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A Book Review: Canned, by Franklin Schneider

Updated on July 24, 2013


Unemployment checks came in handy to the author of "Canned".
Unemployment checks came in handy to the author of "Canned". | Source

Review of "Canned: How I Lost Ten Jobs in Ten Years and Learned to Love Unemployment"

This is one of the oddest books I have ever read, extolling being a non-productive citizen of the United States. Mr. Schneider does point out the conundrums of working at thankless jobs versus being a leach on society by frequently using the Unemployment entitlement.

With respect to what I agree, Mr. Schneider points out many completely useless, outdated and harmful practices remain common in the workplace. Does any animal, consider a horse, for instance, do well when beaten and demoralized? Mistreated dogs may seem obedient while made to sleep, eat foul food and otherwise exist in the cruelest of circumstances.

People spend an extraordinary percentage of their total time at work. Deflating of their egos hardly seems necessary. Happy people actually are far more productive than miserable people.

While obviously highly intelligent, Mr. Schneider, seems very callous to all persons at work. Particularly hateful toward management, but also vindicates fellow workers.

I dislike the fact that he gloats at sponging off the common workers, who with their taxes pay for the three years of unemployment he drew. I certainly think the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) should check into how he spent his time.

Also, when called into a dispute meeting over unemployment at one company, he social engineered by calling a secretary, misrepresenting himself as an unemployment worker to "verify" that the meeting was on a different day and time. When any party does not show up for a dispute, the judgement always goes to the other party. This would be called illegal impersonation.

When he wrote of sending off resumes with such bad typos, non-sensical sentences and other errors, I feel he has committed a crime. He spoke of nearly being offered a position (gasp! to him), then blowing it (relief to him) by stating he wanted double the salary offered.

I agree that the banality of employment should change. Actually, my people, such as my nephew who works at Google, loves his employment. I both enjoyed and hated many of my jobs. One regret I had was supporting a husband who sponged off of me while stating he "was looking for a retirement jobb, out of the side of his mouth. Nothing happening there!

But sponging on any person or any system rankles my ire. It is particularly ironic to me that Mr. Schneider is one half Korean, a people who are well-renowned for an excellent work ethic.


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    • Laura in Denver profile imageAUTHOR

      Laura Deibel 

      6 years ago from Aurora

      I am not sure of your context here.

      I certainly would not put up with a dead-beat!

    • Bella DonnaDonna profile image

      Bella DonnaDonna 

      6 years ago from New Orleans, LA

      Sounds like me, I'd rather not work. But putting up with the guy.....?


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