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A 30 Minute Hub For the Next 30 Days

Updated on May 2, 2011
Writing: Let Your Feelings Flow
Writing: Let Your Feelings Flow

Wondering how to increase my hubpage viewers and writing good hubs at the same time has now encouraged me to go for this task. I would be writing for 30 minutes continuously and then hit the publish button. Without giving it a second thought, I would skip the monetization of the hub. And yes, you have guessed it right, it is going to happen every day from today till the next 30 days.

I don’t really understand what I should start my hubs with. What niche should they have? Considering the fact that a lot of people have decided to write what they know about. I think I would take the path less taken by. I would write on topics about which, I know nothing. I guess it would not be taken positively by  my fellow hubbers cause they might then think that I was the reason behind ‘the panda’ let loose by google.

I have the lust for money.  And I want a lot more money than a lot of you can imagine. I m a sailor and I earn around US $7000 every month. But I still need some more, maybe so much more than I can buy hubpages and care no more about writing hubs.

Every person comes to hubpages not to write but to earn. Fascinated by 100’s of success stories, the reader instantaneously finds a writer within and clicks on the sign up link. Why don’t we just realize that those who earn from the internet are not just writer’s, they are people who put in a lot of effort in doing the same. Why don’t we understand that using improper language, copying stuff from around the web is not going to take us anywhere. Why? And that’s the only question that I seem to ask myself, when I lure to keep my hubpages score up without putting in the effort.

Writing is not an easy task and I must say, not everyone is a writer and not everyone shall put their pen on paper and start writing something. And all that just to earn quick bucks. The truth shall always be the truth. Nothing is free in this world.

You may then ask, how do I find a writer in me? And I shall say, disable the ads on your hubs and then you will know. And if you still can’t stop writing, then my friend, you are the one who shall succeed in writing. Writing shall give you pleasure. Go into solitude and you will get ideas, ideas from your own life. And I believe with the experience of your own life, you would surely be helping hundreds or maybe, even thousands of people’s lives out there.  

I have cleared my mind now and shall never enable ads on any of my future hubs. Because writing is not about money, it’s about pleasure. And that,  I promise. 

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    • yshashikant profile image

      yshashikant 6 years ago from Mumbai

      Thanks for your comment Susan. I do agree that a lot of hubbers write just for pleasure. What i was trying to say here is, Every new hubber come's here for the sake of earning money. I think i shouldn't have used 'every', but a lot of them do.

    • Just Ask Susan profile image

      Susan Zutautas 6 years ago from Ontario, Canada

      Have to disagree with you as far as "every person comes to HubPages not to write but to earn". I really believe there are many many hubbers here that are writing for the love of writing. I write some poetry and earn nothing on my poems but it does not stop me from writing poems as I find it fun to do.

    • yshashikant profile image

      yshashikant 6 years ago from Mumbai

      To be honest i joined hubpages to earn money online. Back at that time, i used to hear a lot about people making thousand's of dollars by just publishing blogs. But with time i have realised that not everything in this world needs to be done for money. Some thing's should be done for yourself. And now writing is what i do for the same, my pleasure.

      And yes Hattie, i agree that it's better to start without ads and once you have established yourself, you will earn for good. Thanks for stopping by and giving your valuable input.

    • HattieMattieMae profile image

      HattieMattieMae 6 years ago from Limburg, Netherlands

      Hmm interesting actually when I found hubpages, didn't even know you could make money. I was looking for places to get my writing noticed, and encouraged by writers groups to blog, and happen to have come across hubpages. Fortunately Hubpages gives me more comments and feedback on how I write which is what a writer needs and wants. Its more about practicing my skills and becoming a better writer more than making money. I could possible make money at writing. Yet without stretching my writing abilities I can never make good money without going through the process and gaining feeback from my followers.