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A BOOK REVIEW. Contemporary Republic : The Emerging Political and Economic Philosophy of the 21st Century.

Updated on September 17, 2012
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Christopher F. Bueno is currently the Dean of the College of Education, University of Northern Philippines, Vigan City.

Contemporary Republic
Contemporary Republic | Source

The “ Contemporary Republic” is a modern political and economic philosophy book that provides a very provocative development perspectives on the political, moral, ethical and social life in the 21st century. This dialectic philosophical perspective is relevant to the conception of the famous work of Plato entitled “Republic “ which he was able to use the literary dialogue (about philosophy and politics in his time) presenting the classic cultural and societal life in Greece around 380 BC. The emergence on the ideas of freedom, equality and liberty in the age of enlightenment has been evolving into an inner intellectual spectacle designed to address the phenomenological cancer of the modern society in the 21st century.

There are inner secrets that needed to be decoded to finally address the modern view of politics and economics in this 21st century as the book dedicates to manifest “... Time has changed so fast as science and technology degenerates the wisdom of the academicians that we could no longer appreciate the famous men of the past particularly the in the “Age of Enlightenment ” and Plato on his work Republic...”

The young generation has been the potent force of societal development that finally changed the destiny of the classic civilization of the past. The new faces of the 21st century have now transform to address the contemporary life on the realms of politics, morality, economy and gender development. It is very clear that this book that dedicated this scholarly work those noble politicians who appreciated the classic application of the natural rights of the sovereign people to pursue the general welfare of the society… as applied by the work of the famous men who genuinely served their innovative minds to academically rule by the conscience of rationality as infiltrated the true cause of the sovereign rights of men to live under the regime of freedom, liberty, equality and democracy for all…

The rise of a new political, economic and social order defines this book as further dedicated “...The mortal men’s invincibility on the view of political power and authority is now corrupted by the social phenomenology of science and politics that this author construed to revive the legitimacy of the “enlightened knowledge” to balance the power of the good and evil men to save the society from the clamor of the revelation rejuvenated spirits of heavenly minds on political ethics and morality.

The modern Plato in the 21st century brings the “Contemporary Republic” into the realms of international politics ignited by wisdom of the phenomenological concepts on: the genuine meaning of public service in politics, the development perspectives of poverty alleviation initiatives, gender development and family oriented approach, political ethics ,strategic direction of national economy and the social consciousness on the balance nature of society.

The “Contemporary Republic” provides the intellectual virtues in the passage of a new form of political-economic philosophy and development strategies confined the ideal sovereign state of the 21st century. The ‘Republic” as the famous work of Plato used literary dialogue to describe the life situations in order to synthesize the dialectic form in the regeneration the political, moral, ethical and social life in Greece. Find out the development dimensions of the ideal state on the “ Contemporary Republics” as the emerging political and economic philosophy in the 21st century .


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