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A Boy's Paradise

Updated on June 19, 2013

A boy next door
wakes up every morning
without being sure
how much he has to pay
for the happiness
she brought last night
to make him feel alright.

When he opens his eyes,
the world turns to ice.
Reaching for an angel who flies
but he ends up falling from the sky.

I wonder what it means to him
whenever he sees that world
called Paradise.
What kind of satisfaction it brings
to hear the word Paradise?
Paradise, Paradise,
An invisible place he dreams of.
Paradise, Paradise,
Will he ever find it?

She lets him see
a different side of her innocence,
But all he knows
is that everything is nonsense.
He was so real
when he told her he is in love,
but things get rough,
that's why searching for paradise is enough.
He is so scared to be better.
Paradise is for cowards and losers.


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