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A Censored Poem

Updated on July 3, 2012

The aim of the game in this poem is to fill in the blanks. Don't be shy.

All you need is a piece of paper, a pen and a creative imagination.

Once you're all the way through. you can check your answers at the bottom to see if we're on the same wavelength. Have fun, and don't cheat!

Here it is...

While I was walking in the woods
I jumped - for there in front
I saw a hairy acrobat
Who showed a hairy _____

I ran away - it scared me, see -
But tripped over a rock
And landing with a massive bang
I cut open my _____

I called the doctor, "Quick" I said
"I need a first aid kit.
I've made a nasty mess out here"
The doctor said "_____"

He whisked me to his surgery
And stitched me, said "Good luck"
Then sent me back home to my wife
To try and _____

Scoring System

Compare your answers with the answers given and give yourself a point for each correct answer.

0 points: You and I are nothing alike

1 point: You must have made a lucky guess

2 points: I think we'd get along

3 points: I've got competition

4 points: You must have cheated

How did you do?

See results

The Answers

Verse 1: Stunt

Verse 2: Sock

Verse 3: You twit

Verse 4: Read a book


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    • writeyourwrongs profile image

      John Crowley 5 years ago from Sheffield

      That's the idea Phillydreamer, that's the idea ;-)

    • PHILLYDREAMER profile image

      Jose Velasquez 5 years ago from Lodi, New Jersey

      Lol, I only got one right, I must have a dirty mind.