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Tree Poem Trilogy

Updated on June 3, 2013


In a bitter wood stood a tree scarred with ax
Next to him an oak burled by sapping wax

Down the way an odd hole murking with wet
Was raising a red wood tree which protruded from its depths

Its crown was inhabited by beings in balls fluttering about its leaves
So woe to those whose hearts bittered while chopping up the trees

The spirits of the trees bonded to the red dwarfs
In a bitter wood where micro-tear threads flew then morphed

With each wound the birch and maple's veins would ooze
Lutins turned red, whence went to bruise

Who would do such a violent thing?
For wood or paper, not fit for a king

For the screams of the trees spooked the hobs people
A fleeing of bees rang the highest steeple

Dragonflies, fireflies, and butterflies so ill...
Guarded a gate before a sill
Marred with unlived life and smothered and stilled
In a bitter wood hearts were minified and chilled


Cast thy peels on pails of ghost

Bring thine faith for the failing most

Soaked in brine those lost in sin

Raise up hind to a forest of tin

Whose floors flaunt shimmering gems of white?

Whose vines grow up hot red light like night?

Grooming turtles and a dame−filled spirit!

She let's her hair run as coral pea on rocky skin

Blue run the trees with olived-tones

Speckling and twisting the curled wormy stones

Under crimson leaves and their dainty dangle

Candlesticked elf-edged toes jingle and jangle

Cross-like stars shimmer back the ground

In the sky through a twining of thin weedy horehound

A soil like onyx where pearled white flowers grow

Weave flower patterned rugs amongst roots beautifully so


Bronzed red sap glows the trees in midday sun

Flows within her like life-blood spiraling down

Gorgeous lore’s so sealed in hollowed wood

Paved into the earth down a twirled wind spun

Stairways wrapped with roots till spirits lit

Forest wisdom hymns a sweet sweet song

Dancing in the mist are tales well sung

Down down down a willow's throat she fit

Whistling notes speak truths of gold

Raising her knowing of all things known

Sap unrolls esoterics unknown

Seeing, she exits the tree's threshold


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