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Updated on February 14, 2013


By: Jasmin

To my Mom.

Thanks for all you do for me.



NO one could possibly understand how frustrated I had become…at least I didn’t think so. But when I saw what was happening on television, I made a pact with myself that day that I would never end up in that situation. The ironic thing about it all was…that was exactly what happened. It’s funny how the world works, the things you strive your hardest to not become, end up becoming a vicious cycle of regularity and dependency in your life. I heard that word often when I was younger, but I never really quite understood what it meant, Dependency. I always thought I was rather independent more then dependent. I never relied on my family for much, ‘cause I really couldn’t anyways. My sister was a whore, unreliable, pretentious, and an asshole. My brother was never around, but I couldn’t blame him though, he was the smartest one; he got away, far away. He moved to Arizona leaving me, the last of the sane one’s behind. My Dad was never in my life, he wasn’t Ashley or Aaron’s father; we all have different father’s.

My life turned into one of those corny Lifetime movies, the kind that is always “based on a true story.” I used to watch them while my mom would drink herself into unconsciousness when I was around six or seven. Those are the more memorable moments I have of her. I never really had the cookie cutter memories of her…you know? The type where the mother is in the kitchen baking with an apron and shit, but hey! What are you gonna do? Thing’s turn out the way they do ‘cause of the shitty decisions that are made, and who is left to blame? Well for people like me, it’s always everyone else first before it finally gets to the real culprit of all the pain, sorrow and grief. It’s always so much easier to blame someone else for all your misfortunes rather than take a good look in the mirror and realize that the problem lies within. Then, and only then, can you confront all the issues in your fucked up life, which is why I guess I ended up in the position I’m in…

Chapter 1

I sat there staring at myself in the mirror, looking at how my dark brown hair hung lifelessly at the sides of my face. My hazel eyes were watery; I wondered how things would go for me today; well I hope. I don’t know how someone like me could end up in this predicament. I don’t look like someone who would have to deal with a family of clowns! I look nothing like a clown, my sister looks more like one then I do. She constantly wears that hot red lipstick and heavy eye shadow, which takes away from her beautiful blue eyes. With her long, bleach blonde hair hanging down to the middle of her back. We contrast each other in very obvious ways. She’s tall, skinny, blonde and has piercing blue eyes. While I am shorter then her, with dark brown hair and hazel eyes;

I’m not fat though!

On the lower level of our two story home, I could hear my mother and sister arguing about who was going to take me to my first day as a freshmen in High School. My mother argued that we both went to the same school and that she should just do it, while my sister argued that she couldn’t and wouldn’t be caught dead with me in her car.

This whole argument carried on while I sat upstairs and heard it all. How they could be that oblivious and totally heartless about my feelings as a daughter and sister were the least of their concerns. As I sat holding my stuffed teddy bear, still feeling like the little sister and baby of the family and placing myself in another life and family…I waited for the argument to end. As the volume of the confrontation subsided I heard my sister call out to me.


She wasn’t certain how long she had been walking down the side of this dark silent road, but she did know her feet were killing her. She knew she should not have worn heels, but couldn’t overlook how great they complimented her whole outfit. How was she supposed to know that this was the night she’d be taking off without warning…even to herself? Her sexy skintight dress would never have looked right with flats or sneakers. But, as it was, she had a jean jacket covering her and a duffle bag with the most important of her belongings inside, accessorizing her outfit. Walking in slower more controlled strides, to ease the use of pressure on her feet, she started to pay attention to the rhythm of her steps. The crunching of gravel beneath her sore feet soothed her thoughts…she liked that sound. It reminded her of times where her family would go to the drive-in and hear it crushing beneath the car tires; now that’s all behind her. She never thought she would have the courage to leave the town she had lived in all her life, but she did. It had always been a goal of hers to leave, and never look back. But now she wished she had better shoes on and thought once or twice about turning around…for the sake of her feet, of course.

The crunchy gravel pathway that was the shoulder of the road was barely illuminated by the moonlight, and she could hardly see ahead of her. Staring up at the milky spotted moon, admiring the soft glow, she became thankful that it gave her some form of luminosity. No cars had passed down this road for what seemed like hours to her, and she was starting to become anxious and wonder if she would have to walk this road forever. Every so often, there was a soft rustle in the bushes that bordered the road on each side. Forest to the left of her, and forest to the right, was the curtain between what ever lurked behind it. The sporadic tussle of movement gave her a chill and she felt herself getting panicked. As her strides and unease continued, there came a low buzz of an engine far off in the distance behind her; maybe she wouldn’t have to walk this road forever. The engine was loud and she knew of only one type of car that gave off that much noise from that far (Her guess was a Mustang). But then again people now a days do all kinds of fancy things to their cars. As the vehicle advanced closer, she squinted and her assumptions were proven right, she held her thumb up high in the air and waited for the Mustang to slow its acceleration.

The headlights were two beams that stretched forward into the distance, but faded at their endpoint. The road had been so hot during the day, that you could now see steam rising off the road toward the beams of light and hover there. She approached the passengers’ side and the window rolled down.

“Looking for a ride?” The deep voice asked.

“Is it that obvious?” She joked, what a stupid question she thought.

He chuckled softly, and responded. “Hop in.”

She heard the click of the automatic lock release, grabbed the door handle and jumped inside.


“Aimee would you hurry up and get your stuff together or we’re going to be late for school and I am not gonna be late because of you!”

“Yeah yeah, I heard you.” I said under my breath continuing to take my sweet time. My sister Ashley is always like that; rushing me and ordering me around her tight, gay schedule. She was a senior and I was a freshman; being that it was my first day of high school, she was knowingly ignoring the fact that I was nervous, but that’s just the type of person she is; she only cared about herself and boys. I was gathering the rest of the things I might need for the day – pads (just in case) pencils, notebooks, make up, hair spray and some gum and shoved it all into my back pack.

As I walked toward my door, I stopped and gazed at myself in the mirror.

Okay Aimee, this is it, your gonna start your life as a high school student; this is where it all begins. I thought to myself.

I was coming across as nervous and I couldn’t get the look off my face as I stared into the mirror. If I couldn’t change that by the time I got out of the car, I was gonna be mutilated by all the older kids.

“Come on Aimee, I’m leaving!” Ashley shouted, pulling me out of my sulking.

I opened the door and headed down the hallway to the stairs that led to my sister’s grouchy, annoyed face.

“Jesus, how fucking long do you expect me to wait for you?” She snapped.

I rolled my eyes as she turned around. Never mind the two hours it took her to get ready. I was only getting ready for a half an hour, and just because I didn’t jump as fast as she wanted me to, I was being chastised. It was a very beautiful morning, sunny and bright with the promise of a wonderful attitude…for everyone else. All my life has been this front of perfection, with dark secrets hidden beneath the thick, iron shield, created by too many bad experiences. I didn’t want to pretend along with them that everything was ok - it wasn’t.

My dad was never there, my mom was a big time alcoholic, and my sister has already been explained. Then my brother Aaron, who left me behind with no remorse, has been M.I.A for a while; I guess he figured I’d turn out to be just like Ashley and left me as a lost cause. Or maybe not, I’m only left to assume this since he’s not here to speak for himself. But when he was around, he was the best person in my life, someone who made me feel like a part of the family, not a nuisance. Walking to Ashley’s crappy little 98’ dodge neon, I wondered why I was stuck with a family like this, and what I did to deserve them. I wasn’t even really sure why my sister was taking me to school with her in her car anyways. To her, I’m just her pathetic little half sister. I knew she didn’t want to be seen with me. She was talking on her phone and getting into her car; this was all of this was funded by the fine perverts who tossed dollar bills at her at the local strip club.

“Oh my God Karen, I swear to God if I see him I am going to like totally ignore him – I know – I’m not even gonna pretend that he exists – no – I am so over him, I hate his fucking guts…” She went on and on like this for the whole trip; talking about some loser. She probably screwed him on the first night and is now over him because he was caught checking out some other girl in front of her. Self-esteem was really not paired with her name. Lots of other unflattering remarks were…but I guess that’s easy to understand considering the way she carries herself. The first thing she did when she turned 18 over the summer was get a job as a stripper. It didn’t really shock my mom, or me…it was actually kind of expected.


“I’m so happy that you came along, I was beginning to get a little panicked about my decision to hitch hike!” She said, her voice shaky.

He took a quick glance in her direction responding, “Oh no problem, the panicked feeling is mutual, and I thought I would be driving forever. I’m trying to get to the next town and took a wrong turn somewhere and was lost for a few!”

“A wrong turn,” she said, “As long as you keep going straight, this road will lead all the way to the next town. Why would you even consider turning?” She asked brows furrowed.

He glanced at her and smiled.

“I know that now.” He said with a soft chuckle seeping through his words.

As they were driving she couldn’t help but notice how attractive he was, and what a nice, warm smile he had. He seemed like the type of person you meet at conventions that raise awareness on issues like homelessness, animal abuse or global warming. Very tidy and clean looking…and smelling, she also noticed. The smell of his cologne was very tempting. It seemed to draw her in like a fish on a hook being pulled against its will out of the water. The features on his face hinted that he might be an older man, with a touch of gray hair by his temples. He had brown eyes, and an attractive physique, from what she could see. She wasn’t certain about his height since they were in a car, but his legs did look long. With a perfect smile, she thought as he glanced at her again flashing his pearly whites.

“So why ya headed to the next town?” They both asked in unison, chuckling at the attempts they were both making.

“Go ahead you first.” She said.

“Oh no no…ladies first, I insist.”

She laughed softly and put her story together. “I’m headed to the next town so that I can find a way out of the one behind us, I murdered someone back there and I need to get as far as possible.” She said smiling at him as he drove.

He looked at her skeptically, “Really?”

She looked at her feet and began to twiddle her thumbs whistling a little tune, and comically avoiding his question, she smiled.

Laughter boomed from him as he realized what she was doing, and how he liked her being playful. She was very pretty.

She watched him as he laughed and understood her go at trying to be cute; she wanted to have a little fun while on the road, and he was a very good looking person to have some fun with.

“I’m kidding!” she said.

As his laughter subsided, he began to focus on the road again, and reiterate his question to her once more.

“No, but seriously, why are you headed to the next town?”

She took a deep sigh and understood that he wasn’t going to let this go. So not wanting to put a damper on the situation, she just blurted it out.

“I left my boyfriend. I couldn’t stick around and see him, it would be too much pain…for the both of us.”

“Oh, I’m sorry to hear that, I didn’t mean to pry…”

“No it’s ok, if I didn’t wanna tell you, I wouldn’t have, but I don’t mind talking about it.”

A few moments passed before he asked her his next question.

“So where ya gonna go?”

“I don’t really know yet, I need a place to stay…I’ll probably just stay in a motel for the night and then go job hunting tomorrow. So why are you going into the next town?” She asked.

“I’m a realtor. I have a home in the next town that I want to prep for open house in a couple of weeks. Do some cleaning, a little renovating, ya know. Just to have it ready and off the market quick. I don’t wanna hold on to this house for too long.”

She listened as he told her his intentions on what he planned to do, trying to focus more on his words and what he was saying, rather then how attractive he was.

“So you never lived in the house?”

“No. I buy and renovate older houses and sell them. Make a profit off them…its how I bring home the bacon.”

“Oh wow, that’s really cool…so it’s a good business to be in?” She inquired.

He looked at her, “Oh yes. There are many benefits when doing something like this.” He said.

She raised an eyebrow, noticing the change in his tone and demeanor. “Oh really, like what?”

“Well, right now the market is hot… and I make a lot of money.” He said seductively, looking in her eyes while he spoke. “That’s just one of many perks.” He said immediately returning to his prior friendly persona.

“Well I’m glad that someone’s life is going well for them. It sounds like it’s a really good business to get into, if you’re good at it.” She said as the outside world zipped by her passenger window and it was nothing but a blur of black objects on an even darker setting. She wasn’t much of a conversationalist and didn’t really know how to keep the communication going between them, so they rode in silence for a while. She began to grow a little uncomfortable at the lack of chatting and was eager for him to say something so that she didn’t have to sit there in silence. Every so often, she would sneak side-glances in his direction to make sure of what he was focused on and return her gaze to what was going on outside her window once again.

In one of her attempts to steal a glance of him, he had been trying to do the same and they both caught each other. It was then that the silence was broken.

“Would you like me to turn on the radio?” He asked.

“If you want to. It’s your car.” She responded.

“What station do you like to listen to? I’m open to all kinds of music so don’t hesitate to make a suggestion.” He said enthusiastically.

“I’m ok with whatever you wanna put on.” She said to him.

Without hesitation he pushed the knob and began to tune into a station he thought would be suitable for both of them to listen to. He left it on a station that was playing Aerosmith’s Dream on, and recognizing the tune she was brought back to the town she was leaving behind.

“This song has a lot of history for me.” She said.

“What kind of history does it carry for you?” He asked, interested.

