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7 Steps of Life

Updated on July 6, 2015
Ivyzaide profile image

hi, I‘m Ivy from the philippines. I love writing poems about what I feel or anything that comes to mind.

On the first day, I left

and took my first step

Excited for what‘s ahead

Leaving all my regrets

On the second day, Im not in a hurry

As I took my second step

Everything feels easy

Somehow I feel so lazy

On the third day, I hesitated

My next step was delayed

Afraid to face the obstacle

But hope came my way

On the fourth day, I took a rest

To clean up all my mess

As I pursued my body to lay

And to close my eyes and pray

On the fifth day, I got distracted

My mind is so clouded

I can‘t take a step forward

All i can do is to look upward

On the sixth day, I feel so ashamed

No one is to be blamed

Failing to accomplish my goals

As regret flooded my soul

On the seventh day, I decided

To keep on moving forward

Nobody will ever stop me

As I reached for my destiny


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