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A Bus Ride Home

Updated on November 7, 2012

Running, running. Will I make it?

Yes! Tell the bus driver "Thanks for waiting".

Time to go home. Riding an old bus, that's

Rocking, bouncing down the street.

The 4 Russians chatting away in their native

Tongue. Annoyed with the multitude of high

School students who board. So chatty!

So disrespectful of other passengers!

Watching the scenery go by.

Can't hear the music playing on my mp3

Player over the bus engine.

The back of the bus is amazing.

Everyone wants to sit there and place

Any bags they have with them next to them

On the seat, then won't move them so

Others can sit.

What happened to common courtesy?!

I read my book and occasionally glance

Up to see where I am. I try not to think of everything I have to do at home,

Just glad to be going there.

The fall leaves are so pretty.

I need to destress-oh look!- houses

For Sale. I want one. Driving through

Capitol Hill and going past an ice cream

Shop I want to go in sometime.

The driver announces the next stop.

Someone pulls the bell in order to get off. The bus stops; passengers disembark.

Off we go again. Nope, stuck at a red light.

Change! Yay! Gah, now we stopped again for passengers. Oooh another house for

Sale. There are quite a few near the elementary school where I'm an intern.

I ignore the ads that glare from the top of each side of the bus. Don't care.

There are lights, too, but they are off. They're not needed since it's daylight, but they're on at

Night, providing light to passengers.

Halfway home! Woot! Dang bus takes forever. I take this route

Home practically every day and know

Pretty much where passengers board and disembark.

Light Rail is a given.

Someone sits across from me. A lady who looks

Like she works as a waitress or hostess.

Hate that this route runs through everything.

A more direct route is available, but I can't make that bus usually time wise. I'd be waiting an

Extra 30 minutes for the next bus. Forget that.

Apartments are slowly being renovated. There are

No glass panes in the windows, instead they are

Covered in plastic. The rent will be sky-high once

The project's finished, I'm sure.

Driving along Cherry Creek. I love walking

The single track alongside the creek or walking the path. I

Have also done some biking along it with my

Partner. We love to do outdoorsy stuff

Together. We are very active people.

There are several parks around us and one

Connected to an elementary school.

The driver is being kind and helping a

Mother with a stroller off. I commend

His act of kindness.

Time to get off. Home!


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