“My Ex and I listened to Aerosmith a lot.”

“What do you know about Aerosmith?” He asked jokingly.

She looked at him and gave him the evil eye, “Hey I know a lot about that band, don’t let my age fool you. I did have a dad at one point in my life!”

With this statement she made he saw an opening to get an answer to the question that had been burning a hole into the back of his mind since she go in the car.

“How old are you if you don’t mind my asking?”

She sat there and contemplated whether or not she wanted to divulge that type of information to a person she just met. But then again, she knew that telling someone her age wasn’t really too personal of a thing to do. But why would he want to know something like that if he weren’t up to something? Men always have an ulterior motive when they are asking a question regarding your personal life, she thought. But…she did just tell him she broke up with her boyfriend and that was the opener for any guy to take advantage of vulnerability. I’m so stupid! She thought.


As I got out of my sister’s car, we walked to the main entrance of my new high school. I had been dreading and looking forward to this day since I started eighth grade. It was something that was in the back of my mind for a long while, and now the time had finally come for me to cruise the hallways with my peers and locate the clique that I would belong to for the remainder of my high school career. Ashley just walked away, not wishing me good luck on anything or bothering to help me find me locker. As I took in the view around me full of kids who are one, two and three years older then me feeling comfortable and at ease with the social scene, I began to feel as if I stuck out like a sore thumb. It became clearer and easier for me to pick out my fellow freshmen. That wide eyed, semi-sure of their self attitude that they try to have to fit in and not be noticed is the first thing that gives them away; plus the simple fact that they weren’t seen around the school the previous year.

I fumbled through my books that I held close to me to block my vulnerability, finding the little piece of paper with the combination to my locker and the locker number. I glanced to the left and right, checking the number that is located at the top of each locker, getting closer to mine. I glanced at the paper again just to be sure.

“25-13-20, locker 1216…” I whispered under my breath, finally coming up to my destination.

As I approached my locker, I took a deep gulp as I readied myself to put the combination in. Turning clockwise, counter clockwise and then clockwise once more as I got to the last number. Holding my breath, I lifted the lever and nothing happened, it was still jammed shut. I tried again…still nothing, third time and then on the fourth I heard a voice behind me ask if I would like some help. I turned to see one of the older guys approaching me, smiling. I felt my cheeks fluster, and I became very intimidated by his mere advances; an obvious jock with his varsity football jacket on.

“Hey, you look like you could use some help…” He said as he stepped in front of me and went straight for the dial to put in the combination. “You have the combo right?”

“Yeah.” I said as I handed him the little paper.

I took a couple of steps back, and observed how tall he was. He had soft brown hair, hazel eyes, with a great smile to go with the rest of his face and a physique that possibly suggested he was older then a high school student. But the attire suggested high school; he had on a t-shirt that said Got Milf peeking through his jacket, with jeans and some chucks. He also smelled very nice, as he stepped in front of me I caught a combination of scents; a clean shaven face, fresh clean clothes and intriguing deodorant…with the subtlety of body soap somewhere in the mix. As I admired everything about this guy I didn’t even know, I wondered what year he was. I heard the lever release and the locker door open.

“Thank you, thank you…no applause!” He said as he opened the door for me and stepped to the side, as if I could walk through.

I smiled at him and stepped closer. As I put the books I wouldn’t need inside, he swung over to the other side of me where no one stood yet and leaned against the vacant locker door, smiling.

“Thank you for helping me with the door, I knew that was going to happen.”

“First day huh?” He asked.

“Yeah, I know it’s obvious…”

“Well of course, you stick out in the crowd just like any other freshman here. I’m Dean by the way, Dean Samuels.”

“I’m Aimee Beckham.” I replied.

“No relation to David Beckham right?” He chuckled.

“ Ha ha, um no actually I’m related to Ashley…she’s a senior here too. Do you know her?” I asked.

He looked at me and smiled broadly, “Oh yeah I know her, a lot of people know her. Some better then others.”

I turned my gaze to the floor and looked at my feet, understanding what he was implying and became embarrassed. I shouldn’t have even mentioned the fact that I was related to Ashley…I might have just committed social suicide.


She still sat there contemplating the question about her age, possibly a little longer then she realized because his voice interrupted her thoughts.

“Ok…it’s fine you don’t have to tell me your age.” He said reassuring her that he didn’t mean to pry.

“Sorry, I just am not very open about personal things with strangers. It’s really like that with all people for me…even family and friends. Not that they don’t know my age or simple things like that. I just don’t like to talk about myself. Sorry I misguided you about that; telling you about my boyfriend and all…” She said dejectedly. It was a flaw that she always had and could never get rid of.

“I totally understand! No pressure at all…sometimes the simplest questions can be the most intimidating ones.” His eyes were concentrated on the road as he spoke to her.

The ride fell back into silence once more and she felt like such a silly little girl for being taken back and not able to talk to this man who just so happened to be very good-looking. She found herself again gazing out her window and growing anxious at the time it was taking to get to the next town. Her thoughts were zipping around in her head just as fast as the forest was outside the car. She peeked over and saw him transfixed on the road and nothing else. She stared for a few moments and he didn’t even seem to realize that she was staring; he just kept driving, not noticing her at all anymore. As she gazed at him more, she began to see a familiarity in his face and that she had seen him before. At least that was what she was beginning to think. Starting to not feel so comfortable with this car ride anymore, she scooted closer to the door and squeezed tightly on the handle, dying to be free of this car ride.

“You don’t talk very much do you?” He asked her. “I mean I know you just told me that you are a very private person, but lacking this much in social skills is not a good trait to have Samantha, especially when I know that’s not like you…”

She froze in fear at the mention of her name. Her mind raced to find some part of their encounter that involved her telling him her name and she came up empty…horrified! She gripped tightly on her duffle bag and the door handle now in unison, not quite sure what to do next. She heard the click of the automatic door lock as he picked up speed. She began to fight with the handle and pull frantically to try and open it.

He knew beforehand even if she wanted to get out of the car, the child lock was already in effect, pretending to lock it was all part of the ‘game’ “You’re not going to get out Sammy, child lock! Safety precaution…you know you can never be too safe!” He said revving the engine, picking up speed once again and turning off the headlights.

“Let me out of the car!” She said loudly, trying to sound harsh and serious as her voice shook with terror. She still tugged and pulled at the door handle hoping it was a mistake that it was locked. She tried to roll down the window, but nothing happened.

“Oh no that’s not gonna work either, I tinkered with the electrical wires for a while until I figured that one out!” He said casually, contradicting the situation. “Come on Samantha…get closer to me.” He said as he reached towards her and attempted to pull her closer by the waist.

“NO! Ahhh!” She screamed at the top of her lungs and slapped his hands away and began sobbing.

“Aww, don’t be like that Sammy, I saw you in the bar earlier tonight, how you flirted and teased like the little slut you are. It’s no wonder you broke it off with Tim, you are dying to spread it all over town! Or you already have and that’s why you’re off to the next one?” He said confidently.

“Oh my god! Let me out! Please let me go!” She yelled, pleaded and begged. But it was no use, this had been planned for at least a month and the anticipation of him knowing that she would soon run away had been enough foreplay for him. This was just the icing on the cake…a little something extra, a pinch to grow an inch you could say. At least that was the case for what was going on in his pants.

“Who are you? Why are you doing this? Please just let me go…Please!” She attempted once again and failed.

“Samantha, you are so beautiful. I have been watching you for a month now and let me tell you, everything about you is so tempting. That’s why tonight has to be perfect, just like you.” He said lovingly. “Now please come closer to me honey.”

“Aaahhhhhh…HELP ME…HELP…HELP!” She began to scream uncontrollably, slapping and pounding on the glass of the car door as he grabbed her by the arm attempting to pull her close. She started hitting him and fought to free herself of his grip, pulling her arm forcefully away. With her fighting increasing, and the destination coming closer he found it progressively more difficult to contain his excitement. He pulled the car deep into the forest and as the car jerked back and forth from the unsteady roadway, she was at the climax of her fright, as was his thrill.

He stopped the car, put it in park and removed the keys from the ignition, turning and facing her. “I didn’t mean to start off on the wrong foot with you Sammy. I didn’t mean the slut thing. I know all this…what we’re going to do, is very frightening but if you do what I say…I promise it will be painless. I know that you will love me after I show you how much I love you, just show me back ok…” He said with empty compassion in his eyes.

Still crying and sobbing, she began to plead once more for her freedom and for him to just let her go. “Please, I swear I won’t tell anyone anything, I don’t even know your name and I won’t say anything about what you look like or try and press charges against you. I swear…I swear…” She broke, feeling defeated and at an end.

He looked at her seriously, “I haven’t even done anything yet. Why are you begging?” He asked.


“Do you know where you’re going after this?” Dean asked.

I stood there and thought for a moment but couldn’t remember exactly and had to take out my schedule to see.

“Ha ha…forgot already?” He teased.

“Yeah I did. I don’t have a very good memory…” I responded.

“Don’t worry, it will become habit after a while, then the semester will end and you have a new schedule once again. But that’s not until sophomore year, so you get the chance to learn where things are in the building as a freshmen.” He said, trying to ease my worries of a bad memory.

“Well that’s a comforting thought, I love inconsistency…” I said sarcastically.

He looked at me and smiled, we both stood there for a few moments and then I returned my focus back to my locker and what I should and shouldn’t bring. I bent down and laid some extra notebooks at the bottom. When I stood back up, he was still watching me…waiting for me I guess?

“You want me to walk you to your next class?” He asked me.

“Um, ya sure, I guess I need the help don’t I?” I responded.

I closed my locker and pulled out my schedule with all my classes listed, he grabbed the paper from my hands and examined it closely.

“Oh ya ok, I know exactly where all of these classes are. I can be you tour guide for the day if you want?” He said sweetly.

By now I was starting to get a little concerned of his intentions, I hope he wasn’t thinking that I am just like my sister and that I will give him some sort of sexual payment for his services. Besides, he was a senior and he was also very cute and I’m assuming popular since we were getting a lot of stares as we walked down the hallway.

“Well if you didn’t know already there are three floors to this building and also a basement where they have a spot for wrestling and a few extra classrooms where they throw kids if they run out of space. Most of the time it’s a class that has to do with the arts. I was thrown down there when I had my guitar class.” He rambled on. “And your first class of the day is going to be on the second floor, so lucky you…you get to walk up some stairs! Good thing you don’t have heels.” He joked.

He seemed to be genuine, nice. I guess maybe High School wouldn’t be so bad after all, especially if its going to be with people as nice as him. I really don’t have anything to worry about. But then again, I can’t think that way too soon I suppose.


“I mean don’t get me wrong, I love the sound of the begging and pleading coming from your beautiful lips, how precious your voice is…how innocent you sound…” He said as he raised a hand to her cheek and wiped the tears away. Putting the damp finger to his mouth and licking the salty tear. “This wont be the only taste I get of you tonight Sammy. I have been observing and fantasizing about how delicious you would be and tonight is going to be very fun!” He leaned towards her going in for a kiss, and as he did so she didn’t fight him this time but let him get closer as she fumbled through her bag searching for any hard object that her hand would come across, and it rested on her hair dryer. As he kissed her, sliding his tongue into her mouth, she pulled it out and began to strike him in the face and he pulled back trying to cover his face and shield him self from her blows. She got one hit in that caused him to hear a loud crack, and felt the ooze of blood drain down to his mouth. He held his nose, and as he did so, she pounded on the glass with her hair dryer hard, trying to break it, and finally she had succeeded and was able to get a spot open, stick her hand through to grab the door handle and run out of the car.

She ran fast and hard and screamed loud, “HELP…SOMEONE HELP! HELP ME!”

He opened up the car door and got out to run after her, running off of the pure adrenaline and excitement that ran through his veins now, not so concerned about his nose anymore. Nothing would ruin this with her…nothing.

“NO ONE IS GOING TO HEAR YOU…” He yelled from behind her. “HELP HER, SOMEONE HELP HER…Hahaha!” He laughed and mocked.

He chased, but didn’t run at the full speed he was capable of…he enjoyed this part the most. It felt like the first time every time and was a feeling he didn’t really want to rid himself of. Just the utter disbelief of how this could be happening to her is a thought that he was positive she was having right now; it put him over the edge.

“SAMMY!” He yelled, “SAMANTHA COME HERE! STOP…” He gained speed and figured the chase had gone on long enough, deciding to finally catch her. He grabbed her from behind, arm around the waist, hand over the mouth as she scratched and tried to claw away from him. But there was no amount of pain she could cause him, that was his luxury, she was just fueling the sick, twisted fire that was started the moment she got in his car. The moment she put on that tight, sexy little dress that shows off her curves and tease all those men; he was ready. He watched and saw how they couldn’t handle her. But he knew tonight was the night and he would prove them all wrong and tame her…control her; make her do whatever he wanted and beg to do so. Oh yes! She would be begging and saying how much she loves him.

