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The Most Terrifying Things that Make Up The Holy Bible

Updated on November 9, 2017

People have such a hard time embracing the notion of a God, Christ, angels, the Devil, and demons. These testimonies about saints and kings and rulers in the King James version of the Bible are very powerful yet terrifying. Absolutely authentic or not, the testimonies about demons, the devil, tests of faith, and so forth, are scary enough to make people run to the hills from religion. Here are the most terrifying experiences in the Bible.

(1) Journals

First off, someone wrote this down. These are people's accounts of what they witnessed and experienced in those ancient biblical times. This is from the times of the Pharaohs and so forth. Whether you call these books, journals or diaries, someone put it down on paper. An occurrence of a phenomena doesn't mean anything at all if no one is around to see it.

A witness, human testimonies, give credit to these religions and that is terrifying. And that these religions have survived over the decades, is astounding when most religions and beliefs are easily ignored or have faded away.


(2) Tests of Faith

Daniel and the lion's den story is the first one. No one wants to be nor see someone mauled by a freaking lion. Daniel was actually thrown in amongst a lot of them. Another test of faith I call to your attention is Jonah and the big fish. It could have been a whale, but either way, can you imagine being swallowed by a whale? Can you imagine the darkness and shallow water and anticipation of drowning, being chewed to death, or never getting out? For goodness sake he was in there for 3 whole days and he knew he was actually in a fish.

Faith in God saved their lives. But knowing us today, we would have vanishing and reappearing faith while trying to claw-climb out of the den. And just to think, a lack of faith is a simple slip-up that could have messed Daniel up.

The TERRIFYING thing is that these types of trials were probably because they doubted their God would save them. Terrifyingly, He proves Himself. Often by delivering you into a temporary nightmarish mentally traumatizing hell. And then in time, delivering you out of the temporary nightmarish mentally traumatizing hell. So taking this religion at all in your heart is a serious matter, especially when the God of it, who knows what's in your heart, doesn't mind proving His power.


(3) Ezekiel & The Valley of Bones

Ezekiel was taken in a vision to a valley filled with dried up abandoned bones. And the Lord said, tell them to rise, and he did, and the bones rose. And he continued with the commands the Lord gave him, and they grew tendons and skin and breathe was given to them in that they lived. And the prophecy is that such an army will rise in the future.

The TERRIFYING thing is being taken in a vision to a valley of dry bones that stand up is something that constitutes a serious bad dream/night terror. Not only did they stand up, but tendons attached to them and skin grew on them in the dream. This is a step back to dawn of the dead, which is still one if the most frightening movies to watch. Anything showing the dead coming back in any way, even in a vision, is terrifying to know and anticipate in the future.

Knowing you will witness an army that may rise per a leader that is unconquerable, or an army that will come up from graves and grow skin, tendons, then attack people, is terrifying. The vision is a cross between a bad dream, fate, and dawn of the dead, and no one wants to wake up to it. You have to wonder after knowing that you serve a Being that can do this, what would happen to you if you made Him really upset.


(4) Punishments

Sodom and Gomorrah, another famous story. Not only did he send three angels, but they were disguised as men at first, so that shows how they can move around. Everyone in the city sinned and engaged in immoral doings and got destroyed with the city by fire and brimstone.

It isn't just that people and two cities were wiped off the map like dust, it's the fact that a lot of other people caused it. What if you were in between good and bad, you could have gotten credit to live on, being more good. But no, you get to die because your neighbor screws around with someone's wife, daughter, or his favorite sheep.

The TERRIFYING thing is one has to wonder, where did the fire and brimstone come from? How did they call it? Where did they call it from in the sky or universe at that precise day and moment? Or, is it that some giant angel was just brewing some in a big bowl for that moment? And please don't say it was a meteor shower! If it was a meteor shower someone else's cities should've been destroyed completely too. It all goes to show the might of God and the danger of angels. The situation and happening are terrifying.

(5) Spirits - Four Living Ones

I will simplify this excerpt from the Bible. A whirlwind comes up, a huge cloud, and a fire unfolding itself with a brightness around it, and out of all this comes the color of amber out of the fire. And in the midst of all this came, the Four Living Creatures, Four Living Ones, that had the body of a man, except, they all had four faces and four wings each. The soles of their feet was like a calf's foot and they sparkled like brass.

-- Pause -- I know some of you say, this vision is just the symbolism in the holy bible. However, anyone who believes in any religion knows there are physical manifestations such as spirits. This is what we're dealing with.

-- Continuing: They all had their four faces, wings, and hands on all four sides. They all had the face of a man and a lion on the right side, and the face of a ox and eagle on the left side of their heads. Their faces and wings were stretched upward. Two wings were joined to each other and two covered their bodies. And when they went with the leading spirit, the Host, they didn't need to turn when flying. Their appearance resembled burning coals, and when they moved, they shot out of the fire like lightning striking. The fire returned when they stopped. From here you get to how they moved the wheels inadvertently. You get to these incredibly high rings which were filled with eyes. There was a firmament over their head and their wings were towards one another. Everyone had two wings that covered them on each sides of their bodies, and when the wings moved they sounded like rushing water.

