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9 Poems

Updated on July 7, 2014

The End

In sickness or in health

In poverty or wealth

What's your worth

What comes first

Make sure you know by now

Take not for granted a single time

Talk your talk but walk the line

Never forget you're given

The tools of life in all men

Seek what you desire

Desire what you seek

Know the boundaries

Find the cracks

'Member consequences aren't weak

I haven't shades of gray

Though knowledge is my power

Use your time to advantage

For this might be the hour

Though the hour shall seem long

Sing along to every song

Deceit may seem as pure

Love yourself and share the love

Fight for your end here

Will you keep at ease

For what's laid you in store

Your power lies within

Find the open door

Many open

Many close

The war of time's in store

© 2012-2013 Brandon Jared Martin


Night is dark for faint of heart

Of light for those in love

Forget me not shall we part

Lest I be sent above

If fate shall spite our member

Take ‘bout today for ‘morrow

Let not fear burn an ember

Beneath your woes of sorrow

Such as shadows dance in mind

Cast darkness out to sea

Light thee way with spark of hope

Eclipsing ‘bout each day

Full of thunder ’n pockets deep

Let not a seed or mighty weep

Thee hollow door is sound asleep

Unshaken by a tender beat

Lock your wishes

Pay the dues

Kingdoms bend ‘n swallow new

Pair stars crumble together

© 2012-2013 Brandon Jared Martin

Lady, Woman

You’re an angel within

Your power is mystery to men

Your voice- an orchestra to my ears

Your sweet scent lingering

Lady, woman

Gentle- hearted soul

Your strength, never-ending

Your fires burn all

Conquering peace

Your grace, swift and light

You’re the one I’m looking for

Day and night

If man should be blind

Your beauty shows the way

You balance the world

With time left to play

You’re wise, you’re unique

You stick out from any other

Your best and worst, you see

Is one of the greatest treasures

© 2012-2013 Brandon Jared Martin

Practical Beings

Practical beings

Listeners of others

Most wise of few

Power of tyrants

Practical beings

With mutilated minds

Ripping thy flesh

From likewise hinds

Practical beings

With hearts of gold

Mold new generations

Bring life to the old

Practical beings


Flood thee wise words

And peace you shall find

For practical beings

Your practice unsought

Disposes the thoughts

Of those you forgot

© 2012-2013 Brandon Jared Martin

Let Go

Let it go and set us free,

Of all you hold against us three.

I’ve done no wrong and hope you see,

In vain you hold negativity.

Through your heart, old and stressed,

Striving to be your own pest,

The stories you have told so bold,

Are plated lies of vain in gold.

One thousand seas of worlds to fill,

You lay them down like they’re your will.

When time tells your lies in fault,

Your memory followed, for-sure shall wilt.

Let go of hate, ‘fore it brings you worst of fate,

And when your nose begins to grow,

Do not weep what you have sewn.

Twist and turn to the day,

With false tales of you “The Great”.

Your name will spell out with grand,

But when you need help I have no hands.

Let it go and you’ll see, people’ll run to you,

Freely, happy.

Hold it in along with your lies,

And worst of days toward you will thrive.

Though you will never hear my rhyme,

Feel what I have to give.

When you’ve words to speak in empty time,

Weep from the lies you have spread.

You may not see it now, but maybe,

When you’re dead?

© 2012-2013 Brandon Jared Martin

No More

Through your times of sorrow

Neglect has set its way

Forget your kids tomorrow

Regret what’s here today

One had died this time

Wishing there was two

Mother of the sickness

Facade in place of you

Seeing times in darkness

We’re tied in love no more

With hopes of your destruction

That you fall without restore

© 2012-2013 Brandon Jared Martin


Through times of wait

And times of sorrow

Wait for something new

In vain it stays until tomorrow

And fills up the room

The days go by in treachery

With pain filling my body- from head to knees

Lacking in sweet discipline

Returning today once again

Pulling strength with muscles thin

I feel free and it’s time to return

Many years to fire and urn

I flow into my sacrifice

Cherish what I give with all my life

And soon be together forever

© 2012-2013 Brandon Jared Martin

Quiet Lady

Quiet lady

What is it you do

Soullessly dwelling beside your food

I wait at your mystery

Holding th’ last page o’ the book

Patience abides by demeanor and look

I see on the outside

What do you feel

Your beauty hides a history

Sit quiet now

Worry ‘bout nothing

Today is not yet tomorrow

Stain the world with your beautiful mystery

Only to a book shall you bow


© 2012-2013 Brandon Jared Martin


The weak shall fall to death

To bring about new life

In times as these I hold my breath

To cover up true lies

Not long from now will I be judged

Take not my life for granted

Learn and teach the woes of man

And soon a wish be granted

Count the stars ‘fore they’re gone

‘Fore land takes back its diamond crown

In sickness or in health

Listen to thee elders well

They know not words of fools

Their wisdom gained by knowledge

Shall foolish words be spoke’ in vain

You dwell in hands time cannot wane

Ne’er forget thy power words

Lead yourself which way

The banters Gods shall execute

Cross your limbs and pray

Hold your kin ‘fore powers stir

The politic whips of devil lure

Mountains batter on highs ‘nd laughter

Tell’em when’s the day

Open your eyes as if once wise

See for thyself thy sake

Hear sound alarms in e’ery corner

‘Fore you decide too late

© 2012-2013 Brandon Jared Martin


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    • Brandon Martin profile imageAUTHOR

      Brandon Martin 

      6 years ago from Colorado, USA

      Thank you s-beazyy

    • s-beazyy profile image


      6 years ago

      diggin the poems bro

    • Brandon Martin profile imageAUTHOR

      Brandon Martin 

      6 years ago from Colorado, USA

      You are such a great person! Thank you for that. :)

    • Mhatter99 profile image

      Martin Kloess 

      6 years ago from San Francisco

      It is physically difficult for me to leave the comment these deserve. So let me simply say, thank you for your insights.


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