“Shh, Samantha…we’re just going back to the car now. I have some things I need to grab. Some ‘tools’ you could say for our little venture tonight.” He said.

As he dragged her back to his car, her mouth covered to stifle her cries for help, he couldn’t believe that this was it…that it was finally happening. As he approached his car, he opened the passenger side door and opened the glove compartment, extracting duct tape, all the while maintaining a tight grip on her wrist as she struggled. He pulled out a long strand of the sticky material and quickly covered her mouth, growing impatient with her yelling. Then he bound her hands behind her back, leaning her over the hood of his car and taking delight of this position she was in. Her cries were now muffled and sounded even more captivating to him. He leaned over her as she leaned over the hood of his car and whispered in her ear.

“Now this is where the fun begins…NOW, you can beg!” He said darkly.


“So what do you think about me being your guide for the day?” Dean asked me.

“Um, yeah sure…that would work I guess…” I responded.

“Great! Now I have a purpose for being here today! All my classes are electives, one of the many perks of being a Senior I suppose. I have like three mandatory classes I need for graduation, but that’s pretty much it.” He continued to indulge me in his high school career. I just listened, nodded and smiled at him as he continued to tell me all these things that I didn’t fully understand. We kept walking and he would pause occasionally to give someone a high five or simply say hello, then continue where he left off. Finally our pace began to slow and I assumed that we were coming close to the destination. I was right.

“Well here you are Miss Aimee, first class of the day…Home Ec,” he said brightly, “I hope that it goes well for you and you like it.”

“Thanks a lot Dean. I appreciate your help.” I told him.

“I’ll be out here when the bell rings to help you find your next class,” He said enthusiastically as he walked backwards talking to me, “my class isn’t too far from this one!” than he turned around, on his way.

I turned to face the doorway and brace myself to walk inside. I made sure to step carefully so that I wouldn’t be the clumsy person that I usually am and trip and fall. There were a few others already in the class and I looked around to see what seats were available and who seemed pleasant enough to sit next to. I spotted a seat next to a girl with bleach blonde hair pulled back into a ponytail. She had on a powder blue long sleeve shirt that brought out her blue eyes and jeans with some fresh new sneakers, her books stacked neatly on the desk at her side. The room didn’t consist of rows of desks, they were more like work stations with two computers per station. So I decided that I would join her and possibly make a new friend. I walked towards her as she bent over tying her shoelace and fixing her pants at the base.

“Hi can I sit here?” I asked her.

“Yeah sure.” She replied.

I looked at her as she rummaged through her things and pulled out a mirror. She began to examine her face. fix and mess with her eyelashes and hair, while pouting her lips.

“I’m Aimee.” I said opening up the window for conversation.

“Delilah.” She replied shortly, still looking t herself in the mirror.

Not much was said after that. A few more stragglers trickled in and then class began. I sat there and listened to the teacher give her instructions, rules, regulations and how she was excited to start up the school year and have her class back in session.

“Good morning class! My name is Ms. Dawson. It brings me great joy to start off the beginning of your high school career with you. This is only the beginning of something very special and exciting you will embark upon!” She spoke like this for a few minutes, then began her lecture. I took out my notebook and began to take notes as she spoke and wrote things down on the overhead. This class seemed to drag on slowly and with every glimpse at the clock, only a few minutes went by. I took out my schedule and looked at where I was headed next, just in case Dean forgot about the offer he made to me. Let me see, let me see… I scanned and found that my next class was History room 211. Great same floor I thought.


As she lay there feet and hands bound on the hood of his car, helpless…defeated, he walked over to the trunk, removed the keys from his pocket and opened it up. Out of there he grabbed a bottle of chloroform and a cloth. There were other things that he intended to use on her that lay at the bottom of the trunk; sexual devices, rope, a giant roll of plastic, more tape and some rubbing alcohol. Of course he also packed a change of clothes, being prepared because this was going to be a messy, messy night.

“Oh Samantha,” he sang, “have you ever heard of Doxacurium and Chloroform?” he asked, “Oh silly me I forgot that I taped your mouth up…here” He reached around to the side of her face and pulled at the end to remove it, but then stopped.

“You’re not going to scream are you? That would make me very upset, it was ok to scream before, because it was part of the ‘game’ but now…you cannot! Do you understand me?” He asked.

She looked at him from the corner of her eye, unable to turn her head and look at him directly and nodded her head no. He leaned in and kissed her tear stained cheek.

“That’s my good girl, I knew you would be obedient before the night was through…” She began to sob softly as he pulled the tape away from her mouth and gave her the freedom of speech back.

“Now see, here’s the thing, this is a Doxacurium it’s a muscle relaxant, and this,” he said holding up a small bottle, “is chloroform…and for your information chloroform is not an instant knockout; this is a common misconception. It will take a little longer to put you under with just chloroform. So please don’t struggle with me when I use it. But here’s the fun part, with Doxacurium, you are going to feel everything that I do to you. You just wont be able to move.” He said smiling at her with sincerity, as if he were a Doctor explaining what the procedure will consist of. Of course it was a procedure, a well thought out, perfectly planned procedure.

Her eyes had complete terror and horror in them, which made him very happy. She was trying to come up with something in her head that would help her get out of this situation. Her mind raced as she tried to think of what she could do.

“I will do anything you want, just please let me live…I promise I will be good, I’ll be good…” She sobbed pathetically.

“I know you’re going to be a good girl baby, I’m banking on your good behavior. You think I want this to be difficult?” He said consolingly. “So here’s what’s going to happen, I’m going to take you to this house I was telling you about earlier. There we won’t be interrupted, the house is very much deserted and in the middle of nowhere, so your screaming will be pointless; don’t do it. But before we leave, I’m going to cover your face with this Chloroform, don’t struggle…ok.” He said as he walked around to the trunk again coming back with a piece of cloth.

He stood behind her, put the bottle down by her head and slowly lifted up her tight dress that she no longer felt sexy in, and playfully thrust himself into her.

“Ahhh…” she moaned softly as he did this, he leaned over her and whispered in her ear.

“You said you wouldn’t hurt me!” She said frantically.

“Oh yes you’re right…I lied. Are you ready?” He covered her face with the soaked cloth, and she began to fight, he knew she would do this; knew her behavior and the basic fight or flight scenario, he’d seen it all before. Countless times. It took about 10 glorious minutes before she faded into unconsciousness, and he cherished every minute of her struggle. He lifted her up and spun her around violently lifting her over his shoulder and throwing her in the passengers seat, as if she were a rag doll. And one thing was certain; he looked forward to playing with this rag doll all tonight.

Chapter 2

As Samantha lay there, she slowly came to and strained her eyes to focus on her environment. She felt frozen, unable to move, mouth taped shut. She heard music playing softly in the background, something about love and how it wouldn’t be taken away…it was really hard for her to focus and obtain; she was too groggy. Her eyes moved over to her side, she saw an IV on a pole next to her bed and saw the slow drip fall from the bag and into the thin tubing that connected to her hand. Candles were lit and scattered throughout the room and created a soft glow...a romantic atmosphere. Her vision was still blurred and came in and out of focus as she desperately tried to obtain something about her current situation.

“My sweet baby is awake?” said a voice that opened the floodgates to her memory and it all violently washed over her. She now remembered the hitch hiking, the Mustang, the attractive man, how he knew her name and everything else about her and she felt dizzy, even more unable to concentrate.

“It’s ok, you’ll feel dazed for a little while, but all will soon be forgotten once we get started.” He walked closer carrying a satchel that rolled into itself and placed it on a table that was on the same side as the I.V. He also had a small duffel bag in the other hand and placed that on the floor. He removed the band that was coiled around the satchel opening it up to reveal a variety of different ‘tools’ that he had referred to earlier. There were small knives, scalpels, syringes, little bottles containing clear fluid, gauze, something that looked like an ice pick…but she was no longer able to look. She closed her eyes in fear and let the tears stream down her face as she imagined the absolute worst.

“So Sammy, I know you have a lot going through your mind right now…but I can promise you the only thing you will be yearning and begging for is that I stop…” he said sweetly, “Things like this, the torturing and training, are always looked down and shunned upon, but I think to tame a beauty of her flirtatiousness is a triumph for any man and should be recognized and known by all. It should be known that one man had the audacity and power to control the uncontrollable…” he said menacingly, “People know about you and how you sleep around and that Tim cannot control your slutty ass! But that will change tonight…you will wish you never behaved in such a way. You need to be made an example of and learn a very…very…valuable lesson!”

He walked back over to his satchel that now lay flat and removed a giant pair of shiny, stainless steel scissors and walked over to Samantha’s paralyzed body. “Don’t move honey…ha ha ha” he laughed knowing that the Doxacurium had already taken affect. “Remember love, you will feel everything that I do to you! Isn’t that exciting?”

She looked at this demented man and wondered how on earth could someone get to this point of insanity. Why did this have to happen to her? What did she have to do to get out of this? He grabbed at the bottom of her hot pink mini dress, right below her nether regions between her legs and made a small snip with the tip of the scissors. A soft whimper, which was unable to escape her lips because of the tape covering them turned into a muffled hum. Her discontentment, his delight…

“Even though this dress doesn’t leave much to the imagination, I still ponder as to what you look like underneath it…” He said as he continued snipping delicately higher towards her breasts. When he reached her belly, he set the scissors down and grabbed the fabric on both sides ripping the remaining fabric violently, causing Samantha to cry out in fear as he jerked her body. She lay there helpless, and hopeless now knowing that this would be her last day on Earth. She started to have so many regrets about the things she should have done and said. More simply just showing her love in a better way. She knew her mother would be worried sick about her, and she couldn’t even tell her I love you…not even to Tim. He was the only man she had ever loved, but was so afraid of this fact that she intentionally pushed him away in fear of losing him to someone better. Now here she lay, on her table of death, waiting helplessly to be ripped apart by some psychotic murderer.


I took a peek in Delilah’s direction once more to see if there could possibly be potential for a friendship between us. But based on her appearance and demeanor, most likely no. She sat there chewing bubble gum and twirling her hair around her finger, smiling at the cutest boy in the class. I knew a person like Delilah was a future Ashley…maybe not the whole stripper thing, but definitely the slutty side, being that she was putting herself out there with this guy across the classroom. I glanced at the clock once again to see how much time we had left. Five more minutes until the bell rang and I would be done with my first class of the day, five more classes to go…

“Ok class, so tomorrow I want you to all hand in the first page of the packet that I gave you and we will be starting on the more exciting things as the year treads forward!” She said, trying to make Home Economics sound more exciting then it really was.

The bell rang and Ms. Dawson was still trying to yell out her last statements for the day as we all began walking towards the door. Some turned to look at her and listen but others, like Delilah, kept walking. I was the first one out the door and sure enough, true to his word, there stood Dean waiting. He had one shoulder propped against the wall as he leaned, looking at me smiling. He was so cute.

“So how was it?” He asked.

“Well…” I said with an awkward look.

“Ha ha, yeah I figured that, being that it is Home Ec. Not really too surprising!” He said confidently.

“Maybe the rest of the year will be better, it was only the first day and the teacher is really nice.” I said hopefully.

“You’ll learn as you go… “ He said “So you ready to head to your next class?”

“Yeah and I know where it is this time, well I know what room number this time…211, so I don’t have to travel far or go to another floor.” I said to him.

“Awesome!” He said as we started walking down the hall.

As we moved forward there were still stares that were coming from every angle in the hallway. I became very self-conscious – taking great care in every step and move that I made. Unable to focus on anything but the staring, I felt my legs turn into noodles, as I wobbled down the hallway following Dean.

“You ok Aimee?” He asked, bringing me back to reality and out of my thin, easily popped bubble of panic.

“Yeah, I’m ok – why?”

“It looks like you’re sweating.” He said smiling as he teased me.

“Am I?” I said, now freaking out at the possibility that I looked like a fat, sweaty, pig causing all the stares and gawking.

“No! Ha ha…I’m kidding, I just noticed that you realized all the stares we’re getting right now,” He said, but he didn’t sound full of himself at all. “It’s normal for me – since I’m the star quarter back of the football team. It staring happens all the time.” he sounded more or less saddened by this privilege.

Now we walked in silence as people shouted ‘Hey Dean’ sporadically, the shouters noticed me and gave me this awkward look, as they passed us; I was like some kind of alien that made its first public appearance to humanity here.

“Hey what’s up?” He would respond.

It seemed like every angle we took, there was someone who knew Dean and we couldn’t turn a corner without someone yelling out his name. How could one single person know this many people? It was as if he were a true celebrity. Every step that he took, I was right there at his side and everyone was noticed. It was hard not to notice me; I was so very plain – I knew this. As much as I would like to deny my pale image, next to his bright colorful illustration…I couldn’t.

I knew how ordinary I was; I didn’t have a problem with that. I tried to portray this attitude and push it through my pores with everything I had inside of me, but I felt no matter how hard I tried – I wasn’t accomplishing this at all.

