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A BOOK REVIEW. Political Science : The Modern View of Government, State and Politics

Updated on October 1, 2012
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Christopher F. Bueno is currently the Dean of the College of Education, University of Northern Philippines, Vigan City.

The "Contemporary Republic"

Contemporary Republic
Contemporary Republic

The “Contemporary Republic” provides the intellectual virtues in the passage of a new form of political-economic philosophy and development strategies confined the ideal sovereign state of the 21st century. The ‘Republic” as the famous work of Plato used literary dialogue to describe the life situations in order to synthesize the dialectic form in the regeneration the political, moral, ethical and social life in Greece. Find out the development dimensions of the ideal state on the “ Contemporary Republics” as the emerging political and economic philosophy in the 21st century .


The modern view of government, state and politics discusses the general knowledge in the study of political science in a detailed manner to present the emerging political development in the 21st century. The book presents as to the history , fundamental principles and concepts of political science including the subject contents along constitution, government, and state. It also expounds the underlying nature of politics and public service as the major challenge to integrate a critical discussion in political science to complement the critical study of government and state.

These are the important academic content in the extensive study of Political Science in relation to the principles and concepts in government, state and politics :

I. The History of Political Science

A. Greek Civilization : The Origin of Political Science

B.Roman Empire: The Political Development of Field of Law, Jurisprudence, Legal Rules, Civil Laws and Public Administration

C.The Middle Ages: The Development of the Political Culture on the Concept of Equality and Freedom in Christianity

C.The Renaissance : The Natural and Political Rights

D.The Relevance of the Classic Evolution of Political Science in the Modern Time and The “Contemporary Republic”

II. Fundamental Concepts and Principles of Political Science

A. Definitions of Political Science

B.Concept of Law : Application of Political Science as to its Relationships in the Study of Government and State

C.The Importance of Political Science

D.Political Science and Its Relationship with Other Disciplines

III.Fundamental Concepts and Principles of the State

A. The Origin of State

B. Definition and Concept of a State

C.. The Political Existence of the State

D. The Rights and Duties of the State

IV. Fundamental Concepts and Principles of Government

A. The General Concepts of Government

B. The Forms of Government

C. Government : The Administration and Execution of the Fundamental Law

D. Branches of Government

V.Constitution: Fundamental Law of the State

A. The Scope and Content in the Formulation of Constitution

B. The General View, Sources of Contribution and Alteration of the Written and Unwritten Constitution

C. The Political Framework and Content of the Constitution

VI.Fundamental Principles and Concepts of Politics

A.The General Meaning and Concept of Politics

B.The Historical Approach in the Study of Politics

C.The Behaviorist Approach in the Study of Politics

  1. The Pol. Structure in the Concept of Public Service

VII.Political Dimension : Applied Ethics and Morality in Politics

A. The 13 Ugly Truths About the Politicians

B. The Ethical Views of Politics

C. The 10 Commandments of International Politics

D. The Genuine Heart and Soul of International Politics

E. World Domination : The Moral Ground on Entertainment and Media

VIII.Political Culture and Exploitation : The Contextual Approach of Social Phenomenology

A.The Social Phenomenology of Human Reciprocity and Generosity

B.The Defining Moment of Human Freedom and Integrity of the Arab Nations

C. The Social Phenomenology of the "Rise and Fall Syndrome" in the Arab World

IX.The Development of Personal and Spiritual Conscience for the Politicians

A.The Contemporary International Politics of the Weberian Dialectics on Religion and Social Class

B. The Human Vanity

C. The Greed and Vanity of the Human Race

D.The Wisdom of Principled Action in Time of Humiliation and Persecution : Timely Advice for the Politicians

X. Economic Management and Strategic Planning for Stable Governance

A.Strategic Market Diagnosis and Prescription of “Free Market Economy :The Strategic Planning and Management for Stable Governance in the Public and Private Sector

This is the dedication of the author as unfolding the modern view of the study of government, state and politics. It conceptualizes the general meaning on the ideas of freedom, liberty and democracy and the equality of men in a sovereign state.

The young generation now plays an important rule that shape the world order beyond the boundaries of exercising the natural and political rights based on their beliefs on the true phenomenological essence of word “democracy”.

It is no longer the classic belief as to the origin of freedom that defies the polarity of ideological advocacy of the supreme west and the bounded spirits of the east…

There are now common human views about the civil and political rights that governed by the overt action of the young generation that drives out by the rule of men bounded by

the spirits of chained political power and dynasty…

The world has shown so much compassion about the real meaning of freedom no longer the mystic spirits of the European and American democratic ideologies…

The world has now constantly changing by the universal human rights for the civilization that existed in the past. Our ancestors sometimes never cherished by the meaning of the genuine natural rights except those lived in the world of ethnic prosperity and migrated to the foreign land yet the same political beliefs solidify the essence of democracy even in the contemporary time…

Again, this is dedicated to the young generation of the contemporary time to inspire us to appreciate the meaning of genuine life by the essence of democracy not only to west but to the eastwho are willing to sacrifice their life for the sake of stable government and state bounded by the wisdom of freedom, liberty and equality to all men…The exciting part in this book is not conventional reference materials for political science”

The author is quite keen to present the pedagogical chronology in the study of history of political science in a manner evolve the primordial development in the existence of the state and government. The history of political science has been presented in the political theory of the classic and modern times that need to further enlighten the genuine essence of political development of state and government in the 21st century. As a political science book, the basic ingredients appeared as it is in the understanding of the terms fundamental principles of constitution, law, state, and government .This book provides comprehensive information about needed to study political science such as forms and branches of government, written and unwritten constitution, parliamentary and presidential system of government, monarchical or dictatorial system of government, legislation, executive department, judiciary, bill of rights, republican state and other related concepts.

Political Science
Political Science | Source

The modern view of government, state and politics in the study of political science is a product of extensive research and phenomenological analysis of the political, economic and cultural events that gradually changing in the 21st century. It also provides information about the fundamental concepts and principles in the study of political science.The convergence of the author’s view reciprocated by guiding intellectual spirits of the ideas of “savior”. It has been reminiscing the ideas of classic views in the work of Plato along the “Republic” as synthesized in the philosophical work by the famous men of during the “Age of Enlightenment just like Locke, Rousseau, Bacon and all other men. The political decadence of the 21st century needs to pursue a regenerative contextual philosophy designed to appreciate the phenomenology of social facts in the contemporary time.


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