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A Child to See, an Adult to Be

Updated on February 23, 2012
Ella and Lauchie
Ella and Lauchie
Lily with Dad
Lily with Dad

A Child to See, an Adult to Be

By Tony DeLorger © 2011

Childhood dreams so clean and light,

dust the memories in darkest night.

In times of innocence untouched by strife,

dilussion framed by adult life.

Pure hearts and wishes true,

imbue the youth of discovery new.

And fill inquisitive minds with all that can be,

in a world so tarnished unable to see.

As we grow in this unpredictable world,

we hold tight those visions like a precious pearl.

Unable to fathom the walls of disdain,

For our perfect days we get thunder and rain.

Years go by and the visions now fade,

and life has turned out far distant from aim,

I cannot but think that my dreams were so lost,

can’t imagine my heart was so foolish to mock.

Life is a tree that grows from its roots,

and the branches decisions that we furnish to suit.

Often our wishes are drowned in events,

that lose us to fate our misguided intent.

How simple our life as a child to see,

and complex our life as an adult to be.

A shame that innocence resides with the young,

when now that I need it, its inexplicably gone.


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