years ago


    • profile image

      JewKid 6 years ago

      I'm a rare breed of Yamenite Jew.

    • profile image

      hhhhh 6 years ago

      not good at all.

    • profile image

      loli 6 years ago

      preety funny

    • profile image

      babygal 6 years ago

      stupid and nonsense

    • profile image

      ScatMan22 6 years ago

      Just got those blues... be doobie doo be

    • profile image

      GB+YAK  6 years ago

      Jolly good jokes

    • profile image

      ... 6 years ago

      ...still not bad i think...

    • profile image

      Yak Ordassay 6 years ago

      These jokes have upset Dark Odyssey, he will pwn!!!

    • profile image

      Ghouls of Gazerus 6 years ago

      These jokes are dead fam... Join us and we'll defeat GreyBeard and rule the world... NUFF LOVE

    • profile image

      6 years ago

      hooooooooooooooooo haaaaaaaaaaaaa

    • profile image

      ZakR 6 years ago

      love the jokes recycling ftw lmao

    • profile image

      Jokes are Not Funny 6 years ago

      Theese Jokes are Hilarious

    • profile image

      GreyBEARD 6 years ago


    • profile image

      HAHAHAH 6 years ago

      Sorry with a recycled 's'. I love these jokes OMFG


    • profile image

      HUHUH 6 years ago


    • profile image

      akshara 7 years ago

      the jokes were amazing those who are saying that they are bad are unable to understand them so forget about them &keep it upppppppppppppppppppppppppppp.

    • profile image

      sexy 7 years ago

      sapna if u cant motivate anyone so don't discourage him. me they were really funny. god bless & sapna improve ur mentality

    • profile image

      sapna 7 years ago

      worst jokes ever heard

    • profile image

      dr eldo 7 years ago

      nice jokes

    • profile image

      Anuja 7 years ago

      ....ha ha ha.... really funny.....gud!!

    • profile image

      eguru 7 years ago

      Post more jokes please

    • profile image

      eguru 7 years ago

      Nice jokes

    • profile image

      shreya 7 years ago

      not dat gud.....:-(

    • profile image

      Vanessa Procter 7 years ago

      Great anymore?

    • profile image

      nandizz 7 years ago

      luv ur funny jokes they realy know hw to mke me laugh out loud

    • profile image

      ib wright 7 years ago

      breaking news: large air spill at offshore wind farm, lives hang in the balance!

    • profile image

      $amantha 7 years ago

      Thx 4 d jokes! I'm using them in a column for jokes for a magazine competition...I hope you don't mind...

    • profile image

      May-May waz here!!!:) 7 years ago

      O.K? WAT.............????

    • profile image

      drsanjeev mandal 7 years ago

      nice jokes..............

    • profile image

      lol 8 years ago

      these jokes are sooo weird

    • profile image

      Allana 8 years ago

      luv d joke wit the husband an wife!!!

    • profile image

      farter alan 8 years ago

      are you sure there jokes

    • profile image

      214 8 years ago


    • profile image

      TONSILL SAID JIM 8 years ago

      These are oddddd

    • profile image

      Anirudd 8 years ago

      ha ha ha!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!these are funny

    • kephrira profile image

      kephrira 8 years ago from Birmingham

      A couple of funny ones, thanks for making me laugh. If I think of one to add then I'll come back, but my mind is blank at the moment.

    • profile image

      aisha 8 years ago

      hey i love those jokes

    • profile image

      Neela 8 years ago


    • profile image

      bubs 8 years ago

      2 long and some not funny.

      i need jokes for 2nd year (grade 7 i think)

      im using them in a speech

    • profile image

      jake 9 years ago

      ok seen better

    • profile image

      kavya 9 years ago


    • misterpm profile image

      misterpm 9 years ago from Netherlands

      Funny! Thx!

    • profile image

      Rashi 9 years ago

      they r tooo long yaar!

    • sdorrian profile image

      sdorrian 9 years ago from Chicago

      Thanks for these. Very funny!!

    • stephhicks68 profile image

      Stephanie Hicks 9 years ago from Bend, Oregon

      Some really great ones! Tobbogans? LOL