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5 Tools to Help Generate Article Ideas for Your Website or Blog

Updated on September 24, 2015

Fresh Ideas Can Be Hard to Find

Let's face it - coming up with original content for your website, article or blog can be challenging. Just when you think you've come up with an idea, that for sure hasn't been covered, a quick Google search shows that your idea has already been taken - thousands of times over. You scratch your head and you wonder how you can put a new spin on the idea so that your article is fresh and new.

Not All Writers are Filled With Great Ideas

I have to laugh when I read articles or comments by writers who think that you're less than a professional (or even a writer, for that matter) if you're unable to generate tons of fresh ideas on your own. Those same writers don't believe in writer's block either. After all, our world is filled with ideas and fresh content, right? Yes and no.

Yes, news goes on around us 24/7. However, if your website is about smelling good and you sell personal hygiene products, finding relevant content from the news is next to impossible.You must create fresh content that isn't found easily online. Your content needs to bring visitors to your website or Blog.

If you're like me and many other writers, you might need help coming up with fresh new content and topic ideas. The following tools can be used to help come up with ideas. Use the tools for topics, headlines, or whatever you need.


Start With Keywords

Keywords. A little thing that means everything if you want traffic to your website or blog. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) requires good keywords. Use them in your title and in your content. If you need help generating keywords, there are online tools that can assist. is a wonderful website that gives keywords gor Google, Bing, Youtube, and App Store. It's simple to use and a great place to start. Use it for title ideas and use keywords in your content, but do not stuff keywords.

Now It's Time to Use Idea Generator Tools

Now that you have a good list of keywords to use, it's time to use the idea generator tools. There are a few websites that I use to generate ideas based on keywords. Sometimes, I use all of te tools so that I have a large list of ideas to choose from.


Online Sales Tool - Tropical Brainstorm

This site is one of my favorites. As an example, I used the keywords "social media marketing". I received dozens of ideas broken down in Lists, the five W's, Secrets and more. Here's a few examples:


  • 8 Examples of social media marketing
  • 9 Examples why social media marketing
  • 10 Things You Must Know to social media marketing
  • 7 Tips for social media marketing

The Five Ws

  • Who social media marketing
  • What social media marketing
  • Where social media marketing

More Questions

  • How to Make social media marketing
  • How to Buy social media marketing
  • How to Rent social media marketing
  • How to social media marketing in 3 Easy Steps


  • The Secret Behind social media marketing
  • The Secret History of social media marketing
  • The Secret Life of social media marketing

These are just a few of the many ideas that were generated for the keywords "social media marketing". The ideas that were generated can be used verbatim or tweaked to suit your needs. With the size of the list this site generates one would be set with tons of article ideas that will keep you busy for weeks.


Portent's Idea Generator

This site is fun and generates some pretty wacky ideas. Since I'm writing a ghost novel I used the keyword "ghosts". One of the ideas generated was "When Ghosts Send You Running For Cover". Hmmm. Interesting. The site also gives you hints on SEO and, of course, you will want to tweak the ideas to make sense.


Quandary Content Idea Generator

This site requires registration. You will be asked 30 questions about your topic. It takes a little time but the end results are amazing. I'm not sure how many results I received (I didn't count them), however, I can tell you that the list I received gave me a mountain of ideas. I suggest that you screenshot the results or copy and paste them to a word document for future reference.



Hubspot's Blog Generator Topics supplies a week's worth of block topics based on specific keywords. You don't have to have a blog to use this tool. It's a great source for article ideas as well.



Ubersuggest is technically a keyword generator, however, it can also be used to generate topic ideas. It pulls keywords from various search engines, including Google and the list that is returned is extensive.

Writer's Block Dilema

Writer's block and generating ideas come hand-in-hand. If you're struggling with writer's block there is a cure. Check out my article, "Ten Unique Ways to Unblock Writer's Block" for more tips on combating writers block and generating ideas.

Check Out This Video For More Help

What About You?

Are there online tools that you use to find ideas to write about? I'd love to know! Please share them in the comments.


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    • Linda Robinson60 profile image

      Linda Robinson 

      3 years ago from Cicero, New York

      Actually Sharp Points outstanding suggestions but is any one really that lazy? Especially if it can future your career and you can be more successful? :) Just saying. Linda

    • Linda Robinson60 profile image

      Linda Robinson 

      3 years ago from Cicero, New York

      Hello Michelle super writing very interesting and informative hub. So many super ideas and helpful data for people that share your same passion, writing. So nice meeting you. I am excited to read more of your hubs. Linda

    • Sharp Points profile image

      Sharp Points 

      3 years ago from Big Bear Lake, California

      This is a very useful article, the only thing I would recommend is to add links to the websites you are talking about. That way lazy people like me don't have to type it into Google.


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