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7 Things You Must Know Before Writing a Cover Letter

Updated on July 6, 2010
Recruitment officer while reading a cover Letter.
Recruitment officer while reading a cover Letter.

Cover Letters are one of the most important things that help in making an impression of a candidate before the recruitment panel. In fact these are one of the first things that will interface you with the recruitment panel and hence it can be used for making a good impression. But if you have got a bad , boring or copied cover letter you will be straightforward rejected.

So, to avoid this I have compiled a list of 7 most important things that you must keep in mind before writing a cover letter.

  1. Don’t ever use the cover letter templates available on internet coz if you have used it many others must have also used that hence it looks like copying and this can create a bad impression on the recruitment panel.
  2. Don’t write the letter in lengthy paragraphs coz it will only bore the reader and hence can weaken the whole letter. Try to write in short and concise paragraphs or rather in points.
  3. Remember your cover letter is your selling letters hence don’t omit your strengths and key points in it. Don’tr make statements that can't be quantified.
  4. Don’t write a vague letter without mentioning the job title and job code/number if you are responding to an advertisement.
  5. Don’t address your cover letter ‘To Whom It May Concern’. It shows that you don’t care enough to do your research to find out who is receiving the resume package. And hence creates a bad impression.
  6. Don’t use fancy fonts, unnecessary capital or bolded words. Also don’t do silly spelling or grammatical mistakes in the cover letters.
  7. Don’t include your personal information like your race, sex or marital status in the cover letter. Doing these things are against the Equal Employment Opportunity Act, and moreover it will create your bad impression.


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