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A Beautiful Widow With Magic

Updated on April 7, 2015

The school was over. He was not a boy anymore. The real life had started; not the life of a school boy. "I am a man of the world society." He had full authority of his life. He could do what he wants to: anything. It was the life he had been dreaming for so long: to live freely. He had won the freedom.

"Congratulation, Sadoon," with smile he responded. "I'll be your student. Teach me how to succeed!"

"Yes, of course," so confident. He stood up tall, smiled, looked at his eyes. "But, you should teach me how to win a beautiful woman's heart."


Both laughed out louder. "You've got married, and I haven't yet."

"I have wife, and you have your own office."

"Yes. You miss your wife all the time, and I miss my home to get rid of stress at this office."

One of Sadoon's staffs would come over him, but she looked hesitate to disturb. Nimun would let her. "Your staff." Sadoon let her come to his desk. Nimun heard what they talked about. How stressful a boss is.

"She is so beautiful."

"Yeah. You want the second?"

"I'll give the chance to a single man."

"Most people here said that. But, she doesn't meet my criteria."

"Not beauty face, but the beauty of life. Not the quality of physical, but of life."

He sighed, "So wise." For Sadoon, beautiful face is number one.

"My Grand taught me."


"Nimun...!! Sadoon comes," Nimun's mother called him out. "Come in, Sadoon. Have a seat." As usual Sadoon sat in front of the television in living room and turn on the television. "He cleans the cow stable. His wife goes to market." She took some food at her stall and put it on the table. Sadoon took one.

"Where's uncle, Aunt?"

He regarded Nimun's mother as his aunt.

"He herd goats in rice field," she replied while organize stuffs at her stall table. "Nimun said, you have had your own office. So you're a boss now."

"New office makes me so stressful, aunt."

"Relax. Pray to God. It's common in the beginning. At least you've started it out. Now, find a girl to be your Queen."

"That! It's so hard for me, Aunt."

"Should I find one for you?"

Nimun emerged. "A boss can find by himself."

"Try to ask Mr. Karimun. Nimun asked him; just two days he met his wife."

Mr. Karimun was a magician. He could see superstitious thing. He could also show anyone where their couple (Provided by God) was. Nimun had done it before he met his wife. Mr. Karimun showed him where was she. And, Nimun followed him.

"What date of your birth?" Nimun's mother asked. "What day? Pahing, Pon, Wage, Kliwon, Legi?"

Sadoon did not believe in such thing anymore. He had been more realistic. Most people in Bondowoso regency, especially the villagers like Nimun, believe in superstitious thing. Most of them saw the proof. It was even in some regency in East Java Province. They believe magical power will punish them if they didn't follow such superstitious rule. One example, a man couldn't marry a woman if the value of their birthday, their name, etc. were not matched. Sadoon didn't want to follow it.


New business, new office, and new life. Everything is new for Sadoon. As though, he had no time to relax for just a single minute. But, he had a lot of money. "Excuse me," a woman disturbed him. Sadoon stood up. He did not realize day dreaming beside the road while parking his car. "Could you show me the way to this address?"

What a beautiful woman he had ever met. "With me. Get into my car."


"I'll drop you off at that address."

"Ow, thank you."

The singing birds were whistling. The wind whirled it around. All of the nature heard it and cheered up. And in the garden, a rose was blossoming. Sadoon was like a single bee flying over the air and whirled around the garden.

Inside the car, they talked a lot about life. How wonderful life would be if both were living together. No need to think twice. He had made a decision. "I'll marry you." It was a sacred vow. The angels witnessed it. The canary sang the most wonderful song.

"I am a widow with two sons."

"I'll be their father," so confident Sadoon gave such response. "I'll love them."

No word she could say; just a stare. She was amazed.


Sadoon's parent parents had given him full authority of his life. He decided what he wanted to do. He just told them, "I'll marry a widow. The party will be held by myself," he didn't bother them to spend much money. Their neighbor heard about it. They were proud of him. He had been really independent.

He held a small party called 'Slametan Nik-kenikan' or 'Slametan Tak Sak-Kasak'. The big party will be held later. He just invited his relatives; not more than 15 people. The ritual were only the marriage ritual itself, praying together, then eating together. It was just to make their marriage legal based on religious law. Then, that night, Saruti became his wife. She was not a widow anymore, she was Sadoon's wife.

Saruti's parent entrusted their daughter and grandsons to Sadoon and his parents, "I entrust her and her sons, our grandsons to you," Sadoon and parents accepted it with much responsibility.


"Better we live in our own house."

Sadoon understood his wife did not like living with his parents. Without thinking twice he called property sales agent asking them the most convenient house to live. "Is there any the better one?" Sadoon came to other agents. Finally, he found the most convenient one and the most expensive one as well.

Immediately they both moved to that new house. His parents asked him, "The day is not good to move to another house now. The time is also not good. Tomorrow afternoon is the best time."

"God will save us."

Everybody knew. God is The Super Power. Everything happens with His permission. His parents agreed with it, but based on their experience life was not simple. Their neighbors a little bit angry with Sadoon. He did not respect his ancestors anymore. He denied the tradition. He also put his parents number two. "He can find another wife, but he can't find other parents," one of his neighbor commented. Sadoon did not care about it.


"True love". Did it what people name as true love? No consideration. What he did just to make her happy. Everything she wanted, he would provide. True love had no excuse, really? Days and months had passed by. Sadoon could not even control himself. She asked him everything. Sadoon proof his love. He was a realistic man, did not believe in superstitious thing. And, what Saruti did was making sense for him, yes, for him.

If Sadoon was a young man like the others in the village, many relatives and neighbors would give advice. But, he was educated man, intelligent, and had been successful. He was a boss and had so much wealth. His uncle sometimes talked about him with his father. "He understands what he should do," sighed. "He had been mature enough." His uncle had no word to respond. But, he would give in; he would try again.

New office was not new anymore. But, it should not be as old as elder grandpa: the life would be over. It should be better. But, Sadoon was out of control. His relatives and his neighbors said that. His wife ruled the family. Some of his neighbor knew it. They claimed Saruti was the very bad woman. While the other claimed it the result of denying the sacred tradition.

The two sons were living an extravagant life. They had everything what adult had. Some poor neighbors were still positive thinking, "It doesn't matter as they are rich; not like us." But, the wise ones wouldn't say so. The two sons should have good future. Their stepfather was responsible for it. Sadoon was the head of the family.

Sadoon even never came to Nimun's house again. He forgot his closed friend because of true love. Nimun's wife had born a baby. His relatives and friends came to welcome the new-born baby, but Sadoon forgot it.

Once, his uncle met his father again. He brought a bottle of water and a piece of paper inside. Arabic sentences were printed on. The water looked a little blue. He also brought a piece of paper covered by fabric. "Mix this water to a coffee or tea and give him. Put this one above the door." He hoped with those magical things Sadoon will change.


A year had gone. No money anymore. Sadoon was under pressure. He was so wound up. His business collapsed. None to be remembered, but his relatives and friends. "If you can't provide me anything, how can I live with you, how are my two sons?" True love had no excuse.

What a stupid man. The neighbors got angrier. "His heart was blinded by wealth and woman," some were judging. "That's a bad woman," another added. "So many beautiful woman and young woman will marry him if he wants." But, true love was truly blind. "It's not true love. He has been attacked by black magic. She is a black magician. How could a young man fall in love with a widow?" The neighbors were more than what they were. Everybody around was relatives and caring about each other.


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