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A Child's Eyes.

Updated on June 3, 2022
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Artist, actor, poet, teacher, songwriter & actor with 4,000 poems & almost 1,000 songs written, performed recorded & published on line.

All the Answers to All of Our Woes Lie in the Depths of Children's Eyes

Feeling Much the Same Care, for Everyone They Meet, Aren't They Really Better of, With Knowledge Incomplete

All is within a child's eyes

Look into a child's eyes 
for therein lies 
all that we give up 
when we grow old 
The lilting dancing gleam 
of an untainted fire, 
burning with the desire 
to explore and uncover 
all that waits ahead 
The eagerness 
for tommorrow 
that creates the 
daily pretending to 
already be there, 
playing house or 
soldier or doctor 
in make believe 
The complete lack 
of condemning judgement 
on those around them 
just that steady gaze 
a studying gaze 
they share as they 
discover you..awaiting 
your first words or smile. 
The incredible innocence 
and unquestioning faith 
that is so lovely to behold 
but so often misused 
by the evils among us 
Sparkling, shiny eyes 
eyes unlined by years 
or crinkles from 
countless expressions, 
of joy and rage, 
hope and fear,
tears and laughter. 
Children giggle and squeal 
without inhibitions 
without worrying about 
what others might think 
it is less taxing on flesh 
Grown adults control emotions 
scrunching up those muscles 
and making creases 
where once soft planes 
were unmarked and pure 
We also hide so much 
behind masks of 
our own making, 
disguising what 
we really mean, 
even though the 
false faces 
are usually 
so transparent 
They know that playing 
relieves stress... 
something most 
of us stopped a 
long time ago. 
The simple act of 
doing something silly 
for no reason at all 
except to just have fun 
deletes all the tension 
that a day brings 
Imagination is 
in full bloom 
in the deep pools 
of their liquid eyes, 
swirling around 
and changing 
what is normal 
into magnificent creations 
We were always 
and often 
told to grow up. 
Perhaps that needs 
to be re-thought. 
Perhaps we simply 
need to grow back 
what we lost 
on the journey 
to here...and become 
all the better for it .

© 2009 Matthew Frederick Blowers III


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