“Aimee, you really need to keep up with me if you wanna hang!” He said as I tried to match his pace in every aspect. It’s hard to keep up with someone who is admired and loved by everyone they pass, and then he wanted me to maintain the same speed as him! He was asking for too much. My mere presence next to him was so pointless; it wouldn’t have mattered if I were there or not. But it did seem to matter to him; he wanted me at his side. Maybe it was the simple fact that he didn’t want to have to stop and make sure that I was still there. Or maybe it was just that he wanted to brag about his status as a high school senior in front of his admirers. Whatever the case - I guess I just have to be grateful that he wants to help me. I became a little apprehensive though, as we finally made it close to my class. It seemed very weird to have someone like him be so willing to help mea freshman.



That was the only word and feeling she had rising up inside her. Regret is one of the worst feelings someone can have. It’s the feeling you have that you can never change; you can never take it back since the decision has already been made. This was what was going through Samantha’s mind as she lay there naked, vulnerable and about to die. She thought about all the horrible things she had done to her family. How she lied, cheated and stole from the one’s she loved and this would never be forgiven, since she wouldn’t be there to apologize or make up for it in some way.


He looked at her pathetic face and knew that she was thinking about all these nasty, heartless, uninhibited things she had done to people because of her selfish ways. He could see it in her eyes…he had seen it countless times before. He also knew that she wasn’t really sorry for what she did to them, she was sorry for herself. Sorry that she would leave this life as a cheating, selfish, unloving whore.

That was what really killed her.

He knew if she really cared, none of those things would have ever been done in the first place; she wouldn’t have to be on the verge of death in order to apologize for it all. Who knows what other foul things she had done, before he was sent to cleanse her of her sins.

She will definitely repent tonight, he thought.

Her now naked body was primed for the ceremony that would unite them together and she would love him. She would realize all this punishment is out of love and she would truly appreciate this act that was about to unfold.

“Samantha…do you have any idea why I am doing this?” He asked her.

She lay there unable to speak or move.

“I bet if you think really hard you can come up with something…” He said squinting his eyes. He grabbed his chin as if he were thinking – focusing intently. He walked over to his table of tools he had brought in from his car and his hand gravitated towards a shiny, sharp, scalpel that would commonly be used in surgery. But this operation would cleanse her of her sins and redeem the purity of her soul. She was going to bleed out every single dirty thing she had ever done.

This was what he had to do.

It was his purpose and calling.

“I take it back – you shouldn’t have to think hard at all! There are lots of things that are racing through your precious, little head right…now. Aren’t there? I chose you because there is a girl like you in every town that I pop up in - I search for it. Search for you. I want to tame the untamed. Be the master…the Casanova if you will.” He was pacing back and forth, as he played with the scalpel in his hand, he continued, “I want to be the man that every woman wants and needs – and Sammy, right now…you need me.”

He said as he walked closer to her and took the scalpel, pressing down softly sketching out and dragging it across her chest, to form the letter S.

She screamed.

He came to her side and pulled her hair back roughly covering her mouth - scalpel still in hand.

His tone was much more sadistic and evil now, “This S represents all your sexual prowess’s and how dirty you have been!” He spat at her, digging and carving deeper into her chest. Blood gushed out of her as she screamed at the top of her lungs, gasping for air, then there was darkness.


“So Aimee, what subject is your next class?” Dean asked me letting the question linger in the air with his exhaled breath.

“English.” I responded shortly, not wanting to accentuate any further with details of my day to him.

“How are you in English?” He asked.

“I’m ok I guess, I usually get an A.” I said to him, looking down at my feet.

There were a few moments of silence that hovered between us, but not surrounding us, as girls walking past would call out there greetings to Dean. I stood there at a loss for words, feeling very unimportant. And it didn’t help that the girls were very pretty, blonde and tall, every one of them the perfect candidate to be at his side and make the picture perfect couple.

“Well that’s really good, I like a girl who is a stickler for proper grammar!”

“Yeah.” I said shortly.

He noticed my lack of interest in this conversation and began to shuffle back and forth, something I was sure he didn’t do often.

“Alright Aimee, I guess I’ll see you after this class…” He said unsure.

“Yeah maybe.” I said, not putting him on in any way.

“See ya later…”

And with that Dean was gone.

I walked into the class and saw there were a few students sitting down already, along with Delilah. She looked at me this time with a little gleam in her eyes and waved for me to sit next to her. I walked over and placed my books on the desktop and looked at her skeptically.

“What…I know, I’m sorry I was a little bee-otch in our first class, I just am NOT a morning person…forgive me?” She said, with anticipation in her voice.

“Yeah, I guess I can forgive you, I deal with a lot of crappy attitude at home, so I’m used to it already. No worries.” I said to her, as I noticed her face light up from the intentions of her next question for me (the real reason she wanted to talk to me now).

“So you know Dean Samuels?” She asked with disgusting, fiery, infatuation in her eyes…made me want to throw up.

“I don’t know him, no…” I said to her as the fire extinguished in her eyes. But she was persistent.

“Oh…well he has an interest in you that’s for sure, considering how he has been loyally at your side. Is he helping you find your classes or something?” Duh! Captain Obvious…I thought.

“Yes he is. He offered. He said he would be my tour guide for the day, but I don’t think that he will be coming to help me find my next class this time!” I said to her, making her even more disappointed.

“Oh, that sucks…” She said looking at the books that rested on her desk defeated and out of questions for me about Dean.

The teacher walked into the classroom shouting something to an obvious returning student and laughing at what they had said back to him.

“Get to class before you get a tardy slip!” He yelled, standing in the doorway.

He closed the door, walked over to his desk and removed reading glasses from his desk drawer. He cleared his throat “When I call your name please say here loudly!” he turned and gave us his back calling names off of his attendance sheet. The class sat there dumbfounded at this gesture, but obediently responded when he called their names.

“Richard Adams…”


Elizabeth Anderson…”


The hesitation to the next name told me he had gotten to mine and that he knew my sister.

“Aimee Beckham…” he said gloomily.

“Here.” I said.

He continued to read down the list of names reaching Delilah’s was more towards the end, and he finally got to his beginning of the year speech to his new class of freshmen students. “Well…” he said, “I know that you have had one class already today, and I am not going to be one who drags on and on about the curriculum for the year. We will know what we have to do when we do it. I expect you to do what your supposed to, and I’m not gonna hover over you and make sure you’re doing what you’re supposed to. You are all becoming young adults, and I’m sure you want to be treated that way. So lets have a great year and make this subject, which most view as boring, as fun as possible.” He said looking out to us all as we sat in our desks.

I looked around and saw that there were about 25 to 30 kids in the class including Delilah and me. Male and female students were pretty evenly distributed, so the girl to boy ratio would pair well. If ever we were forced to pair in such a way…I’m sure Delilah wouldn’t object to this idea, I saw her checking out the cutest boy in the class and twirling her hair around her finger. As I glanced around the classroom I noticed there was only one corkboard for postings having to do with the class, and a chalkboard right behind the teachers’ desk. He had papers strew across the desk, a travel mug I’m guessing was filled with coffee. There were also some picture frames that sat on the desk, but the images inside them were facing away from us, so I couldn’t see who the people were. There was an overhead to the left of the chalkboard, set aside for later use and his name was written across the board in big letters.

Mr. Campbell. It read

“Oh by the way my name is Mr. Campbell, I look forward to getting to know all of you.” He said. “Now for our first assignment, I want you all to write a page describing who you are. Things you like to do, whatever hobbies you may have…whatever comes to mind that you would like to tell me. And tomorrow in class, I will try and match what I read, to the face that I would pair that description with.” He said as everyone began to take out pen and paper and scribble down their little remarks they have about themselves. I didn’t really know what to put down on paper, should I start out by saying how depressing my life is, or should I just paint a pretty picture of deception…and lie.

My name is Aimee Beckham…

I started and continued on with the pretty picture; deciding that I didn’t feel like wallowing in my own pathetic reality. Once he found out who my sister was, the judgment would already be made on what kind of person I would be. Who wants to do that anyways; wallow in their own grief? Not me! I’m sure of that. Why would I continue on describing people who take advantage of me and use me for their own benefits? I don’t need anyone feeling sorry for me, and I’m certainly not going to feel bad for myself. I will however keep my guard up; especially when it comes to people like Delilah and Dean. Funny, both of their names start with a D…I thought to myself and smirked at my silly observation. Then again, my siblings and I all had names that began with an A. So how uncommon are letters in names. I’m retarded. I kept scribbling down lies about myself to my new teacher who learned the truth about me as soon as he read my last name, but at least I can live life like I describe it in my writing for a little while.

English is always my more favorite subject. It’s the one place where you can write down your own ideas; at least once you get past the whole proper grammar and sentence formation of it all. I was scribbling and writing leisurely about all the thing’s I had done. Taking trips to places I had never been to, having lots of friends when I had none, all the confidence I had in my freshmen year, and how loving my mother was. The biggest lie of all. I don’t even know if he met my mom before, she didn’t really take an interest in our education.

But when my brother was still around, she was always there. So there might be a possibility that he has met her. My mom made it very obvious she gave a damn about him. She would go to his football games, every parent teacher conference, whatever he had going on, she would be there. But then he left to Arizona I heard my mom say once, with some chick, married her and forgot all about us. It still hurts me how easy it was for him to walk away from us…away from me. But I’m surviving without him and life is going pretty smooth right now. As long as it takes for life to start going smoothly, it can change and go horrifyingly wrong in a matter of seconds. Riding the wave of a good day takes a lot of effort, stamina and endurance to reach the shoreline. But it can flip you and consume you so easily leaving no room for enjoyment of the ride. That’s how unpredictable life can be for some, or for some like me.

So as I sat there, thinking of ways to make my life seem like some picture perfect image, I subconsciously struggled with the thought of Dean not helping me find my next class. I know that I made it seem like I didn’t want him around anymore just because of how I was treating him. I just didn’t want him to think that I would be hanging all over him like every girl did that passed him in the hallway. I am a person who deserves more then some guy thinking I’m a quick piece of ass. I’m not my sister.

“Hey Aimee, you really think that Dean isn’t going to be helping you you’re your classes anymore?” Delilah asked.

“I don’t really know, probably not.” I said to her.

Her brows furrowed, and any hope that she had in her drained away at her final attempt of trying to see if Dean would come to me after class. I finished up the final sentences of my fictional autobiography, put the cap on my pen and threw it in my backpack along with my notebook. I pulled my class schedule out of my pocket and looked down at it under my desk.

Oh man! I thought I really should have not been so mean to him. I could definitely use his help now! Feeling desperate for help and guidance, I look to Delilah and ask her what her next class is.

“Hey Delilah, what is your next class?” I was hoping it was at least in the same direction as mine, so then I could walk with her. But just as the sentenced finished coming out of my mouth, the bell had rung and she didn’t even hear me. I guess if I were that self-absorbed, I wouldn’t hear someone like me either. Who would even stop to glance my way anyways? I soon got that answer when I walked out of the classroom.

“Are you gonna be mean to me again?” Dean asked, slightly smirking, but still showing the seriousness of his question at the same time. I just smiled at him, tucked my hair behind my ear, and glanced at my feet.

“Ok, so then I guess its settled, no more being mean to me!” He said, with the normal spirit he had before my pouting. “I have all sisters and a single mom as a parent, so I can understand when a girl is feeling that her boundaries were crossed. I actually like when a girl is that way. It shows that she won’t take any crap from anyone, especially guys!” He said as he was walking at my side now, shoving his hands in his pockets and turning his gaze to me. I decided I could talk to him again.

“I’m sorry, I know I was being rude to you. I just don’t know what to think when a guy like you wants to be so helpful,” I said, feeling my face grow warm, and knowing my cheeks probably looked liked apples. “Actually…I do know what to think. A guy like you obviously wants something from a naive freshman. A young, gullible, female freshman at that! It just seems too nice of a gesture for you to be taking. Not to sound unappreciative or anything.” I said finally feeling some sense of a weight lifted off my shoulders.

“So that’s what you think I’m after? Hahaha!” He laughed at me now, and I felt totally embarrassed at how stupid and immature I must have sounded to him right now. “Believe me, if I wanted anything, it would be very obvious. Showing you to your classes is not my usual pick up technique.” He said confidently.

“Well, I know what guys do when they like my sister, and they always look so eager to get with her, so I just went off of what I saw.” I said to him.

“But Aimee, you’re nothing like your sister…right?” He said reassuringly.

I put my head down and looked at the floor. I know I’m not like her; it’s weird to have someone notice it when they already know my sister. I think he sensed the sensitivity of the subject and quickly changed it.

“So! Where we headed?” he said enthusiastically.

“I have my English class next.” I said still looking at the floor, fearful of making eye contact with him after having all these thoughts unravel on our first meeting. This is too much to unload on such a cute guy so early in our encounter. I am so embarrassed.

