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6 Reasons Why You Are Unable To Publish Your Work

Updated on December 26, 2013

Sharing your ideas with your target readers is one of the most exciting aspects of writing. Unfortunately, most writers’ are not able to publish their works- hence enjoy the writing process- due to the following reasons elaborated below.

You lack the ability and skill to write more

Usually we are unable to give or share what we have if we have not much. If you have much, and can get more every time, you can give generously or allow some to go. Sometimes you are unable to publish because you lack the ability to write more. It becomes difficult for you to publish your few content. Because the more you acquire sometimes even become a burden so letting go sometimes is a way of relieving your own burden.

You may also not be able to publish because you continue to encounter a writer’s block anytime you have to write or expand your ideas. And because you are not able to come up with supplementary ideas, or do not have enough words to support your claims, you do not feel so confident in your ideas let alone publish them.

You want a perfect work before you can publish

They want to give the best and perfect work to their audience. This could be out of fear of making a mistake or respect for your readers. Wanting to give the best work to your readers. Because you are concerned about your readers. Not wanting to make a mistake. You respect your readers and want to give them the best of yourself. You do not want to disappoint them with any cheap content.

Sometimes, by the time they really publish an old content, they would have gotten new fresh important ideas that they value less the published ones. That is before they publish they want to make sure that it is not just perfect but they understand every aspect of the topic or content.

They want to give the best and perfect work to their audience. This could be out of fear of making a mistake or respect for your readers.

Sometimes seeking for perfection in articles may also only an excuse to procrastinate or push back your publishing date.

Not well prepared in your subject area

You are unable to publish sometimes because you are unsure of yourself and your thoughts. You are not confident in yourself and your own thoughts.

You are sometimes unable to publish your articles because you feel that you have not learnt all that you will need to learn about the topic in order to have the confidence to publish. If you want to wait until you have learnt all you need to learn about your topics, you may never get to publish your works because writing is a continuous learning process. The more you write, the more you discover what you did not know. The more you also realize that there is more you will need to know.

Sometimes you are unable to publish your content because you feel that you are not well prepared enough in your subject area to let the content go. You therefore want to prepare yourself well before publishing incase questions are posed from readers for you to justify certain. Sometimes you always wish to put out a perfect content because you simply cannot face criticisms or do not want to accept ideas from readers. You want your content to be so perfect that it becomes unquestionable and that everybody that reads would automatically share your views.

You want to explore the topic or the article thoroughly before you have enough confidence to publish or share with target readers.

Inadequate or not enough keywords

Mostly you feel less confident about your own ideas because they do not carry the exact professional tone you wish for it to carry. You are unable to publish your work sometimes because you are not sure if your content contains the appropriate keywords to make them more readable.

Without the appropriate keywords or technical words and phrases, a writer is more likely to feel less confident about his works.

You feel that the content is not unique

Sometimes you are also unable to publish your content because your content does not feel unique enough to publish. You do want to make your content different from what others have already written – most specifically on the same topic. The less unique the content is, the less confident the writer and in his works let alone publish them.

You may know much more than you can write

Sometimes you may also not be able to publish because you know more than you have been able to write. You do not have the appropriate tools – in this case the appropriate vocabularies and keywords to convey all related ideas to reader.

Advice For Writers-Overcoming the anxiety of Publishing your content

Research well on your topic before publishing

Your readers are like your followers, you have to know and understand your content or idea well before you can use words to guide them towards the path of enlightenment. Without proper knowledge of your topic, it is difficult for you to convey your ideas clearly to your readers or guide them to the knowledge you have gained. Having proper knowledge of your topic gives you the confidence to share with target readers.

When you know much about your topics, you will be able to gain enough confidence to publish your ideas. You can also confirm your own ideas by comparing them with that of other authors.

Do a thorough research on your topic before writing. Interview people and read books on the topic. Learn more about your topic by also listening to radio discussions as well as documentaries concerning your topic. When you do an extensive research on your topic, you can be certain of your ideas and argument. You will gain the confidence to publish your ideas. You will be able to come up with more keywords and equip yourself with the appropriate vocabularies that can help you to express your thoughts well to the reader. When you research very well on your topic, you will be able to notice more titles that are interesting and deduce one for your article. Researching extensively on your topic, will also help you to learn different patterns of descriptions that you can fuse into yours to make the content have a more professional tone. . You will be able to create your own unique patterns of thought as well in making your articles more interesting. The more interesting your articles are, the more confidence you gain to share your ideas.

Equipping yourself with more vocabularies and patterns of arrangement will give you the confidence to publish your works.

Expressing your ideas thoroughly and assertively brings you the needed confidence to publish your works. You should seek to improve your writing skills by equipping yourself with more words and vocabularies. Read extensively not just about your topics but other subject areas as well. Having the appropriate tools and vocabularies to express or convey your thoughts to your reader gives you the confidence to publish your ideas. Without the appropriate tools of expression or keywords, you would always feel that your message is incomplete and not well conveyed hence depriving you the confidence to share your ideas with readers.

You should also learn several patterns of arranging ideas. Doing so will not just enable you to write extensively but also enable you to arrange any of your several ideas appropriately. This will bring you the confident to publish more and quickly.

Know your readers

You should know your target readers before writing, so that you can come up with an appropriate title that will catch the attention of the exact readers that you are targeting. When you are not so sure of your readers, or when you imagine your article for different categories of readers, it would become a bit difficult for you to arrive at concrete title for your content hence preventing you from going ahead to publish your content. When you know your exact readers, you will be able to choose from the several titles that come up the one which not only befits the content but also more likely to catch the attention of your target readers. Knowing your readers would help to narrow down your options or choice of title- making it easier to come up with one hence paving the way for you to go on and publish.

Use the appropriate keywords and vocabularies.

When you use the appropriate technical words and vocabularies in your content, you are able to sound more as a professional. You are able to give your content a confident tone or that of a true writer.

Find ways to measure your keywords percentage or density whether it suits the exact reading levels of your readers. This will make your content professional. It will also help you to gain confidence in your content and publish.

Write unique articles to gain the confidence to publish. When your content stands out from others written by other authors, you feel that it is special. You gain the confidence to publish your ideas or share with your readers.

Looking forward to improving article after article.

Seek to improve article after article. Because there will always be room for improvement, you will not be able to publish because you continue to learn daily. If you are waiting for the moment when you wouldn’t have anything new to learn, then that moment would never come because there will always be more room for improvement no matter how much you know already. See every single content you publish as a symbol for your improvement. Every content you publish should be better and more advanced than the previous.

Write new versions of your old ideas for the confidence to publish.

Deduce new advance philosophies from your old drafts. You can also rewrite your ideas or articles into different versions. Extracting ideas from your old drafts gives you the confidence to publish your ideas because it gives you a perspective to which you can base your arguments upon. When your assertions have roots to ideas that you have previously written, it gives you the confidence in your ideas and to publish as well.

Please feel free to give your comment and suggestions below. You can also contact me if you want to write articles for your blogs, website or for any proof reading service. Contact me for also advice and tutorials on SEO or how you can upgrade your website in order to gain more traffic.


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