This one is just TERRIFYING. Not in your wildest sci-fi dreams has anyone ever created anything like this depiction. Who would stand and watch this creature approach? Who wants to be visited by this creature for any reason? The whole creature itself is terrifying and the Being who either controls it, created it, or captured it, is terrifyingly not to be reckoned with. This depiction of a spirit by God is terrifying.


(6) Job and The Devil

Who could ever forget this story?

Picture yourself living a great life everyday with your family and accomplishments. Then upon a day walking, the devil, or an evil person, because most of us encounter these people, maybe a bill collector, sees you doing well. They go to God and say, "hey, I bet if he or she didn't have all those fabulous days you blessed them with, they would curse you." "If you let some serious issues come their way, stopped protecting them, they would curse you and never be bothered with you anymore."

And God, knowing He will win, is taken up on a challenge, but you're still the one that's screwed. You lose your kids. All your money is taken away, and then you wake up sick with your health screwed up. You're going through all this crap because the devil, or that evil person that just doesn't like it that you were happy, decided to hurt with you.

The whole coming down from living a great life is terrible and could lead to any type of bad decisions. It questions the faith in yourself and it was probably what was in your own heart and feelings that started it. You may have doubted your own reactions to suffering and caused this.

The TERRIFYING thing is that the person is suffering mostly because of the Devil. In this story, I've always felt that the devil would do these things to Job even if God did not in his own way. It's important to note that the will of a person is very powerful also, which is the best thing about being a human-being. And it is also a lesson for the Devil about being a human, and the strength of people. We can go through nightmarish hellish things and refuse to change despite torture. However, this story makes many terrified to believe that God and the Devil exists with this kind of control.


(7) Revelations

Revelations is a hell into itself. It is a depiction of reactions to man's decisions on Earth. Within the seals and signs of revelations are people who disappear which is possible when you're not paying enough attention to anyone for quite some time.

Then the conqueror man in white comes just to take stuff. The war man in red comes to just start trouble. The man in black comes just to have everybody starving. And then death joins in and decides to come, just so more people can die than average.

A big earthquake happens, the sun turns black and the moon turns red, stars fall, and mountains are all moved.

Who knew four angels can hold all the wind of the Earth? Well, apparently they decide to hold it.

A big freaking star comes smashing into us from the damn sky, not a meteor, a star named wormwood, poisoning all the water down here. Then this angel is just crying out how bad it is for us down here as if most of us aren't having a bad enough nervous attack.

A personal star, Abaddon, falls from heaven with the key to the bottomless pit. It opens it and smoke comes out of the pit with scorpion-tailed locusts that Abaddon commands to attack people.

Apparently, these 4 bad-ass angels who've been bound up to a river get set free just to kill 1/3 of men. They do it by creating two hundred million in-human calvary spewing fire, sulfur, and smoke from their lion's heads.

Who knew there was an angel of seven thunders? Well, there's one that's massive with seven thunders.

Two witnesses are killed by the beast, a leader, then God resurrects them and scares the crap out of everyone. An earthquake comes and kills more people.

Then a woman gets pregnant with a son that's meant to rule over the Earth. The Devil tries to kill him, can't, and just creates hell for the woman's seed.

Then beast after beast, leaders, rise with authority over the earth. Each one is admired, worshiped by some, and each are worst than the other. The last beast comes out as a false prophet. He forces people to worship an image of the actual beast and embrace a mark in order to live in peace. The years under the AntiChrist in order to gain access into Heaven or seal your fate of Hell for eternity is underway. It's the, not being able to leave when other people leave Earth, thing that comes back to mind.

A country falls, ruined by other kings. A white horse who's rider is faithful and true, the boy not killed by the Devil, comes back. He wages a justified war and Good and Evil tangle. The great thing about this is that good wins.

The TERRIFYING this about all this is that revelations is either a depiction of the things that have come to pass as of yet, are coming to pass, or if already having past, will come back, and also, wherever the hell we are at this time on Earth in the middle of all that's occurring. One can hope that none of us have to play any major rolls, but terrifyingly, it's depiction does not speak of a promised land, and we may all feel this.

Last Note

Religion is a beautiful thing to have in your life. It is great to know that there is being greater than all things that would help you and save you. It is comforting and priceless to have the experience of a miracle in your worse times.

The stories and testimonies, like a documentary in a person's life, is an experience one can take from, a lesson or understanding. They serve as a moral guide in many ways, and laments the struggles of people within themselves. It shows the struggle of people because of the decisions of other people. There are a lot of reasons to be afraid to or not want to believe that their is a God and the Devil.

With religion, there is not ever any real reason to abandon it. The 10 commandments of the last testament is not the end-all of living. It is more of the 7 deadly sins today. However, in all these stories and testimonies strength of will, faith, and miracles is everything that is life.


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    • SonQuioey10 profile image

      Toni Northern 4 years ago from Williamston NC

      TFR @LisaMarie724. Glad you enjoyed the hub. And, I'm sure everyone is going to be alright. It's all still terrifying though : >

    • LisaMarie724 profile image

      Lisa Stover 4 years ago from Pittsburgh PA

      Very well written hub. I agree that the end of times is going to be very scary and it will be hard to keep the faith but I pray that we all do and go on to a better place.