“With who?”

“Ms. White.”

“Oh ya, she’s cool I really liked her when I had her freshmen year. All right, we’re going this way…” he said pointing to the left of him, and heading towards a staircase going to the next level.

The rest of the day went like this; he met me after each class, and then took me to the next one. He was there throughout the whole day, and I kept getting stares from every single jealous girl we came across. The only place he didn’t go with me was the washroom or the freshman café. I guess the school figured the freshmen didn’t need to be tormented in the hallway and during lunch. The first day didn’t prove to be as hard as I thought. It was strange, exciting and different…but not too hard, all because of Dean.

Chapter 3


The engine of his Mustang roared as he sped down the highway, the victim of his next escapade a mystery to him. He was on the hunt, and ready to hit up the usual cliché spots men would go to pick up women. His youthful traits made it easy for him to pick up any woman he pleased. This was something that made him even more dangerous…his sexual appeal. He exited off of the highway, accelerating and taking the red light, not caring, just ready to find his girl. Maybe she’ll be like Samantha…maybe not. She was so very special to him. He had watched her for months. There was this innocent quality that he still had sensed in her, and wanted to watch to see if it would expose itself...but it never did.

As he cruised down the busy city streets, checking out all of the beautiful women that were dwellers of the night, he spotted one that caught his eye immediately.

She was tall, with dark brown hair that cascaded down to the middle of her back in thick curls. Her body was perfect in every way. A full bosom, voluptuous and well proportioned with a wonderful, olive toned complexion. The lighting gave her beautiful skin no justice. Her smile was so bright; you would think she had stars in her mouth.

Very exotic.

He had never had an interest in a woman like her before; she would be perfect to add to his collection. He watched her walk down the street with a group of her friends, under the un-natural light of the night. She was laughing and smiling as she walked into a club that he had never been to before…perfect.

He circled around the block, and conveniently found a parking lot. He was dressed to kill tonight, wearing dark jeans, white button up shirt, with his leather coat and matching boots. His hair was short and neatly fixed, with his smile of death and a look of irresistibility that didn’t help any victim of his pursuit. He walked around the club, searching for his exotic beauty. He saw a variety of women who were in desperate need of his assistance, dancing seductively with their partners. Then he spotted her with a man dancing disgustingly, flaunting her sexuality so carelessly…like she didn’t care at all about how she looked.

Her body curved and flowed to the beat of the music as she swayed back and forth into this man. The man’s gaze didn’t leave her body, and she grinded into him as he licked his lips in anticipation… sweat beading at his hairline. This man would be very disappointed once she came to him. And he knew she would. He would just sit at the bar and watch her as she teased this man with her beauty.

The strobe lights in the club flashed sporadically, highlighting her actions as the music thumped and quickened. She had her eyes closed and was deeply lost in the music as he watched her.

He knew she was going to be better than Samantha.

She raised her hands above her head and swayed her hips, it seemed she had forgotten about the man she was dancing with, it was just her and the music.

But he knew the truth…it was him…her…and the music. There was no one else in the club except for the two of them. The smoke and strobe lights hung in the air, floating around their bodies slowly.

She opened her eyes and looked directly at him…he raised one eyebrow and smiled, ready.


She walked into the club, with no clue of whom she was about to meet. She knew that she did want to dance…dance the night away and forget about all of her drama. Her girlfriends had finally convinced her to come to this place. They were having a masquerade event tonight and she had picked out her own mask to wear. It was red, with shiny sequins that made it sparkle and glitter under the clubs strobe lights. She was a little bit heavier with her make up; she didn’t want her whole face to be robbed of attention by the mask. This club was full of all types of different masks and with everything that was going on in her life at that point in time – she was happy to hide behind hers. She had heard of this place plenty of times – how the men in this club were to die for – but that wouldn’t be as evident, since everyone would be wearing a disguise. As soon as she had walked in, she started to scope the scene. She walked over to the bar with her friends who were quick to order a round of shots; this was going to be a crazy night.

She tilted her head back and felt the sting of the hard liquor run down her throat - to the core of her body. It dispersed itself from there and flowed through her bloodstream…she felt warm.

And she liked it.

“Come on Vanessa! Lets go dance…” her girlfriend Angela said wearing her purple mask, that had ruffled feathers.

“Ohh, I’m not ready to dance yet we just got here.” Vanessa replied.

“Stop…being…a wet blanket!” Angie said as she tugged and pulled her onto the dance floor.

They were dancing together, and feeling the music like nothing or no one else was around. They didn’t even hear Melanie when she screamed at them to come and get the other drinks that had already been ordered for them.

“HEY! You guys, there are more drinks waiting for us at the bar. Some guys ordered them for us, the guys are kinda cute.” Melanie said. Her mask was a bright green and it had beads that ran down the sides of her face, along with sequins and feathers; hers was very fancy – fancier then theirs.

She walked back over to the bar with Mel and Angie…she was feeling a little giggly and flirty already.

“Here this one is for you Nessa…” Melanie handed her a fruity drink with an umbrella. She took a sip, tasting the sweet goodness of it.

“Mmmmm, thanks Mel…this is sooo good – what’s it called?” Vanessa asked.

“I don’t know – ask the guy who bought it for you…he’s right over there.” She pointed to a man at the other end of the bar that smiled and winked at her. He had pearly white teeth, dirty blonde hair, stylishly spiked up with gel and light colored eyes. She tried to make out the most of his features as she could, but it was so dark in the club, and the lights flashed rapidly – not to mention the mask covering his face.

She smiled at him. He seemed handsome.



Mel screamed at her, attempting to be louder then the music.

“UUUUUUGGGGHHHH!” Vanessa exclaimed, turning around and looking back at the man. He started to walk around the bar towards her, greeting her where she stood.

The music took a break from being so over powering and loud. It slowed to a cooler, softer beat. She smiled weakly at his approach.

“Hi, I’m Andrew,” he introduced himself. “I couldn’t help but notice you when you walked in here tonight. I wanted to be the first to buy you a drink – but I see your friends beat me to it.” He smiled.

She smiled back. He wasn’t unattractive at all: he was tall like she liked, had pretty blue eyes and a very muscular physique that no woman in this club would pass up – and he of course chose to talk to her…on a night where she was not ready and would appear to be a bitch.

“Yeah, they don’t play when we go out,” she said in a matter of fact tone. “I haven’t been out with them for a while, so they’re determined to make sure I have a good time tonight.” She said indulging him.

He just stared at her intently through the eyeholes in his blue mask.

“Thank you for the drink by the way – it’s very sweet.”

“Well I try to be sweet…” He said arrogantly.

She looked at him and gave an awkward look, “No I mean the drink is sweet…its tasty.” She gave a half smirk.

“Oh…haha, yes of course. I know a lot of women like to go for the tasty sweet drinks, just like I like to go for the sweet, tasty, treats as well. That’s why I chose to pick you as the victim of my seduction.” He said smugly.

Oh wow, she thought, this guy is such a loser…

“Ehhahaha.” She laughed sarcastically. She took another sip of her beverage and decided to quickly change the subject.

“I like your mask – the color is very nice; dark blue is one of my favorite colors.” She said admiring his disguise, thankful that her whole face wasn’t exposed for him to study.

“Thank you. What’s your name sweet heart?”

She smirked…

“Sweet heart? You know me well enough to already have a pet name for me?” She said raising one eyebrow. He smiled back, un-shook.

“My name is Vanessa…”

“Beautiful name for a beautiful girl – hey would you like to dance with me?” He asked.

She glanced over at Mel and Angie who were all over the conversation she was having with him. They both widened their eyes in approval to go for it.

“Um, sure…” She answered.

“Great!” He grabbed her hand and led her out to the dance floor, where the crowd flowed enticingly into itself.

She started to feel the effect the alcohol was having on her and didn’t care so much anymore about how this man was too eager. He did look pretty good after all; one thing he had going for himself. The music was making her feel very sensual and free; nothing constricted or confined her. All she had was the beat and her soul meshing into it through her movements. Andrew grabbed her hips, moved in, and synchronized to her flow; she felt him press up against her. Normally she would object to this, but tonight…

She was free.

They moved and melted into each other, but then she began to drift away unintentionally, and he no longer had a grip on her. She pulled away completely; she felt the music all for herself. It crawled up inside her and flowed out through her body as she moved. It took her left and then right – swerved around inside her soul and escaped through her exhaled breaths. She turned and faced the bar to find Mel and Angie, but found someone else unexpected.

He was just sitting there watching her – as if no one else was around. She felt embarrassed at how engaged she was with the music that she forgot herself…and this man had seen it all.

She smiled at him bashfully.

His mask was all black – with a red outline around the eyes. It was very daunting. She could see his body shaking from his light chuckling; she hadn’t intended on being a form of amusement for someone tonight. She hid behind Andrew and used him as a shield from this man who was sitting at the bar gazing intently at her. She peeked in his direction and saw that he was still watching; she smiled at him and hid behind Andrew again.


He stared at her and saw her grow so shy at the fact that he caught her. He didn’t take his eyes off of her like most men would – knowing they were caught as well. He stared intently at her; undiscouraged by their eye contact. He wanted her to feel his dominance…his masculinity and control. How he didn’t compare to any of these other men in here.

He would have her willingly, with a little help from his homemade concoction.

They were absorbed in the dance again; that was the whole feel of the place; no one was paying attention to what he was about to do. He went in front of her drink, facing the bar and got the bartenders attention.

“Excuse me, may I have a Jack and Coke please.” He asked.

As the bartender turned around to prepare his drink, he pulled out a small vile that had crushed up powder in it; he poured it in the unattended drink. He had done it so quickly. Adolescence is full of foolishness; it was almost too easy with the younger, party driven generation of today; with their fist pumping and all that nonsense.

Now that the song was coming to a close, she was not as occupied with her man like she was before. She kept sneaking glances in his direction and each time – he still watched her.

He smiled under his mask.

The song finally ended and she separated from her friend who seemed to be disappointed that she didn’t want to go another round with him.

He smirked at his accuracy to recognize the predictability of women. It was like breathing – simple…easy.

She began to walk toward him, as he sat by the bar next to the drink that her dance buddy had gotten for her. As she walked, she only stared at the ground – knowing that he was still watching her. He couldn’t help it; he had millions of thoughts about how he wanted to ravage her body. Make her understand who he was and what he could do to her – and for her. How he would cleanse her of everything and anything bad she had ever done. There was nothing – absolutely nothing – that would change his mind about how things were going to go tonight. He knew that it was no mistake that he caught her here tonight and that she needed him

She reached the bar and her drink.

Now right next to him, he turned and faced the bar as she took a sip of it. He didn’t saying anything; patiently he waited for her to initiate and he knew she would.

She looked at him and he looked back, un-shook.

“Are you going to say anything or stare at me all night?” She finally asked.

He leaned back in his bar stool “I like to stare – I apologize.” He said confidently.

She looked at him skeptically. He just smiled back at her, flashing his pearly whites.

“Ok.” She said, turning the other way. The bar stool that was between them was the opening for him to get closer. He left it that way on purpose, but he just continued to talk to her from where he was.

She looked back over to him, “You know your mask is very scary – why did you pick one like that?” She asked.

“They gave it to me at the front door; they had a few others to choose from for people who didn’t have one and it was either this, or the one your boy toy had on – I like it. It’s a topic of conversation between us – can’t go wrong there.” He pointed out.

She leaned into the bar, “I guess your right.”

“I always love to hear those words escape a woman’s lips,” He pretended to joke.

Her brows furrowed together as she gave him a dirty look; he scooted closer – taking advantage of the moment…

“ I’m just kidding. So what’s your name?” He asked her loudly.

The music began to pound from the intense bass and it was getting harder to hear her. It was a slow, steady beat that was perfect. Infectious and the effect of the melody was already spreading amongst all of the victims, as they slowly began to melt into each other. The song was seductive and perfect for what he intended to do to her. She was sipping on her drink as he asked her what her name was. She turned her face towards him, and he scooted closer to her onto the bar stool that was in between them, filling in that gap between them. He saw how she took note of his advancement, and also of his package…although it was quick, he still caught her.

“Vanessa – and you are?”

He leaned in closer to her – right by her ear.

“I’m the man you will be dancing with…right…now…” He said confidently.

He could tell that the drugs were starting to take control. She was very beautiful, this was obvious, and any man that was in that very club had no chance at all now that he was here.

He was the modern day Casanova.

She still faced the bar, watching as the bartender frantically took orders and served up the drinks to patrons. She really didn’t establish any eye contact with him. He moved even closer, pushing her hair back over her shoulder; tracing a finger along it, he put his face right next to her ear again.

“So, are you going to dance with me?” He asked, dragging his finger down her arm, curving around her elbow and stopping there.

She faced him, with lust in her eyes; blinking slowly she replied.


He could tell her eyelids were becoming heavy, as she attempted to appear to have control.

