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A Berry Nice Day.

Updated on December 2, 2009


A berry nice stereo!

o O
O   o  o
I have always loved
the wind caressing my hair
as I stand in a hot field
picking blueberries, and smiling
with stained lips  and teeth into
the face of summer harvests,
Each tiny blue ball gleaming
with its white frosted coating
over dusty blue,
always with more in
my belly then in my basket
that first hour,.
Like a ravenous wild bird
I devour those orbs of tang devouring several pecks or more.
 Later the rest are
laid out and frozen,
capturing all of my
marvelous excursion
in home cryogenics.
Then when they at last re-emerge
in mid-February,
I  find myself back in that sunlit field
with a warm breeze
caressing my purple stained face,
while the drudge of winter
fades into thawed blue bites
of what was once
and is now again exquisitely
melting in my mouth.   ©-MFB III


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