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Colors Illumination

Updated on February 28, 2017

Colors Illumination

Vast moon beams direct correlation to the sun

A vast array of light

Colors Illumination

Red, white and blue

A whole host of memories

When in Spring buds a new

Shattered glass on the pavement

Each is filled with crystal matter

The direct revelation of a new reflection

Take a walk with me through the passage of time

Bargain basement deals

A chance to spin the wheel watching Wheel of Fortune

We have come to far not to turn back now

To climb the wall of solemn truth

Some have grown tired along the pathway

Early to bed early to rise

Colors Illumination

May need a break on a long awaited vacation

The heart is an open door by which to humbly explore

Savor each moment that may pass

For you have every right to know

Passion To Exhale

One must look into the inner heart

This will light a spark to where I need to go

To paint a unique picture in your mind

Passion to exhale from the scene

Corporate greed

Tears flowing at the edge of town

Clowns are still the rage

Lost and found

You want to be the leader as the village queen

To piece together all the fragments of the social scene


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