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6th Avenue -An Original Poem

Updated on July 18, 2016
Photo of 6th Avenue
Photo of 6th Avenue | Source

6th Avenue

Rain and tears

mix together as one.

Hard to distinguish

which is which.

What started at tears of joy,

have turned to

tears of sadness.

Every remnant that was left

from when you were here,

slowly fading away.

Soon all that will be left

is the memory of you.

I saw you for a moment,

admired you from afar.

Moment that I will cherish

as I replay them in my mind.

Pictures can only

fill that void so much.

Never being able

to take the place of you being there.

The street seems bare,

as if this never happened.

Only those who were there

can know the joy your brought that day.

A street I regularly walk,

now seems strange.

Since you graced us with your presence.

Sixth Avenue will never be the same.


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