He wrapped his arm around her small waist and led her out to the dance floor, where everyone was absorbed in the music. She followed him readily ; the drugs were a good idea because her refusal would have been a nuisance to him. He knew she would assume that he wouldn’t be able to dance, or understand what the music was all about for an older man. But all that drained away from her, when he pulled her close giving her no room for any other thought. The only thing that she would be thinking is - how much closer he could possibly pull her to him. She didn’t give in as easily as he hoped. But that was ok – the drugs would take full blown effect soon enough. It is amazing how no one pays any kind of attention these days; patience was a virtue for him and the opportunity presented it self perfectly to enable him to slip that crushed up little pill into her drink.

He felt her begin to loosen up and become very relaxed in his arms. He held her close, twirling around with her like she was some kind of toy. He didn’t give her too much, he wanted her to get to the point of intoxication; the appearance of being drunk would be appropriate for this environment – appropriate and not really an attention getter. He twirled and twirled with her, as if they were in a ballroom dancing and not a club; her head lolled back and forth, side to side, as he made her his beautiful dancing queen. Some friends she has he thought, they seemed to have disappeared in her most vulnerable state – a time when she would need them the most.

Her head flopped onto his shoulder and rested there; he leaned his head to the side and inhaled deeply – thoroughly consumed by her scent. Nestling into her, he kept breathing in her wonderful odor; he forgot about everyone else that was in the club and just kept nuzzling his nose as best he could, deeper into his prey’s hair and neck. He placed his hand on the back of her head and started dancing with her cheek to cheek, closing his eyes and humming to the beat of the music. Back and forth, swerving in a circle - one hand on her neck, the other on her back.

“Mmmmmm.” She softly moaned.

“Oh Vanessa – you are so very beautiful; I didn’t even want to take my eyes off of you while I spiked your drink with that roofie.”

The club was intensifying with its patrons; everyone was so unaware of the encounter that was taking place between him and her. How could these people - these women – not even be aware of my mere presence? He thought arrogantly.

He leaned her head back, and brushed her long, beautiful, dark hair out of her face. Leaning in, he licked her lips, moistening them for his long deep kiss. She tasted sweet; like strawberries.

“Mmmmmm.” He delighted in the fact that she used the flavored lip-gloss. It was always a plus to him. He couldn’t wait to taste the other parts of her later.

He decided he had enough dancing for the night and walked with her out of the club and towards his car.

She lay in the passenger seat of his car, her head lolling about with no stiffness. The roofies took a lot faster of an effect then he thought. She was a beautiful woman, and he didn’t really know what to do with her. All he knew was that he wanted her, and he didn’t care in what way he had her or how.

He sped up, racing down the street…his destination – unknown. Just like he was. Unknown. Unknown to the one’s he abducted; unknown to his friends, unknown to the ones who were left in his family. He hadn’t seen them in years, and he didn’t really care that he hadn’t either. When he was around them, all they ever did was cause him pain. His father was an abusive drunk who did things to him that he would never utter to another soul.

He thought he would have been able to tell Samantha about it all; he thought she was different, but it turned out she was just like all the others. It hurt him…stung him even. Now, for the woman that was in his car, she was just a victim of his aggression. How unfortunate for her, he thought. But then again, he did see the way she had danced and moved in that club; she didn’t exactly seem so innocent.

He turned right onto a street that was secluded, away from the busy streets of the city. Ready for action, and for Vanessa. When he turned, he heard a small moan escape her lips; she stirred every so slightly. He knew that the roofies were beginning to wear off, and she was coming to. No matter to him. He liked it better when they fought. More thrill for him. He made another turn, and with this turn, the streets were becoming much more secluded; the surroundings were made of abandon industrial buildings, with an unsettling feeling attached to the area.

He drove a few more miles down the road, and there were forests that started to become the background to yet another enticing encounter with Unknown.


Vanessa stirred once again, this time much more aware of the situation. The last thing that she remembered were the flashing lights in the club, and now all that she saw around her was complete and utter darkness. No trace of light whatsoever.

Her head lay flat, lolling back and forth…and her eyes slowly but surely focusing.

A few more blinks and she finally had her eyes wide open, looking around for any trace of something recognizable. But there was nothing to be seen.

“Hello?” Her voice was soft, and weak…but echoed throughout wherever she was. Little did she know, a stranger who hid amongst the shadows was watching her. He watched with a lustful eye…anticipating what was to come.

She tried to sit up, but quickly realized that she could not move. Her wrists and legs were bound tightly, giving no reprieve. Panic now drenched every sense of her being, and she knew she was in immediate and eminent danger.

“HELLO!” Much more panic was evident in her voice this time. She struggled against the ties that were on her wrists and legs. Wiggling, and squirming to try and break free, she began to sob.

“Hello? Is anybody here…please – anyone? Where am I?”

She lay there, confused at the fact that she is tied up in an unknown place, and she desperately tried to remember what she had done before she ended up in her current predicament. She traced her thoughts with much more struggle than she should have. Everything just felt so fuzzy to her. She remembered being out with the girls…they were drinking and dancing, having an awesome time. She remembered the man that had bought her a drink and asked her to dance. She also remembered the masks…so many different masks. There were so many different colors, and forms. Some playful, some fancy, some seductive. Then there were some that were cryptic, and frightening.

That’s when she remembered the man that had been watching her at a distance by the bar. His mask was daunting. Intimidating even. She remembered how she had gravitated towards him with no hesitation. His presence was magnetic. Intoxicating. But that’s where her memory of what happened prior to the present ends.

With frantic eyes, she scanned as best she could for any darker solid forms that stood out in the background. She saw nothing. Her breathing quickened, and her adrenaline increased as she lay there, trying to regain focus.

She struggled against her restraints.

“Don’t bother.”

The voice had startled her so, that she felt as though she would faint right on that table she was strapped to. At least she thought it was a table.

“Struggling is pointless. I am very good at bondage. It won’t loosen.”

“Who are you?” She said frantically.


“That’s obvious. Who are you and where am I? You better untie me and let me go. I’m not into bondage. Now fucking let me go!” She said harshly.


A mocking exhaled hmph echoed, disturbing the silence.

“You obviously don’t know what kind of situation you’re in. Shall I enlighten you with the conversation? Or just show you as we go?”

“Look, my friends are probably right outside wherever we are. They wouldn’t just let me leave with some masked stranger. I remember you. You’re the man that was watching me as I danced at the club.”

“Hahaha…oh I think they would, because that is exactly what happened. Tut tut.” He shook his head from side to side in the darkness. “Do you really think I am that much of an amateur?” He asked her mockingly. His train of thought switched.

“Have you ever thought about all the possible ways you could die?” He continued. “There are so many possibilities, and I bet…I honestly do bet…that this scenario never, ever, popped into your pretty…little… head.” He said slowly with a wave of his hand.

Fear drenched every essence of her being at this comment. She didn’t know what to think, or what to say. She felt her heart racing in her chest. Felt the rhythm just as she had felt it earlier in the club.

“How are you feeling?” She heard this voice in the darkness ask. “Panic stricken I bet. I hope you’re comfortable…I wouldn’t want any unprovoked squirming.” He said sadistically.

“You see, I dream of moments like this…all the time. There are times where I put so much emphasized detail, and care into the preparation. But tonight…” he said bringing a hand to his mouth, tracing his lips. “I just want to abuse.”

“Listen. Whatever it is you want…I will give to you. Just let me go, and I swear you will never, EVER hear a peep from me. Please, please just let me go.” She begged.

“First you were sour…now you’re sweet. Just like the candy.” He said amused. She began to hear movement around her, and understood that he was no longer staying in one spot. She felt his presence move to the right of her; heard his footsteps treading lightly.

“You are very beautiful…”

At the sound of his voice, a beam of light blared in her face, and she was now blinded by bright light, rather than blinded by darkness. She closed her eyes, and squeezed them tight. Her initial reaction was to cover them with her hands, but the bondage prevented this.

He was now at her side, brushing her hair out of her face. She resisted, pulling her face away from his hands…back and forth she shook her head. Then as quick as his hands were on her, they were gone.

“Don’t be like that. It just isn’t nice…”

She searched and was able to open her eyes and see the blur of his form. She squinted her eyes, desperately fighting against the emotions that rose up inside her.

“Samantha…Oops, I mean Vanessa…I don’t want to have you fight me too intensely. I apologize by the way. Samantha was the last girl in this very same situation.” He said sincerely. “She proved to be a major let down.”

He began to caress her breasts as he spoke of Samantha. Running his hands all over her tense body, enjoying the feel of her on his hands.

“Ugh! These clothes…they must be shed so that I can feel your beautiful skin.” He said as he lifted her tight blouse away form her skin, using scissors to cut her free of the clothing.

“Aahhh….please don’t do this to me. Please, please. I beg you.”

“ Oh – I know you are begging. Its not the first time that I have been begged to stop.” He said as he leaned over her, hovering closely over her lips. He grazed his lips over hers, and stopped there. Breathing in her scent. Then she did something that surprised him.

She kissed him.

He pulled back startled. His eyes narrowed, and he gazed down at her.

“Why did you do that?” He asked, dangerously quiet.

“I want to live. I’ll give you what you want. Just let me live.”

“You can’t do that. No one has ever given into me that easily.”

He stared at her, perplexed. He cocked his head to the side…contemplating his next move. His eyes searched the dark room for answers.

She’s trying to manipulate you…the hissing voice in his head whispered.

He grabbed his head, fistfuls of hair in each hand, and began to shake it back and forth.

“NO, NO, NO!” He screamed loudly, the echo traveling through the abandon building.Vanessa squeezed her eyes together tightly, realizing that her plan had back fired.

Suddenly, she saw the gleam of a knife blade that hit the light. It was in his hand. She screamed loudly, as it came flying down towards her.

“AAAHHHHHHH!” Vanessa screamed as the knife hit the side of the wooden table. She laid there in fear for her life, not knowing if she had been stabbed, and was already in heaven. But this couldn’t be. Heaven would not look like this…her tightly shut eyes slowly opened, and she peeked around the room. She saw nothing.

“You think. You are going. To switch this up…on me? He asked menacingly through gritted teeth. She couldn’t see it, but his eyes were closed, he focused with the utmost concentration in mind. He would not be played. But, she was so different to what he normally did. She was like the others at all, and she called to him in places that were dark and deep…places none of the other girls had even come close to touch.

“Please, just let me kiss you. I’ll be good. I’ll do anything you ask. Will you please just let me live?” She asked, her voice dripping with intense anxiety.

He exhaled deeply, and glanced down to the floor…slowly he looked back to her as she lay there on the table. The plans had changed for her. He knew what he had to do with her.

Chapter 4


I never want to be here. But it is something that I am forced to do. Every Friday night, I am unwillingly made to come to Ashley’s fabulous place of employment. I look up at the sign as we walk toward the building.

Rick’s Naughty School House

Don’t bring your kids!

OPEN: Monday – Sunday

12pm – 2am

I followed Ashley as her demeanor slowly morphed into this sex kitten right before my eyes. Her strut went from rushed teen, to relaxed goddess. She was ready to persuade every man in the place with her body that she needed their money more then she did..

“Ashley honey, we’re going to have a busy night tonight…so I expect you to hustle baby.” Rick, the owner says caressing Ashley’s shoulder and winking at me.

He knows I despise him, and this only fuels his eagerness to get under my skin.

“Aimee baby…when are you going to come and work for me?” He asks as he walks away from Ashley and towards me. I clench my books tightly to my chest. Even though I am so incredibly uncomfortable, my reply demonstrates complete confidence.

Ashley glances back and smirks before she goes behind the closed curtain.

“Never.” I say shortly, narrowing my eyes at his gestures.

“Aw baby, its ok…a few more years and I’ll be after you. You would bring in a lot of clients. Keep that young, innocent look.” He dictated to me.

“I won’t allow you to corrupt me.” I say cocking my head to one side, I continue “There is no way I will ever work in this place, and the only reason I am here at all is because I am forced to be. I hate this place. I wish you would get caught allowing me in here so you could get shut down.” I say with as much attitude as I can muster. I look around me and notice that there are men looking at us as we carry out our conversation. They eye me eagerly, hoping that I will give into him and say yes to his offer.

I narrow my eyes at one man, and give a dirty look.

“Hahaha…feisty. That’s good. Hold onto that as well as the innocent look.” He says attempting to pat my shoulder and I move away from his hand. He takes no notice of this as he walks away.

I am glad to be left alone. I make my way over to the end of the bar and sit down.

I take out my book, and start to work on some math homework. Unbelievable! It’s the end of the first week, and already there is homework to do. I’m just thankful that it’s easy review homework. I write my name at the top of the page, and date it.

I sigh deeply, and begin the first problem. While I am working I feel the presence of a person sit down next to me at the bar. I cringe, and ignore the presence. I focus on my homework.

“Aren’t you a little young to be in here?” The voice of the presence asks.

I sigh loudly and respond with my exhaled breath.

