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5 Reasons to Keep a Journal

Updated on April 27, 2015

Many people refer to keeping a journal but what are some reasons why you should do so? Other than keeping track of your day-to-day routine, are there any other benefits to writing stuff down daily?

1) It’s easy, fun, and will keep you busy. Sometimes there are those rare moments that need to be consumed with something productive, i.g. waiting at the doctor’s office, waiting at the DMV, waiting… You get the idea. Writing in a journal will not only give you something to do but the time will pass very quickly and it’s certainly more productive than playing some silly game on your phone.

2) It might be used to cover your ass one day. Keeping track of what you do on the daily or even the weekly can help you remember things like when an investigating officer asks you, “Where were you the night of … ?” Where some people might find themselves staring up to the ceiling mumbling, “Ummmm…” looking more guilty by the second, you will be able to go to your diary/journal entry for the day in question and say exactly what you did and where you were.

3) A diary can reinforce your version of a story. Married people definitely need to keep a journal because you never know when you might be calling a divorce attorney. On a more serious note, if someone is in an abusive relationship, this type of record keeping can help you remember events and gives you credibility. Even in business, keeping track of what you have done each day and making some type of notation can not only keep you organized but, it can help establish a timeline of your actions.

4) You can become a better writer, a better communicator. Writing daily in your journal entries will keep your mind active and give you practice at writing. Writing is a valuable skill to have and doing so will help you organize your thoughts and ideas. How many times have you wanted to tell someone close to you something important yet, anytime you approach the topic, you become scattered in your communication and the person never really understands what it is you’re trying to convey? Writing out your feelings will help you remember exactly what you want to say. You’ll also be able to reflect back on the writing and decide which points are most important and which ones are superfluous.

5) The younger you begin to keep a journal the better. As you become an adult you will be able to look at your prior journals and reflect back on what events shaped you, your personality, and who you are. Who knows? Maybe one day you’ll be awesome like Chad Bishoff and put the journal entries into a book and publish them!

What are you waiting for? Start a journal!


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