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5 Things I Learned From Harry Potter

Updated on February 5, 2018

Lessons Learned from Reading Harry Potter

The book that changed my life for the better was undoubtedly the Harry Potter series. All seven books are very close to my heart. It has so much to offer to its readers, and I would recommend it to anyone and everyone who loves to read. Some of the reasons which made this set of books a life-changing experience for me are as follows:

#1: Imagination

The Harry Potter series takes you to another world and makes you feel as though you belong there. All the minute details it has just enhance the experience. There will be several spine-chilling events, and a number of adrenaline-rush moments as you move deeper into the books. It will take you to places you have never been and make you fall in love with people you have never met. But the best thing it does is to teach you how to imagine.

#2: Importance of Friendship

The famous Trio — Ron, Hermione and Harry — teach us how true friends are supposed to be. Amidst all the difficulties, throughout the years, these three kids grow together and face all kinds of situations. They risk their lives to save their friends, and even though they fight like cats and dogs sometimes they never leave each other’s side. The reason all three of them made it to the end is because they never stopped believing in each other.

#3: Mother’s Love

The most powerful and the most evil wizard, Voldemort, could not even touch Harry Potter and was forced to live his life like a pest, using someone else’s body, because of the protective cover Harry had around him. It was not formed by any kind of magic but with love — his mother’s love — and was formed because his mother died trying to save him. The book teaches us how important and how powerful our Mother’s love is, and that all the evil powers in the world, combined, cannot defeat it.

#4: Be Courageous

Harry was neither the brightest wizard nor the most powerful one, but he became the protagonist because he was courageous. He learned to fight for himself, for his friends, for his school and for what is right. He was weak in comparison to who he was fighting against, but he never gave up and he never stopped trying. He had the courage to think to defeat the most powerful wizard in the world, and he did. His journey teaches all the readers how important courage is in our lives!

#5: Goodness prevails

Last but not the least, no matter how powerful or strong the evil elements are, goodness will always overpower the evil. My mother always told me that the world is functioning like this because there are more good people than bad in it. This is exactly what we learn through Harry Potter. Most of the witches and wizards surrendered to Voldemort because of fear, but Harry formed the Order of the Phoenix to resist them, and succeeded in defeating Voldemort.

After reading all seven books and getting attached to all of the characters, the end was absolutely satisfying. It reminded that goodness prevails, always!


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