“My sister works here. I’m forced to be here. Leave me alone.”

“Hmph…sorry.” His response sounds amused.

He gets up to walk away, and my shoulders relax.

I glance in his direction briefly, so that he doesn’t catch me. I see the back of his head as he walks away. He takes a seat at the opposite end of the bar and glances back at me…catching me looking at him. He smirks and lifts his chin, acknowledging my stare. I quickly glue my eyes back onto my homework, not daring to look up at him again.

I redirect my focus back to math and go to the next problem.

That was strange.

It usually takes more than one sentence to detour any of these perverts I thought.

As the crowd of riled up men begin to cheer at the start of the next show, I sneak a quick glance at him and notice that he is the only one with a serious look about him. He has one hand placed over his mouth as if studying how the women dance with an academic interest. His brows furrow together a couple of times, and then he raises one.

In response to one of the dancers perhaps... I think to myself. But I don’t know.

I don’t know why I can’t stop watching him watch them. I wonder what he could possibly be thinking. He obviously has an interest in being here, but he doesn’t really show it. He catches me looking again, and this time I panic. I get up and grab my stuff, heading straight to the washroom. I barrel through the door, falling back into the door gathering myself.

I find solace behind the closed door.

But that quickly fades when I look around. The washroom is disgusting, with one stall not even having a door. The sinks are stained, along with the toilet bowls. There are used napkins scattered in random areas on the floor, and a bunch of writing on the walls.

Ashley is a dirty whore! One of them said…

I can’t stay in here.

I grasp my books tightly again, not even wanting to touch the door to escape. I bump the door with my butt, spinning around once.
To my horror, the man that I was trying to get out of sight from is standing right in front of me. I stumble and drop my books. They all scatter at his feet and I’m frozen.

He looks down.

“I think you dropped something.”

Wow, Captain Obvious.

I bend down to pick up my books. He does the same, and hands one to me.

“Here you go.” He says softly as he hands my book to me.

I look at it in his hand and then at him.

“Thank you.” I say taking it from him. I stand up quickly and start to walk away.

“Hey, I didn’t mean to…come off as a weirdo. Pretty dumb statement to make in a place like this.” He says smiling. “I’m sure you think everyone in here is a weirdo.”

“I really don’t want to talk to you. I’m just here because my sister works here.”

“Yes, I know. You told me over by the bar.” He says pointing back to where we were once seated. “So that’s why you’re forced to be here?” He asks.

“I don’t wanna talk to you.” I say walking away from him.

“Alright, I’m sorry.” He says putting both his hands up defeated. I walk back towards the bar, and sit down where I was before.

When I sit back down, Paul the bartender walks towards me. “Would you like something to drink sweetie?” He asks me.

“Just a soda is fine.”

“Sure.” He says as he sets a glass on the edge and fills it with soda for me. “Here you go honey.”

The place is really beginning to have the usual dirty, seductive, atmosphere. There is a dense fog that hangs in the air, with red lighting tinting the dense fog. The set up isn’t like normal businesses with the normal fluorescent lighting. I take a sip of my soda and turn to see that my sister was next up on the stage.

I close my eyes and attempt to find my happy place. I sigh, and fail miserably. I slowly turn back to face the bar, and not Ashley.

I notice this man is walking towards me again and he turns to see who I was looking at on stage.

“ What is your deal? Do I have to say it to you in another language?” I say with much more attitude this time. “I don’t wanna talk to you.” I open my eyes wide, and shake my head.

“It’s ok. I wouldn’t wanna talk to me either.”

“Why are you bothering me?”

“Look, I am not interested in a little girl. Believe me. I just think that you should have someone to talk to that wouldn’t try to hurt you. Or make a pass at you. There’s a lot of assholes in here and I heard some of them already talking about the disgusting and vile things they would like to do to you.”

I narrow my eyes in disgust and move away.

He notices, and edges away from me, “Hey, I can give you your personal space, I don’t want to invade it.” He raises his hands, and then folds them on his lap.

He looks back at me and cocks his head to one side. “What are you working on?” He asks, his eyes darting to my math homework.

“Just some math homework.” I answer briefly.

He leans into the backrest of the bar stool and rests the temple of his head on two of his fingers, crossing his other arm over his torso.

Paul walks over and looks the situation over, deciding to say something.

“Aimee honey, is everything ok?” He asks looking at me and ignoring the ‘presence’.

“Yes Paul…I’m fine. Thanks.” I say to him, giving him a half smile.

“Ok honey, you just give me a wave if you need anything.” He said accentuating the anything.

I nod my head. He smiles and walks away. My eyes turn back down to my paper, being that I cannot look at this stranger. Nor do I want to.

“Would you like some help with that?” The ‘presence’ asked me.

I shift uncomfortably in my seat, not wanting to answer him. He leans closer to me, “Hey, I was really good at algebra in high school. I can be a lot of help.”

His words linger, and I sit in silence. He breathes a deep sigh and leans back defeated.

“Ok, its fine. I’ll leave you alone. But just know that I’ll be right over there if you need any help.” He says pointing across the bar and getting up to walk away from me. He finds spot in the darker corner of the room.

My tense body immediately relaxes, and breath a deep sigh…but mine is of relief to finally be left alone. I don’t really know what that whole encounter was about, and my thoughts shift with the music. Thankfully, I am distracted. The stage is now graced with the presence of Chloe, one of the girls that have been dancing at Rick’s trashy place for far too long.

I actually like Chloe; she is the only one who talks to me like I am not a piece of crap. I always feel so bad when I see her take the stage. She doesn’t belong here. She is a very pretty girl, with dark brown curly hair and hazel eyes, very long legs and looks very mature for her age. Last time that I talked to her, we were sitting at the bar. We talked about all of the things that I wish Ashley and I would talk about – if she weren’t so self absorbed.

We talked about our favorite places to shop at in the mall, boys that I liked, make up and how I should wear it once I started to, and she offered to take me out to buy an outfit on my birthday. Both of our birthdays are really close to each other’s, which is so cool! Ever since she made the offer for us to go out for my birthday, I have been looking forward to it ever since. I couldn’t believe that I was actually going to be 14, Chloe is 10 years older then me and what’s even more unbelievable is that she said she always wanted a little sister, and wished that she had a family.

I would like to be her little sister.

Once Chloe starts to take off her clothes, I turn around, not wanting to see that. I see Ashley tuck behind one of the secluded rooms with a man, obviously ‘hustling’ like Rick had asked her to do.

I am so disgusted by this place and want to leave so badly. I sigh, and look for Paul…he catches my wave and walks over to me.

“Paul, do you know what time it is?” I ask him, hoping it’s close to the time that we have to go.

“It’s 11:30…you have another two and a half hours honey. You know you could always go back stage and crash on the couch.” He says sympathetically.

“You know I would rather stay up here with you Paul.” I smile at him, and he smiles back. He has always been so nice to me. I watch him walk away and compare him to the other men in here. He is not like the rest…he is heftier, gray and balding, about the same height as the other men. Nothing like these other men here who have this glazed look in their eyes as they watch the women dance. But for him, he has the warmest, kindest eyes in the whole place. I know he would be there immediately if I called him. I sometimes think what it would have been like if he were my father.

I close up my books and stack them in front of me; I pick them up and head towards the side of the stage. I move the curtain to the side and find my way behind it. I go to one of the couches and lay down on it with my books stacked on my chest…I drift off.


He spots him in the darkest corner of the room, and he is infuriated by this appearance. He calmly walks towards him and sits down gracefully.

“What are you doing?” He asks him.

“What do you mean?” He responds smiling arrogantly, sitting back.

“You can’t be here! You can’t be this close!” He responds in a rushed, angry, tone.

This man who has killed countless women already, glances around the club and lifts his chin towards Aimee…

“I like her. She is very innocent. I don’t see how she could be related to that shitty whore that takes the stage every night. Its quite disturbing actually.”

Aimee gets up and takes her things backstage with her, her movements appearing to be staccato as the strobe lights rapidly flash on and off.

“She is off limits. You can not do anything to her.” He commands.

“I know…she doesn’t need me. She is as innocent as they come. A rarity.” He says sighing deeply, he continues, “Her sister on the other hand…she is in desperate need of me. I have watched her the last couple of nights. I think I would be good for her.” He says, almost entranced by the thought of having her.

“You know I don’t like you being so close to my home. This is very jeopardizing of our lifestyles. You really shouldn’t be here.” He says sternly, hoping that it will take effect.

“I’m not leaving. You will just have to deal. I like it here. There is a lot to choose from, and you know how I love variety.” He clears his throat.

“It is the spice of life.” He responds sarcastically through his heavy exhaled breath, knowing that he isn’t convincing him to leave. “Alright, well I can’t sit here talking to you anymore. It’s bad enough that you are here, but to be seen with you is even worse.”

“So go.” He responds condescendingly.

His friend gets up and walks away, while he takes a sip of his drink and prepares himself as he sees his next victim approaching him.

Detective Fennell

He arrived on the scene with a hot cup of coffee in hand. He wasn’t thoroughly briefed on the case, so he only had a few details of what was called in. The only thing that he was aware of was the carving that had taken place on this victim piecing together with evidence on another case he was working on. He saw Agent Summers approaching him with a less then grim look on his face.

“Special Agent Fennell.” He said putting his hand out, greeting him. “This was where the witness stated we would find the body. Sure enough when we arrived on scene, this was where we found her.” Detective Summers told him.

“Ok. What exactly are we dealing with? Is this the girl that went missing the other day?” Fennell asked.

“Yeah, and she has been here for a while. Homicide has been working the crime scene searching for any evidence, but so far nothing. They’re thinking that her body was just dropped off here, and the murder actually had taken place somewhere else. There is also evidence of sexual assault…. But the most horrific part of this case is the carving.”

Agent Fennell looked at Summers knowing that he was going to be led to where the victim’s body was found. He followed Summers as he was led to a heavily wooded area with thick, leafless, shrubbery and dried up dead leaves – along with the body of a dead girl.

“Well apparently this victim was branded with an S…what it’s supposed to symbolize, we don’t really know yet, we’re guessing its because of her name. This case is slowly being pieced together, but with such a small amount of evidence, it’s really hard to do it.


“Hello.” I say to him. “Would you like a dance?”

He had been sitting there quietly and I couldn’t help but approach him just by his looks alone. He was obviously the most put together and best-looking guy in the whole place. His clothing was a good indication of his financial status, with and expensive looking pair of jeans. Not to mention the gold Rolex around his wrist. Nothing like the other men who just wore t-shirts and jeans with some sneakers. He was what we called a Tiger. Sleek, dangerous, and beautiful…a real threat.

Tigers didn’t come into Rick’s lace often, so when they did, us girls would be on them quick. The first one to get to them would be the ones that got all their money…or most of it, since they were the first dance. I wasn’t quite sure if any of the other girls had spotted him yet, but he was too gorgeous to pass up, even if he was already broke. I stared down at him as he sat at the table in the darkest corner of the club.

He stared back.

“I have been waiting for you to ask me that question all night.” He responded confidently. I smiled at him.

“Well, what do you say we take a private room in the back?”

“That sounds like an awesome plan. I would love a private moment with you.”

He said, licking his lips seductively. He was beyond gorgeous and I would consider breaking all the rules for him and give him whatever he wanted. He stood up and followed behind me as I led the way to the closest private room. I felt his eyes on my backside…I could feel them searing into me.

As we entered I guided him to the cushioned area in the corner of the room that was made for clients to sit on. The small stage that was placed in front of the cushiony couch made it easy for the client to make requests and get the full view of what they were throwing dollars at. I watched him sit down, easily, gracefully, and seductively…

“What would you like me to do for you tonight Sir?” I asked him in my sweetest, most money catching voice that I could.

I felt his eyes slide up and down my body, drinking in the view of me in my sequined, sparkling bra and matching thong. His eyes traveled down my legs and I watched them stop at the three-inch stiletto heels that glimmered under the dim lighting.

The intimidation of his stare began to get to me. I felt perspiration begin to form along my hairline as his eyes pierced through me, making me quiver inside. He made me feel inferior to his presence.. His demeanor was commanding of my body and I felt him pulling me towards him with only his gaze. The bass from the music outside of our private room made me confused. I couldn’t tell if it was my heart pounding, or the music thumping.

“Hmmm. Sir. I rather like that title. Does it escape your lips often?”

No. You just seem like you should be called something more then honey or sweetie. You seem like you would command more then that from a woman.”

“Are you a woman?” He asked me.

“If I wasn’t, would I be working in a place like this? Sir.” I responded, mocking his attempt at belittling my womanhood.

“Touché. You certainly look like a woman.” He said dragging his eyes up and down my body once again. I sat there and let him drink me in. I knew how badly he wanted to touch me, but there was no chance of that…unless I let him. But what would be a whole lot extra.

“You like what you see Sir?” I say as I sit down on the small stage and cross my legs.

