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6 Reasons Why You Should Avoid Ever Getting Lazy

Updated on February 19, 2017

I have been a lazy in my lifetime. Laziness affects your life in an incredibly sneaky way that effects you long-term. Laziness has its own trickle down affect. Embracing laziness can make you lazy in aspects of your life.

So Readers, I am here to open your eyes to some of the things the ancient trait of sloth can do to you if you are not careful.


1: Lazy Inattentive

Laziness helps you ignore your health and lifestyle.

Ignoring your health can cause a lot of physical suffering.

If you neglect eating healthy balanced meals, your health can be affected body part after body part.

The most painful thing about neglecting your health is any sickness that you gain and all the exercise you will still need to have in order to keep yourself from dying.

Some people unluckily get sick and will have to deal with it their entire lives.


2: Lazy Worker

Embracing laziness can make you a person that does not work hard.

Most people do not have to work hard. However, the majority of the population all over the world must work hard.

We must put effort into our work in order to excel in this life. Embracing laziness only makes you more quick to give up and possibly be given up on.

One must be willing to put in the hours, be energetic, be swift, observant, and so forth.

This ranges from working in a food restaurant, to working in a factory, to working in most office settings and so forth.

Being a lazy worker can negativiely effect your employment or where you get to in life, and nobody needs that.


3: Lazy Fighter

Just because some people have never been faced with a fight does not mean they cannot fight.

People that embrace laziness is more inclined to either do nothing in the face of a fight, and let anything happen to them or do nothing overall to prevent it.

You can't argue, but you can cry. You can't fight, but you can cry. You can't face the truth, but you can lie to yourself and cry.

Laziness just makes you weak, and you can end up in nearly any situation and going through anything because you are too lazy to fight.


4: Lazy Livelihood

Laziness encourages you to have no ambitions.

Laziness convinces you that there is no need to go after your goals.

Laziness can even effect your ability to live and have conversations, make observations, and experience new tastes or old tastes.

Laziness can effect you to the point where most people don't want to walk anywhere, go anywhere, eat out, or go outside and feed the dog if they have to do that.

Laziness is mental as well as physical. It is a lifestyle in itself that can stand in the way of our livelihood.


5: Lazy Ambitions

Laziness fosters the notion of giving up.

Laziness helps people get half-way to their goals, or almost there, and quit.

People mostly quit because laziness has snuck into their minds and actually become a part of their ego or superego. They have become more inclined to put only a certain amount of effort into their goals.

Laziness feels good because doing nothing feels better.

Laziness can worm its way into influencing people's decisions because of the benefit of just being lazy.

Laziness can officially made you a quitter.


6: Lazy Person = Lost Goals

Laziness can harm your dreams, aspirations, or desired lifestyle. It can place you on a path that you do not want or off your desired path.

Maybe you wanted to be a veterinarian not a dog sitter.

Maybe you wanted to own your own restaurant and not work for someone else's.

Maybe you wanted to be in the Guinness Book of World Records for doing something.

You WANTED something, and that something can easily be replaced by laziness.

The pleasures of doing nothing feels better.

The pleasure of not having to work hard or be tired can ruin where you would like to go in life.

Last Note

Laziness might as well be a disease because it can effect you so negatively in lifestyle and health.

I advise everyone to avoid it for their own benefits and the peace that will definitely follow.

Nobody wants to wake up in the future, or in old age, and regret doing this or that simply because they just didn't feel like it over and over again.

Start taking back your path, experiences, and life, and avoid being lazy.


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    • SonQuioey10 profile image

      Toni Northern 3 years ago from Williamston NC

      @ARUN KANTI,

      Agreed, thanks for stopping by, and commenting.

      Toni (SonQ.)

    • ARUN KANTI profile image

      ARUN KANTI CHATTERJEE 3 years ago from KOLKATA

      Laziness is the result of Lack of motivation, proper mindset and attitude. One should overcome these disorders to be actively engaged in life Thanks for the useful hub.