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A Child's Heart Broken

Updated on April 8, 2011


How do I tell my children I love?

That a father to them, he is free of

A decision made from his heart not mine

This action should be made an illegal crime


Three broken hearts carried in hand

They placed the pieces on top quick sand

Watching their little hearts being swallowed

As tears of sadness rolled down and followed


As I visually examine the pain now caused

My heart beat just stopped it sadly paused

How could I mend their broken hearts?

Caused by a man who ripped them to parts


No words can describe the pain I feel

Of this real life torture so vivid and real

If only I could heal their heart so broken

Their feelings ignored their words unspoken


Their title now traded by a man without meaning

Always profanity and words demeaning

To express his true emotions and thoughts

Three hearts dumped in the trash to just sit and rot





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    • Plarson profile image

      Plarson 7 years ago from Alabama

      Bella- Wow!! Sorry this is happening to you and your children. You asked how to help them heal, just tell them the truth. He is angry with you, not them. You don't have to bad mouth him to them to explain, you and he both agreed it was best for everyone for you to have soul custody of them. He is still their daddy, and he can still or should still be allowed to visit or see them when he desires. Never make up excuses for him though. He might have been able to slip out of having to be there for the present, but one day he will have to answer to THEM for his behaviour. -P

    • bellawritter23 profile image

      Erica Sanchez 7 years ago from California

      thank you dallas! Mothers are special in every way and with mothers day coming I cannot way it is our day only once a year! Thank you

    • thebluestar profile image

      Annette Donaldson 7 years ago from Northern Ireland

      From pain grows love and strength. Your children will thank you when they are old enough to understand, as my son has done several times growing up. It takes a special kind of human being to sacrifice their love for others, we are all called mum's. We are all special and support each other. Hugs coming your way. x

    • ladyjojo profile image

      ladyjojo 7 years ago

      Sad poem, so sorry.... well do remember God will make a way some how and out of no way he's gonna make it for you and your kids.

      Life is so full of disappointments. I understand when you say you thank him , i once was greatful for something like that a broken heart I'd say it makes you strong after awhile, though it hurts in the beginning, I've matured in so many ways . Thanks to MY LORD ABOVE

      Changes life brings .... ;)

      Stay strong

    • 4elements profile image

      4elements 7 years ago

      I know this one, personally. It is hard to heal a heart thats not yours. Especially being a mother who's natural instinct is to protect, and there are just sometimes that we can't protect them from heartache, al lwe can do is be there when they need it and hold them until their done crying and let them know no matter what you can always count on me. I know you feel the same I can get that through this, that your children are your world. i use to joke and say "If anyone ever hurt my daughters, i know how to make it look like an accident." I loved this poem you are very inspiring. I would love to get a book published

    • profile image

      shygirl2 7 years ago

      bella...this one broke my heart! :( My boys have felt your children's pain, believe me!! Their daddy walked away from his responsibility a loooooooooooooong time ago. But, your children's hearts are young, (although fragile) so they will eventually move on. You have to be their support-system. Which is not always easy to do. But if you stay strong in your love for them, they will see a hero in you. Usually men like him, rarely change. But, you know what...? They are the ones who end up alone someday. Not you, or your children. Stay strong bella, as I know you are. You'll be in my thoughts and prayers. Good hub! : )

    • Shilo  Eagle profile image

      Shilo Eagle 7 years ago from United States

      I pray everything will work out for you and your children. Blessings to you my friend...

    • BenWritings profile image

      BenWritings 7 years ago from Save me from, Tennessee

      Awesome work Belly bell bel.

      I'm sorry I haven't been around as much.

      How's everything going with the new man and such?

      This was a sad one, but it was pretty and well done.

      Thanks for your comment as well :]


    • tumblintumblweed profile image

      tumblintumblweed 7 years ago

      Bella, this is such a beautiful, but heart-wrenching write. Very powerful and full of emotions. Voted up/beautiful.

      Stay strong, my friend!

    • nighthag profile image

      K.A.E Grove 7 years ago from Australia

      So beautiful it brought a tear to my eye. Love is an amazing emotion with many wonderful healing powers I wish you much luck!

    • Pamela99 profile image

      Pamela Oglesby 7 years ago from United States

      Beautiful but heart wrenching poem. As a single parent you have enough love for your children and I think you are strong. You can't control their father as you well know. Voted/rated up.

    • SubRon7 profile image

      James W. Nelson 7 years ago from eastern North Dakota

      Good one, Bellawritter23, we love our children.

    • breakfastpop profile image

      breakfastpop 7 years ago

      Your writing tells me that you are very special person with the power to survive and heal. Voted up and beautiful.

    • The Suburban Poet profile image

      Mark Lecuona 7 years ago from Austin, Texas

      Well I just feel bad for children that get caught up in adult problems..... hang in there... you are the one who is blessed... it may not feel that way at times but it's there....

    • bellawritter23 profile image

      Erica Sanchez 7 years ago from California

      that is great of you to be doing for your children and yourself! I coulodnt picture myself without them they are my lifeline that pumps my blood through my heart. Yes we are all gods gifts but to a humble extent not the way he carries himself. He is a chauvinist and egotist which is not a gift at all!! Thanks for the words of encouragement!!

    • The Suburban Poet profile image

      Mark Lecuona 7 years ago from Austin, Texas

      All you can do now is just let those kids know how much you love them. I was the one who left but I know their mother was the one who had to look at them each day as they wondered about me. I'm sure it was tough. Now time has passed and they seem to be happy; I hope it is because they do see me and because the tension that existed before is completely gone. I have wondered about a possible reconciliation but I cannot trust the vast differences that exist between she and I. So I live on my own but I am doing my best... I have lunch with my daughter quite often at school; attend all their functions and bring dinner over at least twice a week... They seem to be accepting of everything... And yes I provide more than enough in the way of financial support.

      As for him thinking he is God's gift to earth, I have some of the same ego problems because I AM God's gift to earth! Ha... well... at least in my own mind.

      Tell him what The Godfather said in the movie: "A man that doesn't spend time with his family can never be a real man...

    • bellawritter23 profile image

      Erica Sanchez 7 years ago from California

      Suburban, He is one selfish man who only sees his own reflection. He thinks he is gods gift to earth and is not humble. He thinks I owe him in some sort of way which is definately not the case but to each its own I guess I can only do whats in my reach and keep lifting their heads when I see them hang low. I try my best for them and will continue to do so with the grace of God!!

      Thank you

      smiles :)


    • The Suburban Poet profile image

      Mark Lecuona 7 years ago from Austin, Texas

      Well this is very sad and also beautiful how you express the pain of a broken and abusive relationship. I'm on the outs with the mother of my two children but I've learned to keep my mouth shut and not argue with her anymore. I am seeing my children quite a bit and they do love me very deeply. I can feel it from them. I wish your ex could ignore you somehow in the sense of letting go his anger and just focus on them. Maybe someday he will be a changed man and the tough decisions you made and the life you must sacrifice to raise your children will reach him at least on some level where common decency and maturity will thrive in a barren heart...

      Good luck...

    • bellawritter23 profile image

      Erica Sanchez 7 years ago from California

      Thanks Ace, you are truly a special person!! I appreciate it!!

    • acaetnna profile image

      acaetnna 7 years ago from Guildford

      Bella awesome poem, so full of emotion. You will heal the broken hearts with love and affection. Be strong, you will do the right thing, and I know the three of you will go from strength to strength. I am holding thumbs for you.

      Voting up and pressing those buttons.


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