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A Bucket List For The Ages

Updated on October 1, 2012

“Your youth evaporates in your early 40s when you look in the mirror. And, then it becomes a full-time job pretending you're not going to die, and then you accept that you'll die.

Then in your 50s everything is very thin. And then suddenly you've got this huge new territory inside you, which is the past, which wasn't there before. A new source of strength. Then that may not be so gratifying to you as the 60s begin, but then I find that in your 60s, everything begins to look sort of slightly magical again.

And it's imbued with a kind of leave-taking resonance, that it's not going to be around very long, this world, so it begins to look poignant and fascinating.”

Martin Amis in the Simthsonian

I suppose everyone has a bucket list that changes over the years. My bucket list is filled with unachievable goals that I made when I was much younger. I will never command a spaceship sailing to the moon and beyond for instance.

Others have come true in my youth. I always rooted for the castaways on Gilligan's Island to finally leave that damn Island and make it back home. Took a few decades and more then a little gray hair on their part, but they finally made it back home.

My bucket list includes things I can control and things out of my power. In my lifetime, I would like to see the Cubs win a world series, hell at this point just getting to the world series would be sufficient. Another National title for Notre Dame football would be nice too. The last one was in 1988, not as long as the Cubs drought, just feels like it. Things like these I can't control.

Here is what I can control. I find in my 49th year the prospect of losing a job I have had for the last 24 years, fittingly, coinciding with Autumn. I see this as more of a chance to accomplish my to do list in the old bucket. The last several years I have been going to Puerto Vallarta. I love the people there and the town itself, but instead of donkeys I'm going to see elephants. My dream trip has always been going to Thailand. That I will do now.

As I prepare for some downtime with the loss of my job, I have been getting in the practice of coming home from work, (I work nights) having a cup of coffee and taking a walk in the crisp, autumn mornings. This activity wasn't in my bucket list, but I now wish it was. I would have done this sooner.

I have no idea what I will do, but maybe this will give me the chance to write, something I've always wanted to do.

Everyone's bucket list has the wish that their kids will have a better life then you yourself had. I got lucky and I see my kids doing just that

I'm sure there is still time to clean out my bucket and throw away the things I can't do while putting in more “doable” dreams. For instance, I never found that perfect taco in Puerto Vallarta....


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    • redwhiskeypete profile image

      redwhiskeypete 5 years ago from Indiana

      Thanks, everyone has a bucket list, what's yours?

    • travel_man1971 profile image

      Ireno Alcala 5 years ago from Bicol, Philippines

      Nice sharing of your bucket list. Who knows, you'll get what you wish for one day.

      For instance, being a commander of the spaceship bound for the moon or finding the best taco at Puerto Vallarta.