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A Bully's Requiem

Updated on November 11, 2011


I know the game you play -
the boasting, bragging half-assed way
you seek to stake a claim on others' fear.
You are frontin' when you say
that the house is yours today.
The mice are so brave when the cat's not near!

I see behind those eyes
your mounting, taunting stack of lies
in your pathetic grab to turn yourself to somethin'.
But when the bullshit flies,
it's one more part of YOU that dies -
forever lost behind that tragic frontin'.

Your audience - your prey -
has called you out. There's hell to pay!
Now the magic man has no more up his sleeve.
The frontin' man should start to pray,
for now has come your reckoning day.
You must leave your shallowness behind - and grieve.


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