“Mmhhmm. Very much so. I enjoyed watching you on the stage. I wanted to get closer to you.”

“Well how come you didn’t come up to me and ask me for a dance?”

“Because I knew you would come to me.”

I furrowed my brows together.

“And how did you know that?”

“I know these things. You are magnetic. I am Iron, we were bound to be attracted to one another at some point.”

So you’re Ironman huh? I usually go for Spiderman, but I can do Iron for a change. Just as long as you promise to put that skintight body suit that Spiderman wears on for me one time.”

“That all depends…”

“On what?”

“On how well you perform for me.”

“I gotta see the cash first.”

He stared at me for a moment.

“What happened to Sir?”

I stared back at him. I smirked.

“I need to see the cash first Sir.”

Smiling, he took his wallet out of his pocket and tossed me two-hundred dollars.

“What will that get me?” He asked.

“Quite a bit.” I say as I stand up and get closer to him. He moves back into the couch and I straddle him. He place his hands on my hips, and I lean in nipping his neck, making my way to his ear, I whisper, “I’m gonna make sure you become addicted to me…”

“I already am…” He responded.


I am rudely awakened by Ashley’s nudging of my right side.

“Hey, come on it’s time to go.” She says to me as she begins to walk away from me before I even gather my books together. We come outside of the curtain and I wave goodbye to Paul who is hanging some clean glasses above the bar on its drying rack.

I follow her quick pace, not bothered by how fast she is walking this time…I wanted out of there so badly that this is fine. I dreaded the rest of the weekend, and looked forward to Monday.

Chapter 5


The hallways were crowded like always, and I didn’t really know how I felt about it. I did know that I was glad to escaped Ashley’s car though. She was being a raging jerk. My only assumption was that she didn’t make as much money as she hoped for over the weekend. I entered the building, and made my way towards my first class. That was when I noticed that I was being watched.

I saw him walking toward me at the end of the hallway…it was as if we were the only two there within that moment. He was gorgeous, with intensely blue eyes, his jet black hair neatly trimmed. His complexion was like vanilla ice cream, I wonder if his skin tasted sweet. As I got closer, I noticed that he was a mixture of goth and punk...the type that is a part of the crowd that other steer away from. He gave me a look that seemed to be much more mature for his age…extremely suggestive. I was so self-conscious of that stare that my eyes fell to the floor, not wanting to hold his gaze anymore. As our paths got closer to one another…I snuck one more quick glance at him and saw that he had a half smirk on his face, indicating that he knew what he was doing to me. He was nothing like Dean. Dean was approachable, sweet, and outgoing – not to mention popular.

This boy was dark and dangerous. He seemed unapproachable and menacing…an introvert with an evil grin. He slowed his pace as he got nearer to me and I panicked, picking up my pace a little more to try and escape the pull he had on me. As we met at the middle, he turned and leaned his back against the wall, crossing his arms over his chest cocking his head to one side and watching me walk past.

He said nothing, just stared.

“Hey Aimee!” I heard someone yell ahead of me…I was relieved to see that it was Dean. Picking up the pace, I made my way towards him, grateful to be distracted from this boy who was still staring at me.

“ What’s up Dean?” I asked.

“Nothing really, just thinking about making my way to the library when I have study hall 6th period.”

“Oh yeah? What are you going to the library for?”

“I have a research paper that I have to work on for History, and it’s due in a couple of weeks. I wanna get a head start on it. I procrastinate a lot…it’s a flaw of mine.” He flashed me his cute grin and winked. Leaning up against the wall he watched the passerby and asked me if I would like to go with him.

“Um - yeah sure. I guess I can go…I have to work on some math homework, and figure out how the hell I’m supposed to do it. I hate math. I was with my sister the other night at…” I took a pause as I was about to reveal what he was already aware of, “her job trying to figure out how to use the formulas to solve the problems.” Thankfully, he didn’t push the topic of my sister ‘working’ and went straight to the math.

“What is it that you are having trouble with?”


“Haha…ok, well I take a little time to work on my research and then we can look at what you’re working on. I am pretty decent in math. I have always gotten A’s and B’s.”

“Dean you don’t have to do that. I don’t want to take away from you getting ahead on your research.”

“Shut up Aimee. I wanna help.” He smiled at me, bumping me with his hip and hauling his arm over my shoulder. It wasn’t a far stretch for him to do this. It actually wasn’t a stretch at all considering that I was a good foot and odd number of inches shorter then him. I felt like such a silly girl with him giving me this attention. I knew every girl in the whole entire school wanted Dean so much. I still didn’t understand why he was so nice to me. It just didn’t make any sense to me. I was still on guard, but with every good intention Dean put forward, I felt guilty being that way. It was always internal, but a few times it escaped me and Dean felt the brunt of my skepticism.

“Alright fine!” I said as we walked. He took his arm off of me.

“Hey you know the Homecoming Dance will be coming up soon, and the homecoming football game too. Not to mention all of the partying that will be going on building up to those events. Do you think you wanna be my designated party buddy?”

I turned and looked at him, furrowing my brows together.

“I know, I know, it sounds a little shady, but I swear…” he said raising his left hand and crossing his heart with the other, “just as friends, I want to introduce you to the other guys.”

“What guys?” I asked.

“The guys on the team.”

I took a long pause as he watched me.

The bell rang for my next class. Luckily I was right outside of the door.

“Just think about it.” He said searching my eyes for the answer.

“Ok. I will.”

“Awesome!” He said enthusiastically. “I’ll see you later Aimee.”

And with that he turned and walked away. I watched him as he walked away from me and towards the destination of his next class.

I walked into the classroom and went to the same seat that I sat in the last class was held. I saw Delilah walk in, and I could tell by the look on her face that she was ready to pry about what Dean and I had been talking about. She walked up and sat down right next to me at the table.

“He Aims…what’s going on?” She shortened my name…interesting. Why?

“Nothing really. I hate when it gets closer to the weekend.” She looked at me strangely, cocking her head to one side.

“Why on earth would you be upset about that…most people look forward to the end of the week.”

She had no idea about Ashley…yet.

“It’s too much to explain.”

She raised one eyebrow and shrugged her shoulders.

“So what is up with Dean. He is so freakin’ cute. What do you think he sees in you?” She said not even realizing the jab she was taking at my looks and overall appeal. I looked down at my notebook and started to doodle.

“I don’t know.”

“Hmph.” She sighed and looked towards the doorway where our teacher walked into the room. I looked up and I felt my stomach drop when I saw who walked in after.



He walked into the empty warehouse apprehensive about what to expect. He had never come across a woman that wanted him the way she did. He felt himself get sucked into her presence as soon as he walked in. She was beautiful, demanding, and cooperative. She laid there under the dim moonlight that filtered through the window. Her legs and arms were still restrained, and he watched her stir from a distance in his recliner.

It was as if she were some sort of dark angel sent to him with the intentions of fulfilling all of his twisted desires – no questions asked. He had left her blindfolded when he left earlier. He didn’t want her to know when he would be back. He wanted to be able to enter and watch her lay there tied down. He could see her chest rise and fall as she inhaled and exhaled…he didn’t understand how something as simple as breathing could excite him so, but it did. He saw her pull against the restraints, and admired her persistency in trying to get out of them, even though it wasn’t going to happen.

Her whimpering and tugging was so erotic to him, and he could help but feel himself growing hard.

He needed to be closer to her.

Slowly he approached her as she lay there outstretched on the table. He could tell that she was sleeping since she didn’t turn her head in the direction of his approach. It seemed as if she were dreaming, and he desperately wanted to know what the dream was about. Her head lulled back and forth, side to side as she panted in her sleep. He reached his arm out and let his hand fall onto her breast. Gently he rubbed and fondled her as she slept. It was all too much for him. He undid his fly and began to touch himself. As his cock grew in his hand, he felt as sick and perverse as he possibly could and went faster. Her breathing increased along with his, and he felt that she had to be dreaming of something as erotic as the moment he was losing himself in.

His eyes shut tight as he felt himself getting closer to the edge…focusing on her breathing. He gripped himself tighter, his pace speeding up…he was almost there…

“Mmmm, I know what you’re doing…” She whispered.

His eyes shot open, and he took a couple of steps back from where she lay.

“Keep going.” She said.

He felt his chest tighten, and it was difficult to move or breathe. He couldn’t understand why she was intimidating him. She wasn’t that much different from any of the other women that he had kidnapped, but he just couldn’t shake the feeling that she gave him. When he wasn’t around her, he thought about her. When he was around her, he was so uneasy and less like himself that he was left feeling confused.

“Keep going I said.” She exhaled deeply.

It seemed that her encouragement and the fact that she startled him made him all the more turned on. He was rock hard, and he lost all control as he watched her breathing, tugging, and squirming beneath her restraints. Her body slithered slowly, erotically, as she lay on the table, and he moved closer to her once again…breathing heavily.

“Mmmm, how does it feel? I don’t know how long you’ve been here, but I’m glad that you are. I have been waiting for you. Are you going to give me what you are trying to milk out of yourself?” She said seductively.

He moaned out at her comment and felt himself begin to spasm. He was ready to give her what she had been asking for, and he made sure to place it right on her face.

“Ooooohhhh….” He groaned as he shot it all out onto her face and blindfold. The view of her lying there with his cum all over her face was something that would be burned into his memory for the rest of his life. He knew that she was the one, and that she was what he had been waiting for all along. She was better then Samantha, and better then all the others before her.

He felt his body growing weak and he collapsed over her body as she lay there helpless. He panted into her chest and felt as if he were going to fall asleep listening to her rhythmic heartbeat and breathing.

“There, there…” She said as he drifted off.



He was on the prowl again. After his visit with Vanessa, he was left confused. This confusion led to an emotion that came from a deeper, darker place inside him. It evoked a violent rage that he was unable to describe, just as he was unable to describe his feelings for Vanessa. She did something to him that he mulled over in his head many many times, and he still came back with nothing as the end result. The engine of his Mustang roared loudly, mimicking the intensity of what he was feeling inside as he sped down the street. It was late, and he drove under the lamp lit streets searching for anyone he could find. He scanned up and down the roads desperately looking for anyone that could possibly help him in understanding his feelings for Vanessa…or at least to distract him from whatever spell she had put on him.

As he drove on, he finally spotted her. She was taller, and blonde…and she entered a bar alone…


He drove to a parking lot across the street, and parked. He got out and made his way over to the bar, one of course that he had never been to before. He walked inside and he saw her walking towards the back. The bar was dark, the typical bar setting. There were pool tables to the left of the washrooms, along with a dartboard and a jukebox. The bar ran all along the right side of the room, trailing towards the back, which was where he was heading. The liquor was set out on the shelves behind the bar for all the drunks that were ready for a night of drunkenness. Bar stools ran down the line of counter where random patrons sat sipping on their beverages casually. He walked slowly, allowing her time to get in, and just when she would come out, that’s where the fun was going to begin. He reached the end of the bar where there was a view of the door to the female washroom. He sat down and waited.

He waited for her to exit the washroom. While he sat there, he figured the best thing for himself to do was to try and fit it. He knew that this attempt would be pointless. The moment he walked into the bar, every woman in the place had been eyeing him.

“Excuse me, can I have a Heineken? “ He asked the bartender.

While he waited, he noticed a woman sitting across the bar from him. She stared so intently that he felt as if she were challenging him.

He smirked.

The bartender brought his beer and he turned to the women’s restroom again, bringing the bottle up to his lips. Just as he took his sip, she emerged with a glazed over look in her eyes. He knew what she was doing in there. Only users make a B-line for the bathroom as soon as they enter a building. She scanned the bar, and her eyes immediately fell on him. He didn’t smile, he didn’t acknowledge her, and he just stared.

She approached him, standing at his side at the bar. He still didn’t look at her while she ordered her drink. He took a peek at her out of the corner of his eye.

She sat down, licked her lips, and brought the neck of the bottle up to her lips.

“You’re just a starer or what?” she asked.

“I like to observe.”

“It’s creepy.”

“How so?”

They spoke to each other without having any form of eye contact, and kept their gazes in focused on everything but each other.

“You just sit there staring at me and don’t say anything…what do you mean how so?”

“I apologize I didn’t mean to offend you.”

“It’s fine.” She said getting up with her drink and heading in the opposite direction of him.

“Wait! I’d like to get to know you…talk to you.”

“Why would you wanna talk to her what you can talk to me?”

He heard from behind him as the girl he was in pursuit of kept walking away. He turned to see the woman that was staring at him. She was already intoxicated. Her speech was slurred, along with her gaze. She blinked slowly and tried to balance herself as she attempted to sit next to him. As she hooked around him, trying to sit at his side, she stumbled and fell right into his arm…causing him to spill his drink on his very expensive pants. He felt intense anger swell up inside him at her clumsiness. Not only did she spill some of his beer on his expensive jeans, she also distracted him from his task. She was sloppy, easy. He already wanted to punish her just for her drunken nonsense alone.


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