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5 of the Best Mystery Novels on Kindle

Updated on September 28, 2011
Smoking Gun
Smoking Gun | Source

The body lay dead on the floor. The smoke from the gun lingered in the air. The people rushed into the room and everyone wondered- Who did it?

There is little I like better than to sit down with a good murder mystery.I prefer them even to the romance novels that I recently shared in a hub.

The smoking gun, or untraceable poison, no matter what the murder weapon I enjoy whole process of the detective solving the mystery clue by unraveling clue.

I grew up reading Agatha Cristie and I must say I preferred her fussy and fastidious Hercule Poriot to the mousy and calm Miss Maple.

Although it was very difficult to decide just who was the guilty party in her books. I read an old interview of hers where she said that even she did not know who the murderer was when she began a book.

She would just mix in a number of assorted characters and let the story develop as it would. Then she would finally pick one to be the guilty party and move on with the writing. Naturally I have included one of her novels that I enjoyed in this set of five murder mystery novels.

Sparkling Cyanide by Agatha Christie

Dame Christie is a talented murder mystery writer. In this book a beautiful and wealthy woman is poisoned with cyanide while attending a dinner with friends at a West End restaurant in London.

With cyanide pills in her purse the death was ruled a suicide, but was it really? And if it was murder who stood to gain from it?

Then one year later the same dinner party is assembled in the same location at a table set for seven with six people attending in her memory.

Will the indomitable Hercule Poriot be able to solve the case? Read how the Belgian detective solves a puzzling murder mystery.

The book was also published under the name Remembered Death in 1943.

Miss Marple: The Complete Short Stories by Agatha Christie

The elderly lady wearing black lace and mittens sitting quietly and listening to everyone around her is an unlikely sleuth, but a highly effective one.

Miss Maple has a theory, human nature is much the same everywhere. And just as people act in passion or without any in her village the do the same anywhere else. Its is all a matter of drawing parallels to solve the mystery.

These 20 short stories show Miss Maple digesting all the details related to the murders and neatly solving each of the perplexing puzzles. The reader can also try to make the links along with her. An interesting read.

Case of the Beautiful Beggar by Erle Stanley Gardner

Erle Stanley Gardner had his murders solved not by the police or a private detective, but by a lawyer. Perry Mason is perhaps the most well know fictional lawyer in the world.

In this case his beautiful assistant Della Street makes him take on the counsel of a young orphaned heiress who has been swindled out of her fortune. As the case progresses one of the swindlers is found dead.

Is the beautiful beggar a murderess or was she framed? That is the mystery that Perry Mason must solve as he goes about defending the young girl.

The Anastasia Syndrome by Mary Higgins Clark

Mary Higgins Clark is a skilled and talented writer who can leave you hanging on the edge of your seat. This book is different from her other work in the sense that it is actually a compilation of different stories.

So this ebook has in effect five short stories for you. The titles are The Anastasia Syndrome, Terror Stalks the Class Reunion, Lucky Day, Double Vision and The Lost Angel.

Each of the stories deals with a different aspect of mystery and thrills. In the Anastasia Syndrome the central character Judith goes back in time to when she was a war orphan and being controlled by a wicked woman.

In the second story a woman gets kidnapped as she goes to attend her class reunion. In the third story a woman sees her luck change very dramatically in one swift move. In the fourth story an actor goes to kill a director who spoiled his career. In the last story a mother is hunting for her lost daughter in New York City before harm can befall her.

Daphne du Maurier was born in 1906 and educated at home and in Paris. She began writing in 1928, and many of her bestselling novels were set in Cornwall, where she lived for most of her life.

Rebecca is considered to be one of her finely works. As per wikipedia -"While working as the companion to a rich American woman vacationing on the French Riviera, the narrator becomes acquainted with a wealthy Englishman, Maximilian (Maxim) de Winter, a reasonably young widower. After a fortnight of courtship, she agrees to marry him, and after the marriage accompanies him to his mansion, the beautiful West Country estate Manderley."

And then her troubles begin


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