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A Brook and The Knot

Updated on April 9, 2015

A Brook

A swiftly moving, happy

bubbling brook runs down

the mountain and through

many adventures eventually

reaches the Sea.

And through those journeys

it becomes even faster and

wide, sometimes a river

seen for miles.

It meanders its way,

picking up rocks and soil

that it brings under its

sway, bringing nutrients

down to the bay.

The Knot

Tangled, twisted, and intertwined

that's how it should be between

me and you. Growing tighter

and tighter, inseparable and


Unshakable foundation it

must prove. It certainly won't

be smooth, but with balance

it will do.

Wrap me tighter, hold me

close, don't ever let me go.

My safety depends on this

knot, and I have been caught

before a fall.


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