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8 Reasons Why Being Single Is Never Bad

Updated on March 21, 2016

We all know that the small things in life usually carry the most weight. These tiny things are almost always crucial to a good day.

Being in a relationship has its perks, you are usually not alone, you are in love, you may have a lot of sex, you could even have support from your spouse, and so forth.

Many people look at being single as very bad. The stereotypical idea today is that when you're single, you're lonely, you have nothing to live for, no life, you are miserable, you have no self-esteem; it just sucks for you.

Listed here are 8 reasons why being single can never ever be bad.


1. More of Your Precious Time

This can consist of anything you want or need or want and need to do.

Your time changes when you are in a relationship. In all, any, and every single one of your moves to and fro, you must be considerate of the person you are dating.

You have to think about that person you are dating when you are offered an outing or want to go somewhere or do something. You have to check the desire of your mate and see if they will coincide with what you think would be fun to do.

However, when you are single, your time is yours. Your time is ALL yours.

You can and will go when you feel like it to wherever you want to and when you want to. This means you could basically and selfishly do all the things YOU want to do with ALL your time ALL of the time.

What can be better than that?


2. You Can Eat What You Want

Do you think this perk is small in a relationship? Do you think this is a weak perk? Do you actually think this has no benefit?

Try dating a model, aspiring actress or actor, a fitness buff, a super-health conscious person, or narcissist. Try dating any one of these types people and eating a big bowl of meaty four cheese spaghetti for dinner with two cheesy garlic breads.


And if you do, 99.9999% of the time you wouldn't be able to do it in peace or in view of them. You would have to sneak around and eat it. You would have ate it in the bathroom, in your closet, after work before going home, after they go to sleep, or based on when they come around and don't.

And chocolate, with other sweet treats like cheesecake, you would probably be feening so bad for sweets, if someone was made of that sweet treat you would be arrested for cannibalism.

However, when you're single you can eat whatever your heart desires, as much as your tummy can take, and worry about working off the calories later if then.


3. You Can Sleep However You Prefer

Sliding into warm cozy fluffy sweats and a big warm t-shirt is a thing of the past when you are in a relationship.

You have to be mindful of sleeping habits, what you're sleeping in, how you sleep, what you do when you sleep, how you smell when you sleep, and so forth and so on.

Overtime in relationships, people want to be excited or else things are boring. Now you have to wear something sexy, something provocative, something mysterious, or nothing at all.

However, as someone that is single, this would not be a case or a vague problem. You can sleep nude, covered head to toe with pillows, care bears, cats, or with GI Joe undies on and a bulletproof vest if you want.


4. No Issues With Who Or What You Bring Into Your Household

I have seen issues in which a person helps a family member, friend, or person that needs help by giving them a warm place to sleep. Then here comes the significant other griping about it, mad for no reason, and making their days a living hell.

I have seen issues happening in relationships when a person brings in an animal they want to adopt out of the kindness of their heart. Then here comes the significant other in the relationship, threatening to leave unless they abandon the animal.

When you're single, there is no ultimatum in regards to what you decide to do. If you want to allow an owl to spend the night in your living room, it is your living room and you can allow that to be so.

You do not have to answer to anybody about your decisions when you are single.


5. No Turmoil

In relationships there are the ignored phone calls, pushed back dates, awkward silences, awkward attempts at peace, threats of death, attacks on personalities, attacks on weight, habits, and all kinds of turmoil.

And this usually happens because of an assumption over where you might have been, might have gone, who you used to know, who you know now, how much you spent, what you spent on, and so forth.

They are pulling their hair out, crying their eyes out, feeling worthless, hating each other, hating themselves, and have quite possibly forgotten they were supposed to do some important stuff at work that day.

But this wont happen to you, because you are single. If you have a problem or argue with anything, it will be your computer.


6. Your House, Your Space, Your Taste

This is your home. Your place of sleeping, eating, laying around and doing absolutely nothing, or not. It can look however you want it to look.

And the last thing a single person wants to do is rearrange their furniture, alter their cleanliness, match all the colors in their house, or hire a decorator to match all the colors, or clean-up at all for someone else.

Most of you luck up and find someone that shares your taste, no matter how ridiculous, sloppy, awesome, or celebrated. Most of you luck up and find someone that just doesn't care about this type of thing at all. But to the unfortunate ones that find an opposite, impressing someone or altering your taste so they can feel comfortable in your space, can be a living hell.

But, thank goodness you're single, and you don't have to be faced with decisions that involve you changing the wall paint.


7. No Check-in & Check Outs

There is a radar infrared sonic sound wave system upon and about you wherever you go when you are in a relationship. The ones that are in a relationship either have these, are effected by these, or must have these.

They must make one hour interval calls to their guy or girl at a certain time that has to last a number of minutes. This is their every single day. It is an annoyance and aggravation that when it goes uncompleted, it may carry the burden of relationship turmoil.

Now you, you single person you, you don't to have to tell anyone when you're coming and going.

And if you decide to go with friends to special places that may have a bunch of singles there, such as some clubs or parties, you don't have to have an alibi, testimony, explanation, and evidence of where you went and didn't go.

This is a benefit for the fortunate soul that is single.


8. Solo

Problems are handled solo; you're never arguing over them. Issues with money are handled solo; your burden does not have to be discussed with your girl or guy.

Nobody gets to size you up, tell you what you should have or could have done in an "you're not fit to handle things alone," attitude.

If you choose to go Burlesque or rodeo; you can do it. You can take a road trip to Vegas, to Paris, to a clown oriented exotic club; you can do whatever you like when you like.

You don't have to answer to anyone, get home at a designated time, or answer any questions, you are solo, and happily single.

Last Note

Being single is never bad. It doesn't even have to be lonely depending on your ability to be social.

At the most, it carries with it the benefits above, and other things that free you from obligations and burdens.

Sure, being in a relationship isn't bad either, but don't allow the ideas of being in a relationship to cloud up the truth.

In some people's lives, having a relationship goes great, life is great, they get along great, the dinners are great, the sex is great; everything is great. Not all people in relationships have this happily ever after.

Being single can be fun, wild, peaceful, comfortable, lonely, tiring, and boring, but never ever bad.


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    • SonQuioey10 profile image

      Toni Northern 2 years ago from Williamston NC

      Hi Julie K Henderson, thank you for reading, and I agree with you there is no freedom like it.

      Toni (SonQ)

    • Julie K Henderson profile image

      Julie K Henderson 2 years ago

      Well done. I approve mightily of what you have written. As a single person, I find one of the best perks is never having to justify why I am reading all day or not cleaning my bathroom as much as I should. Voted up.

    • SonQuioey10 profile image

      Toni Northern 3 years ago from Williamston NC

      @ARUN KANTI That's great, and thanks for reading. I will check out your hub.

      Toni, SonQ

    • ARUN KANTI profile image

      ARUN KANTI CHATTERJEE 3 years ago from KOLKATA

      My Sona uncle remained a confirmed bachelor and enjoyed his life fully. Thanks for an interesting hub.