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60s Hospital Romance From One Of The Greats: Flowers From The Doctor by Lucilla Andrews

Updated on October 4, 2014

Are you a fan of a real old-style medical romance? One with earnest, idealistic probationers, bull-dog ferocious Matrons and terse, laconic medics who brood handsomely at the aforementioned probationers? If so then no doubt you’ll already have heard of Lucilla Andrews and her best-selling romance novels, the crowned queen of all things romantic, medical and doctor-nursey.

‘Flowers From The Doctor’ is one of her out of print romance novels, one of the early efforts from Andrews’ output, an early sixties novel set, as usual, in a big teaching hospital (i.e. one with plenty of medical students for hot romantic action.) Our heroine, Kirsty, is a staff nurse in the hospital with her very own doctor fiancée ready at hand. But is he really the man for her?

Nurse! Heart hurt alert!

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* Love is the best medicine

Evidently not – or so much is strongly suggested when he runs off with the seductive daughter of a rich consultant. Oops! To make matters worse, Kirsty’s old adversary Johnny Druro, a surgical registrar, comes to work in her part of the hospital. Hateful man! Sarcastic, arrogant, it seems that he has a perpetual sneer when dealing with Kirsty and considers her a trifling idiot.

Still, surprisingly, when her fiancée Richard defects, Johnny takes it into his head to be rather nice and sympathetic for a change. What on earth has come over the man? Kirsty just can’t make it out. She also can't understand why the chick who stole her fiancee away now seems obsessed with Johnny. What's that all about, eh?

Still, she doesn’t get a chance to brood about it much since she’s promptly involved in an accident. A floor in the hospital collapses, and a workman is injured. Access is difficult and Kirsty volunteers to be lowered down to offer the wounded man medical assistance. What a heroine! Johnny is quickly on the scene and offers what help he can, but not swiftly enough to prevent the floor coming down and Kirsty being slightly injured and knocked out.

However everybody gets out in one piece, though Kirsty does wind up a patient rather than a nurse on a temporary basis. And here's her old friend Johnny, with what in his hands, hidden behind his back? I believe it's a bunch of flowers! Could her old sparring partner, he of the acid barbs and snarky put-downs, be harbouring soft and snuggly feelings towards our Kirsty? Maybe you need to locate a copy of the book and find out: I note that there's the odd out-of-print edition on Amazon or Get going! Hurry!


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