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6 Tips New Writers Must Know Before Trying to Make Money

Updated on April 19, 2021
Drew Agravante profile image

Drew is a pharmacist, a novelist, a blogger, and a social media copywriter. He keeps his creative juices flowing through music and reading.


The Heartaches of Writing

Have you ever wondered why your writing career looks stale? Wallowing in misery after getting your supposed-to-be-perfect masterpiece entered the trash bin. Well, if you didn’t, I did.

I’m going to tell you some interesting things. A few simple writing tips experience worth more than a few bucks. Pieces of things that I learned the hard way as I write my way to where I am now.

Did you know that millions of people around the world had once craved to write in their life? The problem? They couldn’t even get a frigging word out on the blank paper.

Of course, there are geniuses out there. People who could make big bucks and gain traction in popularity. Ten thousand or fewer out of the billions.

I have a few things that I have discovered in writing my first novel and blogging. Well, I had been in writing for three years at most. Anyway, here are the six tips I learned the hard way.


Tip #1: Hard Work Helps You Mature as a Writer

Yep, you read it right. Hard work will make you a mature writer. Making money through writing isn’t something as flowery and easy as others make it to be. It requires a lot of effort, time, and sometimes even money. It’s not a magical story where all things fall into the right places with a swing of a wand.

A lot of writers stumble in this process. When things get tough, instead of adding the hard work, a lot of aspiring writers vanish in the online web’s face. I tell you, my friend. The promise of easy money while putting no effort is not true. You need to understand that putting in the hard work is a must.

And as time passes, you’ll realize how much you’ve improved your writing skill. You’ll also appreciate the little things you’ve gained as you look back.

What did I get after putting in the hard work? A better command of English. A wider range of vocabulary to wield. A wide imagination, capable of creating fireflies through a pen. It boosted my creativity and performance. The more you write, the better you become.

I also got to meet new friends. I learned new things and found a pleasant hobby. It even saved me from developing some good old couch syndrome.

Tip #2: Set Goals and Stick to It

Set your goals, my friends. That’s the only way to measure if you’re moving to success. This is something personal. Of course, keep it grounded. Don’t make airplanes out of thin paper. And like the adage says, “Don’t bite more than you can chew.”

Start on small goals. Like, “I’ll try writing 2000 words in four days.” And if you know you could do better, make it 2000 a day. Make it a habit to create not only quantity but quality.

And if you made a goal, stick to it like a damn glue! That’s why I’m advising you to make your goals realistic. A few small steps can start the earning part of your side hustle.

If you want success, you must have both perseverance and passion. Of course, luck’s also a variable, but that’s something beyond our control. Have a good grasp of the things we could control.

Successful authors knew the importance of goals and sticking to them. Even J. K. Rowling and Stephen King had put a lot of effort to get where they are now.

Tip #3: Failure and Criticism Makes You Grow

It may sound hypocritical. I know. I have also been there. Charge it to experience.

Stop wallowing in despair with your bittersweet chocolates. How about writing how or why did you fail? Ask others what do they think of your work and where can you improve on. It can be your mom, dad, besties (or not so much), wives or husband, and even some virtual friends.

You can also ask the folks in discord, Reddit, or other platforms. They’ll help you a lot. As you face your failure head-on, criticisms will let you see the things that you could’ve done better.

I mean, we’re not perfect.

Well, who in the world is? Come on! Even Thor with his two mythical weapons failed in the Marvel Universe.

Tip #4: The Story Within Is What Matters

Yep, you read it right. Whatever you are writing, the story matters! A lot of beginners in writing may it be in blogging, news writing, and copywriting don’t know what to focus on.

Dig deeper and study your niche. Know what’s on-demand. If you have a source of traffic or what we call readers, you must understand what do they want to know or need. It’s important to write something that has value for your readers. To earn from writing, you must offer something of worth.

Even in creative writing, targeting an audience is very important. May it be a mystery thriller, comedy, romance, or fantasy. So your content must be what the specific niche wants.

Tip #5: Research and Promote Your Work

Warning. Don’t be the naggy type. Share it with your friends during your free time. It could be through Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Reddit, Discord, and HubPages. Market it to those people you know that will need it.

Sounds familiar? Yep, it sounds like a business. If you want to earn those bucks, you must treat your work both as a business and as a passion.

Since your sharing information, you must know what you talking about. With that said, research must be your best friend. Hey, the readers are not dumb to know whether you know what you are talking about.

Believe me. Once you build your way towards your audience after the hard work part. It’s only a matter of searching, researching, and seeking advice before you earn the first dollar.

Tip #6: Be You That's Enough

Hell yeah, you finally reached the last but not the least tip. The last tip will be simple.

You’re not JK Rowling, not Stephen King, not Malcolm, and you’re not Shakespeare. You are you. Don’t compare yourself with others. You’re going to make it harder for yourself.

You’re is stealing happiness from yourself, my friend. You will start losing sight of the good things. The little things that matter.

Remember this, what’s good for them doesn’t mean it’s also good for you. Strive against yourself. Set yourself as a standard. Find joy in your growth.

I know it’s hard. But when did things ever become easy in the first place? Let me end it with one of my favorite quotes to encourage you.

Ways to Make Money Through Writing

Now we’re done with the tips. I’ll share a few ways you could earn through your writing. I’ll only show a brief list that you could search throughout the web.

1. Paid articles for magazines and online blogs.

2. Creating E-Books and Self-Publishing

3. Affiliate Marketing

4. Fiverr and Upwork Writing Gigs

5. Social Media Marketing

6. Novel Writing

7. Screenwriter and Playwright

8. Creating your Blog

Searching the web will provide you with more in-depth information. So if you want to know more, don't be shy and start learning the hustle.

So, what are you waiting for?

Let’s write.

"Many of life's failures are people who did not realize how close they were to success when they gave up."

— Thomas Alba Edison

You learned something?

What tip resonated with you the most?

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This content is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and is not meant to substitute for formal and individualized advice from a qualified professional.

© 2020 Drew Agravante


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