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A Gypsy Angel's Love

Updated on May 16, 2022

The word Gypsy

When I write about and use the word/term Gypsy I mean no offense to the Roma people. To me the word Gypsy is all about romance, adventure, singing, dancing, having fun, and they are very beautiful and attractive people. A Gypsy’s life is an adventure living in a Caravan with other people---a community that travels together. How wonderful is that?

With that said from my heart I will continue with my poem.

Thank you.

Zigana---A Beautiful Gypsy
Zigana---A Beautiful Gypsy
Sean's Ship
Sean's Ship

Zigana Slept and Dreamed of Another Time

Zigana darted through the night while overhead lightning painted webs of illuminations in the dark sky, colossal drops of rain penetrated the Cedar branches over her head,

The droplets seeped through her clothes of silk and satin, maybe she thought they will think I am dead.

Still, she rushed from tree to tree seeking covered from the men she knew would be trailing her like she was a crazed deer,

She prayed the rain had cleansed her body of the Wedding Cologne, because the scent was pungent, not like her Eau de toilette a sweet clean fragrance called “Mere.”

Leaving the caravan of her Gypsy family was the only choice she had,

Not seeing her precious mother again made her incredibly sad.

She had planned and packed for this flight,

Gathering her courage as she took a deep breath and inhaling determination with all her might.

Her hair as black as the darkest night shined with highlights of red in the sun,

With sapphire eyes--- and her developed young body---many men befell undone.

Her heart belonged to no one she had presently met,

Her uncaring father had lost her in a bet.

No man had touched her body, heart and mind,

She exited all the evil following her this stormy night---behind.

Finding a dry cave in amongst the high rocky hill,

She unrolled her blanket before she caught a chill.

A change of clothing felt so nice and warm and made her sleepy,

She slept and dreamed of another time when life was not so creepy.

A tall black haired muscular man in her dreams entered the cave,

and stopped with a start,

The beauty that lay sleeping before him stirred his heart.

Tiny voices gathered around the sleeping beauty,

They sit quietly around her guarding---they felt it was a pleasure---not a duty.

Her seekers came at first morning light,

When the sun was not so bright,

The man name Sean who found her told them no one was here,

And they were trespassing on his land---he asked them with a stern look were they pouching his deer?

The tiny voices of the night stood before the cave door,

What a sight---stood twelve giants---truth be told--- guarding the Seekers from the beauty they now adore.

Zigana awoke much later to a cup of hot tea,

Scared out of her wits---one giant said we are your friends--- I am Samuel a friend as you will see.

It was love at first sight for Sean when he found her in his cave,

Her heart was never still after she saw his handsome kind face, and she thought he was so brave.

Sean took Zigana by the hand to show her the cave’s back door,

Waiting for them to board was a ship in its entire magnificence was truly galore.

The white sails gently swayed tickled by the wind, with a white flag marked with a blue cross,

Indicating the lives aboard sailed proudly with their boss.

Sean said, “We help the people who live on the coast,

We sail the mighty seas helping the ones who need it most.”

Sean’s dark eyes warmed and caressed her heart, “Come with me and be my wife,

I will give you love, children and the best life.”

“Yes, I will forever be yours---your love has set me free,

To be happy with thee”

They sailed upon the turquoise-blue sea---orders given by Ben the biggest giant,

Ben was gentle, sweet and kind and never defiant.

So many they helped to feed and gave them money for free,

A great man who gave to the people—their Hero was he.

100 years has passed and the descendants to this day,

Swear they see the ship sail by in full-mast with the blue cross flapping in the salty breeze---aboard are Sean and Zigana with their children on the deck enjoying their play.

Many people survived because of them,

In Zigana was Gypsy blood so proud and pure---the coastline people sings about her in a hymn.

Packages with gold coins are still found at one’s home,

The coast people know their ghost ship will never desert them to parish alone.

Pearl's Note in the Bottle
Pearl's Note in the Bottle

A Wish in a Bottle

It was sent in 1788 from a Pirate ship called “Bee”

The note said “Please come and save me.”

The name sent chills of fear though out the fishing seaport,

Because to intervene would mean death, so the rescue idea the

village abort.

Not young Lance who read every word,

and in his heart he knew the signature

was a girl, because she signed her name “Pearl”

So in his boat he searched for many a day,

Until his boyish body was now a man’s

But still he travelled the seas in his ship

with blue flags named “ Make Way.”

Until he ventured upon an unknown island on a stormy night,

He waited to approach when it was light.

As he put his foot upon the land, he heard a voice floating on the wind,

An Angel was singing from the island---somewhere,

Then suddenly he saw a lovely young girl standing there.

“Who are you and why are you here?” she asked.

“My name is Thomas and I sailed upon the seas for

many years searching for a girl.”

She looked at him with her blue eyes shining

and said, “My name is Pearl.”

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This content reflects the personal opinions of the author. It is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and should not be substituted for impartial fact or advice in legal, political, or personal matters.

© 2012 Barbara Purvis Hunter


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