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The 4 Reasons Why You Better Not Laugh When Someone Falls

Updated on May 25, 2016

Bad things happen to everyone.

How you respond to them creates a certain path in your life.

Not everyone can catch themselves before they fall. Not everyone laughs when someone falls.

The question is, should you laugh when someone falls.

Is it really funny?

Are you willing to deal with the consequences of your bellowing of chortles?

Well, I have seen several reasons why one should not laugh when someone falls, trips and falls, slides and falls, trips for a long time and then falls, and any other way you may have seen it.

And to keep you from going through unforseen pains, I thought I should share my rationales.


1| Karma

It is universal knowledge, a fact even, that we are our own karma.

Things come back to bite us in time. This can be because of the things that we have done to others. These can be things we have said to another, or things we have left upon another just for it to come back around to be left upon us.

And when you least expect it, no man noeth the day nor the hour that the slip, trip, stumble, crash, tumble, roll, slide, and terribly embarrasing fall will happen.

And when this day comes and you fall, you can never know where you are going to be, or who you are going to be in front of when you do.

This is reason number one that you should not laugh when someone falls.


2| Fight

Say you burst out laughing at someone who falls and maybe some people chuckle with you or smile.

Unexpectedly, the person that gets back up just so happens to hear your laughter over everyone else. And to your surprise, they want to fight you.

The odds of you winning this fight with maybe a boxer, a street-fighter, a recently retired military vet, or hockey defenseman, may be slim to none.

And in the odd chance that you fight and lose, try to laugh it off while warding of punches with your body, or run like a chicken, either way the joke is on you.

This is reason number two not to laugh when someone falls.


3| All Alone

There is nothing like clapping when no one else is clapping.

People just turn and look at you like you are a crazy person, stupid, or weird. It is usually a lonely and awkward moment in your life.

It can be quite humiliating, when among adults, you, an adult yourself, laughs out loud at someone's spill, or fall, like the kid in the classroom at a loud fart.

You hear the echoes of your own laughter, and no one else is laughing with you. Instead, every adult looks at you like you are the annoying kid among the grown-ups that somehow strayed away from his or her parents.

You get this look while they are assisting this person up from the ground. Now, you look like an inconsiderate prick.

This lonely and shameful experience is reason number three you should not laugh at someone who falls.


4| Your Conscious

"Was it really funny?" "We're they hurt?" "It didn't seem like they we're hurt." "I mean, other people were laughing." "Am I sadistic?" "Am I a mean person because I laughed?" "Was he or she hurt by me laughing?"

And this wonder could be a never-ending winding road of contemplation. These mind-bending thoughts of regret can leave you feeling sad, embarrassed, or insane guilt.

You will walk with your conscious reminding you of what you have done until you are numb. And you will also walk around afraid that you take a bad tumble, and people laugh.

This is the last reason why you should not laugh when someone falls.

Last Note

We all have fun. Sometimes we can have a little laugh at another's expense. These times should be chosen very wisely.

You never know when you have walked into a bad situation where, in the future, you can expect the thing you ridiculed to happen to you.

A situation in which you get into a fight for your actions, are humiliatingly all alone, or have to live with guilt and fear on your conscious.

Always be careful what you do when you do it. And also, never laugh out loud right after someone falls.


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    • SonQuioey10 profile image

      Toni Northern 3 years ago from Williamston NC

      Hi, Doug Wolford

      TFR, thanks for stopping by.

      Toni (SonQ.)

    • Doug Wolford profile image

      Doug Wolford 3 years ago from Falls Church, VA

      Y'know, I never thought about it that way. It makes a lot of sense!