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A Children's ABC of the Gulf

Updated on October 18, 2009

The Book

The Children's ABC of the Gulf is one of the few children's books that have been specially writen for and about expat children in Bahrain, Dubai and the Middle East.

Beatifully written by Orla Taylor who manages to capture some of the magic that the place and area leave on children who grow up in the region. The book is illustrated by local artist Omar Hussain who manges to capture a child friendly image of the region.

A little black bug hides on every page which children love to search for and find.

A Children's ABC of the Gulf
A Children's ABC of the Gulf

From A to Z

Orla's poignant poetry captures the many wonderful and endearing qualities of life in the Gulf. This book appeal's to expatriate and local children of all ages. It is also written so that it can be used as a useful teaching aide for those learning the English language.


A is for Arab

Drinking some tea,

Warm hospitality

Welcoming me.

Cool and comfortable

In a fresh white thobe,

No-one quite like him

Elsewhere on the globe. is for Zuhair

With Amira and Jack,

Zig-zagging in the sand

Sun on their backs.

Cathching crabs

In the shallow sea,

Nowhere else

They would rather be.

She manages to capture some of the feelings that children expiriance in the gulf.

She primarily wanted to produce something for her children to remind them of the time spent in the gulf during the youth.

The book has also benn translated into German and a French version is on the way.

Poems re-produced with permission.


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