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6 Tips to Surviving Ecoomic Downfall

Updated on December 22, 2014

6 Tips to Surviving Economic Downfall

The year of the OX has seemed to bring in another recession.Which Americans have not seen since world war. It's also suppose to influence people's life's. How you ask.They say it holds promise of slow but sure action, Lasting accomplishments. The big challenge that everyone faces is to generate the Ethosiam and desire to act . Those who do will make a enduring benefits for all.

Not even the large once thriving companies such as General motors, Chrysler couldn't survive these time without help from the government. As of dec.08 the total number of Americans do to downsizing now has reached 2.6 million people.As a result from this it causes the American families to dig into their savings just to be able to stay afloat.Not knowing how long this downfall to our economy will last Anxiety has reared it's ugly head;and has caused a paralyzing wave of fear across the country.Here are 6 tips to curbing job related anxiety.

1st . Focus on what you can control. Don't allowed economic slow down keep you from achieving success.

2nd. Increase your relevant Activities Particually contracts. Sales are a "managed number game".Unfortunately people think that "sales are a number game". This is only half true.

The formula usually goes call a bunch of number, that leads to numbers of contacts, then you have to make a bunch of appointments. which in the end usually ends in 1 closed sale.If you was to manged these numbers effectively it could lead to sustainable sale. For example...Call 5o numbers, that leads to 15 contacts, which leads to 15 appointments. by the end you will have 1 closed sale a day.If you work 5days a week you will have 5 closed sales a week.

3rd. Control your thoughts and your words very carefully. Keep a positive point of view of thing."Positive thinking will be the 1st step you can take to get back control of things.

4th. Have more sex.The last thing we need is our marriages falling apart because we are to stressed to have sex. Some people crave it when stressed, and others either want it less are none at all. Regular sex releases endorphins that calm your nerves and clears your mind. So do you and your spouse a favor make a date and stick with it. Be safe too.

5th. Eat Well. Skipping meals lowers your blood sugar levels. which in-turn cause your body to increase it's anxious response. Because of this response it lowers your immune system. Remember to eat a well balanced meal 3 times a day, and drink lots of water. It will better prepare your body for the stress at hand.

6th. Keep regular schedules. Usualy when people get stressed the fall of track. So help yourself and write everything down, and stick with your schedule.

These are a few ways that can help you relieve the stress of our economic downfall. stick with these and you will come out this year ahead.


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