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5 Tips in Writing Online Articles or Blogs that Rocks

Updated on December 14, 2014
What is that you want to write about?
What is that you want to write about? | Source

Choosing your Niche

In any article writing endeavor, you will need to find some topic to write about. You cannot go about writing for just about anything. There should be something in your mind that you want to right about. If you have determined the subject of your blog post or article there are a few things you still need to consider.

  1. Consider what category is your niche under.
  2. Your writing style
  3. Your target audience

When you got this all covered you can move on to the next step.


When researching about your niche or topic, choose the trusted websites where to get the information. With this sources, enriching your content will be easy. Just remember to properly cite your sources when you use them.

Write it Properly

The actual writing process does not take that long based on my own experience. When proper research is done and the right state of mind. Finishing a 500 word article in under 30 minutes will be a natural. In this step, always consider that you are writing for your readers and not for your own consumption. You would not want to write something where your readers will not be able appreciate it. Adding pictures to your article or blog add relevance to the thing that you are writing. Make sure that you optimized the images by providing the right description and caption. Though this is the core of the whole process, you do not have to frown and spend valued time in writing your article

Read the Written Article

This is part of my own style actually. After finishing each article, it is to my best practice that I get to read the article. It is good to trust software for copyright checking and grammar correction but having yourself to read the article will bring you so much more. The following are the things that you will be able to discover by reading the article you have made:

  1. Grammatical Errors
  2. Connectivity of the Sentences and Paragraphs
  3. Additional Content needed by the article

Grammatical errors are often subject to ones language and thus when you read the article, seeing the errors based on your knowledge is done and changes can be made. When it comes to cohesiveness in your written articles, only a person will be able to evaluate this. Reading is a good way to determine if the sentences you have written are "connected" in terms of context and relativity. And lastly additional content, reading the article can lead you in determining that additional information is needed by the article. This is either because the article does not provide sufficient information or the information to be added will add value to the article itself.

Share it

This last step is actually the fun stuff. What better way to be gratified with the effort you placed in writing the article than to let other read it and receive great comments and feedback about what you have written. Social media like Facebook and Twitter often comes to mind when it comes to sharing great online articles and blogs but what you do not know is that people share great online content everywhere. This is actually the goal of any article writer - create the best article or blog you can and let your readers share it.


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