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5 Ways To Make Writing Interesting

Updated on December 26, 2013

Come up with new supportive ideas daily

When you are to edit and develop the same content every day, it makes writing boring. You can make the writing interesting by trying to write new ideas daily.

View writing as your daily quest of finding hidden treasures of the mind. You can make the writing process much more entertaining by being able to surprise yourself with new ideas that you never even thought to discover.Confirm a variety of your own thoughts daily through writing. Being able to discover several interesting ideas each day through writing brings so much joy like finding gold or a hidden treasure.You can develop them as supplementary ideas to previously written ideas or start new articles.

Using Subtitles helps to make writing less boring

Try to use subtitles as you write. They help you in your writing. You can find and easily group ideas as you write. The enable reading ease for both the author and the reader.

Subtitles can also help you to locate paragraphs and ideas within your content easily-whenever you discover new supplementary ideas.

Creating a Visual Image of your content

You can also make writing more interesting by creating a visual image of your ideas. One of the ways to create a visual image of your ideas is to mind map your thoughts. Mind map your thoughts or ideas using the subtitles on each paragraph or idea. This will give you an outline of your thought or idea pattern and help you to arrange them appropriately. Putting your ideas in the right sequence or flow enables reading ease.

Using Text highlight and Color Fonts

When using a computer to work, or most specifically a writing software like MS Word, you can create a visual image to aid your writing or give you a retentive memory of your ideas and its arrangements by using colored fonts or and text highlight tool in MS Word. Computer text symbols generally look so similar, perfect and boring to read, let alone edit long articles. Using the text highlight and color fonts helps to differentiate between your ideas and you can group or arrange your thoughts easily. You can group and arrange ideas by subjects, objects, keywords, technical words, key phrases or even by titles and subtitles using the font color or text highlight tool in MS Word.

The writing process in itself becomes interesting, as you will need to read to edit and to gain more ideas to write.

Using the traditional method of writing

Traditional methods of writing over contemporary methods of writing

Contemporary methods of writing such as typing your ideas unto the computer has some advantages over the traditional method of writing your ideas on your notepad. One of its advantages being that it helps to make writing easier. However, it is deprived of certain advantages that you can only have with the traditional method of writing your ideas down on notepad first.

Gives content a visual image, which makes editing less boring

Without appropriate categorization of individual ideas in the article- especially when the article is long- it becomes difficult to arrange and further develop the content for publishing. Writing on notepad, helps to give the content a visual image enabling you to write more and to also easily locate or refer to parts of the whole content to aid arrangement of the individual ideas. You can easily locate ideas within the content to add more examples to support your assertions or argument anytime you discover new supplementary ideas.

The visual image of the content as a whole can make the content interesting or boring in terms of editing or development. On the computer, the symbols or words look so similar, perfect and un-editable. The traditional way of writing creates a memorable visual image for the content and does not make the draft boring to attend to because visually it looks editable.

However, you can even make your writing interesting by combining the two methods.

1. Write out ideas (onto your notepad to get a visual image of the content.

2. After writing on paper, you can then copy the content unto the computer for editing by typing. First, whey writing out your ideas onto the notepad make sure that they are written boldly and legible enough to avoid making the content boring to read when transferring or converting into softcopy format. You can make it easier by first underlining major points and ideas within the written drafts.

As you type the ideas, you would find yourself discovering more new supplementary.You gain a refreshed memory and this rekindles your interest in the topic in order to write more ideas.

Please feel free to give your comment and suggestions below. You can also contact me if you want to write articles for your blogs, website or for any proof reading service. Contact me for also advice and tutorials on SEO or how you can upgrade your website in order to gain more traffic.

Record your ideas as you write them


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