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7 Friendship Poems I Like

Updated on December 16, 2016

I'll Remind You

You're creative my sister,

You always have been,

I remind you.

Let's write each other a story or poem like we use to,

Let's write about life,

How it's tried to kick us in the butts,

Let's write about the love,

We will always have between us,

Let's write about the years,

Of tears we've held back,

Let's write about our sins,

Let's write about the stress,

That life has let crept in,

Let's write about the dreams,

We use to want to come true,

Let's write about me,

Let's write about you,

You remind me,

I'll remind you.

D. Alsup

Friends Forever

F - Forever is a lifetime, I'm glad we pledge to be,

R - Real true friends together,

I - In bliss and harmony,

E - Entering new eras of many songs of life,

N - Never breaking away, no matter what the fight,

D - Doubting ones will try to test our friendship, as they do, Let us,

S - Strengthen our love and caring for each other, All the years through.

D. Alsup


You do not need a score of men to laugh and sing with you;

You can be rich in comradeship with just a friend or two.

You do not need a monarch's smile to light your way along;

Through weal or woe a friend or two will fill your days with song.


So let the many go their way, and let the throng pass by;

The crowd is but a fickle thing which hears not when you sigh.

The multitude is quick to run in search of favorites new,

And all that man can hold for grief is just a friend or two.


When winds of failure start to blow, you'll find the throng has gone-

The splender of a brighter flame will always lure them on;

But with the ashes of your dreams, and all you hoped to do,

You'll find that all you really need is just a friend or two.


You cannot know the multitude, however hard you try:

It cannot sit above your hearth; it cannot hear you sigh;

It cannot read the heart of you, or know the hurts you bear;

It's cheers are all for happy men and not for those in care.


So let the throng go on it's way and let the crowd depart;

But one or two will keep the faith when you are sick at heart;

And rich you'll be and comforted, when gray skies hide the blue,

If you can turn and share your grief with just a friend or two.

Edgar A.Guest


Friends We'll Stay

F- Forever my confidant,

R - Realizing dreams together,

I - Inspiring each other along the way,

E - Energizing each other to capture the day,

N - Neverending love for each other, Always our way,

D - Determined to make it,

S - Sidekicks, Soulmates, We'll Stay


My Mother My Friend

My Mother,

My Friend,

Who can touch your generosity,

Who can match your love devine,

With lots of prayers,

And the remeberance of your teachings,

Maybe I will come close,

My Mother,

My Friend,

In time.

D. Alsup

We Are Friends

F - Fabulous Me

R - Ridiculous You

I - Intelligent Us

E - Enthusiastic We

N - Naughty Me

D - Daring You

S - Sensual Us

We Are Friends.

D. Alsup

My Best Friend Is a Guy

My best friend's a guy,

So what!

I'm tired of defending myself,

I'm tired of defending us.

We don't have anything sexual going on,

But we've been friends for oh so long,

He tells me his problems

I tell him mine,

People need to get up out of our face,

Getting in our business all the time,

When my boyfriend acts up,

Or when his girlfriend shows out,

We give each other a listening ear,

Sometimes all night,

No doubt,

We can talk about anything from A to Z,

No matter the subject or problem,

I'm always there for him,

And he's always there for me,

When one of us truly needs a favor,

The other always steps right in,

So no matter what anyone says,

It doesn't matter to me,

And it shouldn't matter to you,

That this Awesomely, Wonderful person,

Is a guy,

Who happens to be,

My best friend.

So what!

D Alsup

Send a Short Note to Say Hello

Sometimes it's nice to drop a line to a friend. Just a short note to say hello. Whether they live out of town or just around the corner your kind words will be welcomed and appreciated.

When you can't find the words to tell them how much you love them, or miss them, or just care, maybe one of our poems will do the trick. Please feel free to share one, or two, or all of them with a friend.


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    • Jo_Goldsmith11 profile image

      Jo_Goldsmith11 4 years ago

      I really like all your poetry. Perfectly aligned, spelling awesome. Voted this Up +++, shared & tweeted. I will be back again, to see more of your work. Bravo! :-)

    • shanmarie profile image

      shanmarie 4 years ago

      These are great! Thanks for compiling them.

    • BIGCSSHOP profile image

      BIGCSSHOP 6 years ago

      Thanks so much Gerad for visiting. Glad you found one of our poems enjoyable.

    • profile image

      Gerard 6 years ago

      this is a nice poem

    • BIGCSSHOP profile image

      BIGCSSHOP 8 years ago

      Thanks so much. JGelineau, I appreciate your comment.

    • profile image

      JGelineau 8 years ago

      These are great!