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A Bee at Work

Updated on August 18, 2013

I scanned the bushes with their blooms

And found a bee with hovering errand.

I saw it crawl within a bloom

And took its picture while it worked,

Its body buried in the field

Of pollen harvest. Pistil has

The stuff it's looking for--among

The stigmas, styles and stamens with

A patience, most determined, it

Prevails in nectar and in dust--

The pollen on its body, such

A harvest for the hive---such proof

Of its being qualified to teach

The sluggard like the ant to work.

Its stinger is well-known to me,

Not that but other stinger got

Me good--at Gettysburg a young

Boy casualty--I stuck my hand

In cannon's mouth and found out what

Was hiding there. Beware the bore

Of each gun lined up there--attack

By bee or wasp outlives the old

Artillery with solid shot

Or grape or cannister--I learned

How stingers hurt. So let it work

And take its picture if you will.


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